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Identity Theft

Identity Theft



Armor Insurance Services, Inc and Erie Insurance Group Present Identity Theft

Armor Insurance Services, Inc and Erie Insurance Group Present Identity Theft



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  • Hello and welcome. My name is Steven H Blinsink with Armor Insurance Services, Inc . I’m going to talk about a topic that unfortunately is becoming more widespread every day – Identity Theft.

Identity Theft Identity Theft Presentation Transcript

  • Identity Theft Take back what’s yours www.MyArmorInsurance.com
    • Identity Theft
            • What is identity theft?
            • Are you at risk?
            • What can you do to protect yourself?
    Note: Insurance policies vary with every insurance carrier. Speak with a licensed agent about specific questions concerning your own coverages . www.MyArmorInsurance.com
  • Identity Theft
    • What is it?
    • Criminal event that occurs when one person takes personal information from another without his or her permission or knowledge and uses it to:
    • - Open new credit accounts
    • - Purchase vehicles
    • - Apply for loans, credit cards
    • - Establish utility service
    • - Rent dwellings
  • Identity Theft
    • Identity Theft vs. Credit Card Fraud
    • Credit Card Fraud – someone making unauthorized purchases with an existing credit card, ATM or debit card.
    • This is NOT identity theft
  • Identity Theft
    • Are you at risk?
        • Identity theft is rapidly growing in the U. S.
        • An average of 10 million people each year are victimized.
        • Every minute, 19 people become a new victim of identity theft.
    • Source: Identity Theft Resource Center
  • Identity Theft
    • Prevention Tips
        • Check your credit report once a year.
        • Guard your Social Security number. Don’t carry it with you.
        • Don’t put your SSN or driver’s license number on your checks.
        • Be suspicious of telephone solicitors. Never provide information unless you initiated the call.
        • Don’t reply to any suspicious e-mail requests.
          • Many states are considering Security Freeze Laws
  • Identity Theft
    • Steps to follow if you’re a victim:
        • Contact the fraud departments of the three consumer reporting companies to place a fraud alert on your credit report.
        • Close the accounts that you know or believe have been tampered with or opened fraudulently.
        • File a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).
        • File a report with your local police.
        • If you have ERIE’s Identity Recovery coverage, contact the police
        • then call 1-866-ERIENOW to file a claim.
  • Identity Theft
    • ERIE’s Identity Recovery Coverage
        • Endorsement on ERIE Homeowners and Mobile Homeowners policies.
        • For $20 per year, it provides $25,000 of coverage per insured individual.
        • Coverage helps insured restore his or her identity, the most difficult part of identity theft.
  • Identity Theft
    • ERIE’s Identity Recovery Coverage
        • Includes coverage for:
            • -Lost wages (up to $250 per day, $5k max)
            • -Re-filing applications for loans, grants, credit
            • -Certain legal fees
            • -Notarizing affidavits
            • -Ordering credit reports and other fees related to the theft
            • -Costs related to insured’s time away from caring for dependents
    • Does NOT cover the money fraudulently lost. The affected financial
    • institutions typically limit the customer’s loss.
    • ERIE’s Identity Recovery Coverage
        • Case management services assist the insured through the recovery process.
        • On the insured’s behalf, case managers:
          • -Call creditors
          • -Obtain and review credit reports
          • -Contact the Social Security Administration
          • -Prepare letters to creditors
    • Case management services drastically reduce the time
    • an insured spends on recovering their identity.
    Identity Theft www.MyArmorInsurance.com
    • Additional Resources
        • Order a free credit report at www.annualcreditreport.com.
        • Remove your name from many national direct e-mail lists and national telephone marketers on the Direct Marketing Association website at www.dmaconsumers.org.
    Identity Theft www.MyArmorInsurance.com
  • Steven H. Blinsink Armor Insurance Services, Inc. 114 West A Street Kannapolis, NC 28081 Phone: 704-933-5409 E-mail: steven@MyArmorInsurance.com We’ve got you covered. It’s our true blue promise. Visit www.MyArmorInsurance.com for more information. Contact Information