How Djokovic Shut Out Nadal


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Find out how exactly a ruthless Djokovic hammered Nadal in the US Open 2011.

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How Djokovic Shut Out Nadal

  1. How Novak Djokovic Ripped Nadal Rajasekar Raju KS Social Media & Sports Fan
  2. Strategy todismantle Nadal
  3. Give him one more ball to play
  4. Serve and volley deep into the baseline
  5. Keep it toopponent’s backhand
  6. Make every return tougher
  7. Get tothenet
  8. Not let Nadal find any rhythm
  9. Stand in the baseline andincrease speed play
  10. And…. Control the game
  11. Game Strengths
  12. Superior returns
  13. Excellent court coverage
  14. Good forehand and double-barelled backhand
  15. Goes all out oncrunch points
  16. Not afraid to play toNadal’s devastating forehand
  17. Doesn’t Give Up
  18. HowNadalfeels
  19. Hes having less mistakes than before.
  20. He’s in my head. He knows it, Iknow it, you know it. Everybodyknows it. Five times he’s beaten me this year [the finals of the Italian Open, Indian Wells, KeyBiscayne, Madrid and here]. I’ve got to rest my mind and body, and find a solution.
  21. Emotions
  22. Coming from a war torn Serbia, he’s naturally aggressive
  23. Stable and cool when the chips are down
  24. EarlierWaited for opponents to make mistakes
  25. NowForces them to make mistakes
  26. The Mental Side
  27. Earlier Prankster Prone to frustrationsLacked belief to win majors
  28. NowBelieves he can win from two sets down (Ask Federer)
  29. Djokovic Fact FileAge: 24Country: SerbiaFirst Grand Slam: 2008 Australian Open2011: Australian, Wimbledon, US Open2011 Record: 62 wins 2 losses
  30. Top Djokovic Quotes I lost my fears. I believed in my abilities more than ever.
  31. Top Djokovic QuotesI dont want to regret something thats behind me now.
  32. Top Djokovic Quotes I guess it just clicked in my head. Its just that Im hitting the shots that I maybe wasnt hitting in the last two, three years now. Im going for it.
  33. Top Djokovic QuotesI felt like an animal. I wanted to see how it tastes. It tastes good, well kept.(When asked about his celebratory snack of Wimbledon grass)
  34. Top Djokovic QuotesIts always important to be calm, to stay positive, and to believe, to believe that you can win. (On how he managed crunch situations against Federer who was serving for the match)
  35. Now you know how he conquered Nadal! He just Grips it and Rips it. Visit my