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Blaze automation _ rfid technologies
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  • 1. Latest Trends in Automation Importance of RFID TechnologySridhar PonugupatiCEO, BLAZE AUTOMATION
  • 2. AGENDA• Automation – Why ? What ? How ?• Trends in Automation• Example Applications > Industrial Automation > Wireless Sensor Networks > RFID applications > Real Time Location systems (RTLS) > Home Automation• Home Automation Demo• Limitations and Conclusions
  • 3. • Why Automation ?• Different types of automation tools exist: ANN - Artificial neural network DCS - Distributed Control System HMI - Human Machine Interface SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition PLC - Programmable Logic Controller PAC - Programmable automation controller Instrumentation Motion control Robotics
  • 4. Industrial Automation: three main functions current state alarms and events trends and history
  • 5. Critical Data Recording System (CDRS) Control, Read Intranet Monitor, on-line data Site/HQ AlarmsAir HandlingUnits HVAC...Building Zone Lighting Control EnergyLightening, Energy Mgmnt... Management System to Life Trace and Track,Weather/Hazard Signaling ... Safety Report,HVAC smoke/heat sensors ... Compliance Fire Detect RecordsSecurity SecurityOffice History Time KeepingClean Steam UtilityPurified H2OVacuumHydrogen Plant-Areas Plant/Site Site/Corporate...
  • 6. Wireless Sensor NetworksWhat are they ?Where are they used ?Example Scenarios
  • 7. Sensor Network for Patient Health Monitoring
  • 8. Bio-vital parameter Monitoring
  • 9. WSN in Agriculture
  • 10. WSN in Home Automation
  • 11. Real Time Patient Tracking an example of RTLS “Real Time Patient Tracking is a subset of Context-Aware Healthcare Solution where the Patient movement is tracked and Recorded for the entire treatment cycle for improved Customer Satisfaction and Enhanced Resource utilization in a typical hospital environment” www.blazeautomation.com
  • 12. Real Time Patient Tracking - Overview Active RFID TAG www.blazeautomation.com
  • 13. Real Time Patient Tracking - Components involvedActive RFID TAG Wireless RTLS Infrastructure Standalone Application Software www.blazeautomation.com
  • 14. Active RFID TAG (Wrist Band Type) – FeaturesThis active wristband RFID tag operates at the frequency of 2.45GHz ISM. Its output power is 0dBm, the read ranges from 0 to 100m. It alerts the authorities when the strap is tampered. Encapsulated within a soft, durable and waterproof housing, the tag is very comfortable to wear. In addition, this wristband RFID tag features low power consumption and long battery life more than 4 years. www.blazeautomation.com
  • 15. Real Time Patient Tracking – Infrastructure in Hospital Localization/ Patient Location detection Real Time TrackingWireless Receiver Tagged Tagged Patient Patient RTLS Engine along with Standalone Application software www.blazeautomation.com
  • 16. Real Time Patient Tracking – Application software www.blazeautomation.com
  • 17. Real Time Patient Tracking– Proposed Layout for Aarogyasri Project (overview) Hospital 1 This server is Located at a Central location where the entire patient Tracking can be done in Real Time. Hospital 2 WAN / Server For Real Time LAN/GSM/ Patient Tracking for all the GPRS hospitals. Hospital 3 www.blazeautomation.com
  • 18. Real Time Patient Tracking – Benefits• Increased Efficiency and Patient Throughput.• Improved billing consistency for care provided.• Monitoring the Staff Allocation for individual patients is possible in Real Time.• Enhanced Billing and Record Keeping.• Customer Satisfaction – Responsiveness, Lower Wait times. www.blazeautomation.com
  • 19. Home Automation – Demo
  • 20.  Parking RFID  Moving In/Out GPS based Systems Facilities  Information Management  Video Streaming  Services of selected zones  Users viz., Car Parking  Child Tracking Catalog Integrated Township Security Management Management System  Maintenance  Requests  Issue Tracking  Administration Home BMS Automation  Video Door Phone  Biometric Access  Remote Controlled Switches Club House CommercialsTouch Screens ManagementProtocols  Office Spaces  Yoga & Meditation hall  School  Gym  Hospital  Spa with Jacuzzi  Shopping Mall  Billiards / Pool  Food Court  Skating Rink  Service  Swimming pool Apartments  Amphi-theatre  Multiplex  Star Hotel.. Confidential | BLAZE AUTOMATION 21
  • 21. Confidential | BLAZE AUTOMATION 22
  • 22. Confidential | BLAZE AUTOMATION 23
  • 23. Sample Solution Implemented – User Interface (Lighting Control and Monitoring ) Confidential | BLAZE AUTOMATION 24
  • 24. Sample Solution Implemented – User Interface (Fan Control and Monitoring ) Confidential | BLAZE AUTOMATION 25
  • 25. Sample Solution Implemented – User Interface (AC Control and Monitoring ) Confidential | BLAZE AUTOMATION 26
  • 26. Sample Solution Implemented – User Interface (Audio Control ) Confidential | BLAZE AUTOMATION 27
  • 27. Benefits Using Technology to Deliver Cost effective | Convenience | Comfort Confidential | BLAZE AUTOMATION 28
  • 28. Current Limitations of Automation Systems• Human Level Pattern recognition• Language recognition• Subjective assessment• Synthesis of Complex sensory data such as scents and sounds
  • 29. Confidential | BLAZE AUTOMATION 30