BlogHer '12: When It’s Time to Spend Money to Market Your Work


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When It’s Time to Spend Money to Market Your Work at BlogHer '12

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BlogHer '12: When It’s Time to Spend Money to Market Your Work

  1. 1. Intuitive Intelligence® Self-Quiz:Are You Ready to Invest Money to Market Your Business?Knowing when to invest money to grow yourself and your business canfeel like a Catch-22. You need support and yet might not have thecash flow to support it yet. Do you wait? Do you forge ahead? Do yousimple work harder?Take this self-quiz to determine if the time is right for you to investmoney in growing yourself and your business via marketing, coaching,administrative, or other support.Give yourself 1 point for every “Yes” answer. 1) I see my blog, writing, and services as a bona fide business and take it seriously (It’s not just a hobby). 2) I intend for this business to be a profitable venture (even if it is not yet my reality). 3) I am earning money from my business currently (whether or not it is directly tied to my online activities). 4) I want to differentiate myself from others who do what I do. 5) I want to grow my pipeline of prospects and followers. 6) I want to be taken seriously by the media. 7) I believe in the value of investing in myself and my business and am confident it will yield a return. 2012, The Paula G Company and Paula Gregorowicz, All Rights 267-382-0568
  2. 2. Intuitive Intelligence® 8) I am willing to ask for help, delegate, and receive support because I know I can’t do it all without heading for burnout or hindering my business’ growth. 9) I am crystal clear and aligned with my business and personal goals. 10) I have a clear, actionable and do-able plan in place to achieve those goals.Scoring:8 or more: You are cooking with steam and ready to acceleratequickly. Now is the ideal time to get high-level support you need.4-8: You and your business could benefit greatly from investing insupport. You are at a pivotal point which will determine whether youmove forward strongly as a viable business or stay in “hanging inthere”, hobby stage, or worse yet fail. Start first with holistic, strategicsupport for your business and branch out from there once thefoundation is in place.<4: You are at a critical decision point. Do you want this to become abusiness or remain a hobby? There is no right or wrong answer to thisquestion, but you owe it to yourself to be fully honest. This is the timeto enlist some objective support to help you gain the clarity you needabout what you really want and where you want to take this endeavor.About the Author:Paula Gregorowicz is a life and business strategist who helps womenlive their purpose by building authentic and successful businesseswithout feeling like they are running on the hamster wheel of self-doubt, struggle, and overwhelm. Get started today by downloading thefree report: Your Own Uniqueness: The Path to Purpose, Prosperity,and Playfulness at 2012, The Paula G Company and Paula Gregorowicz, All Rights 267-382-0568