How Commerce Works on Tumblr (06-25-2013 Webinar)


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How to approach selling on the Tumblr platform.

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How Commerce Works on Tumblr (06-25-2013 Webinar)

  1. 1. THE TUMBLR OPPORTUNITY120,000 signups12 billion pageviews7 million visitorseveryday.Tumblr’s young audience has over $200 billionin discretionary spending power.
  2. 2. BRANDS ON TUMBLRMany brands use Tumblr to engage the 18-34 year old crowd that is very difficultto reach any other way.It’s working, Tumblr users are engaged. They spend more time per visit on Tumblr thanon any other social media site — even Facebook.
  3. 3. COMMERCE ON TUMBLR IS A MISSED OPPORTUNITYSome aren’t sure how to approach social commerce, so they don’t.Some display items for sale, but make you leave Tumblr to visit an external commercesite, creating a complicated path that leads to abandonment.
  4. 4. WHAT MAKES SOCIAL COMMERCE SO HARD?Selling in a personal spaceThe amount of information being processedSelling without disrupting the social experienceSelling to an audience with a short attention spanSelling to an audience with a low tolerance for friction
  5. 5. WHY IS TUMBLR COMMERCE DIFFERENT?Tumblr is about discovery, sharing, inspiration, and entertainment.It’s focused on what you like rather than on friend, family, or professional updates socommerce feels more natural.
  6. 6. MAKING TUMBLR COMMERCE WORKSelling on Tumblr still has many of the challenges of social commerce.For you to be successful, you must:
  7. 7. DOES TUMBLR + YOU = AWESOME?Tumblr’s audience is young, cool, creative, and often irreverent. Do you havean angle, a product line, a perspective that will appeal to them?Niche tumblrs can be more interesting and attract a more specific audience.Consider multiple blogs for different themes, product lines, or events.
  8. 8. GIVE THEM MORE THAN PRODUCT SHOTSShow your inspiration and explain your process.Show photos of your products in different environments.Reblog other people’s take on your products.
  9. 9. KNOW YOUR FOLLOWERS AND KEEP THEM HAPPYQuality of followers matters much more than quantity.Influencers will introduce your posts to lots of new people.True brand advocates care about your brand and will championit in any way they can.Treat them well — give them access to exclusive products and offers.
  10. 10. SOCIAL MOVES FASTThere’s not a lot of decision-making time so products should require littleor no research from customers.Products need an I-have-to-have-it factor: limited supply, limited edition.The best thing to sell on Tumblr is something you can’t get anywhere else.
  11. 11. DO YOUR PRICES MAKE SENSE FOR SOCIAL?Lower-priced items require less decision-making time.Remember your audience when thinking about price point.Offer special pricing just for your Tumblr audience.
  12. 12. NOTHING MOTIVATES LIKE A FLASH SALEConsider 24-72 hour sales to get people to react quickly.Try choosing one day per week to offer a product or a category of products: ThursdayPurse Day, T-shirt Tuesday, etc.Brand the sales so your followers recognize the posts and look for them.
  13. 13. PUT YOURSELF OUT THEREYou need to connect with the right person at exactly the right time.Use all your social channels and include a link back to your posts.Post often to remind people and reach them at different points of their day.Post the same product in different ways to attract different people.
  14. 14. DON’T BE SUBTLELet people know it’s for sale.Post in a way that users will recognize as commerce posts and look for them.Choose images that clearly show what you’re selling.
  15. 15. MAKE YOURSELF EASY TO FINDUnlike most social posts, Tumblr posts come up in internet searches,extending the life of your posts and expanding your reach.Use tags, both broad and narrow, for the different ways people search.Tumblr has recently improved its tag search to make it easier to find whatyou’re looking for.
  16. 16. MAKE CHECKOUT EASY WITH BLKDOTTumblr users want to stay in Tumblr.Let them check out with as little disruption to the experience as possible.BlkDot is the only commerce platform that lets customers checkout fromyour theme, their dashboard, and from Tumblr’s mobile apps.Customers aren’t required to sign in or register.
  17. 17. Here’s how BlkDot works.