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Bank security alarm system blaze automation
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Bank security alarm system blaze automation


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Published in: Technology
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  • 2. INTRODUCTION Security alarms are electronic alarms designed to alert the user to a specific danger. Security alarms have become standard equipment in stores and other businesses, and theyre becoming increasingly common in private homes as well. The most common security sensors are used to indicate the opening of a door or window or detect motion via passive infrared (PIR).
  • 3. BANK SECURITY ALARM SYSTEM A Bank Security Alarm System is one in which the protectivedevices of a bank safe, vault, ATM, or night depository are connectedto an enclosed and tamper-protected alarm sounding device attachedto the outside or the inside of the building in which the protected itemis located. Disturbance of the protective devices or unauthorizedpenetration through protected portions of the protected itemautomatically causes the sounding device to operate until it is stoppedby key control or by the entry of a code in the possession of the alarmsystem user or by exhaustion of the power supply or by a timingelement set for a definite period of operation.
  • 4. OPERATION: The operation of a bank alarm system isprimarily under the control of the owner or othersinterested in the property to be protected. It is the responsibility of the user of the alarmsystem to arm and disarm the system, or to allow it toautomatically arm and disarm itself, and to reportimproper functioning of the system to the alarm servicecompany.
  • 5. Basic Security System Requirement for a Bank: 1. Central Unit 2. Key fobs 3. Shutter Sensors 4. Door Magnetic Sensors 5. Vibration sensors (In Locker Room) 6. PIR Motion Sensors 7. Siren
  • 6. Basic Security System: ARM/ DISARM control Remote Site monitoring High Fidelity Voice through Remote Key through Telephone playback at the time fob of Intrusion Built In Self Test and Remote PSTN Telephone 100% Do It Yourself Watch Dog Timer or Mobile based Control configuration and enabled Installation Multi User Control Wide Range of Hooter Enabled Selection for Various PANIC and MEDICAL application areas Emergency enabled
  • 7. ACCESSORIES Wireless Shutter Wireless PIR Wireless Vibration and open Sensors Motion Detector Wireless Glass Break Detectors Wireless PIR Curtain Sensors Wireless Smoke and Wireless high Gas Leak Detector Loudness Siren module Also we are providing Wireless Heat Detectors, Gas Cut Off Valves, IR beam sensors and Pet Immune PIR sensors etc…
  • 8. APPLICATION AREAS OF SECURITY SYSTEM Individual Homes as well as Apartments Gated Communities Small, Medium and Large Retail Stores Mints, Banks, Government Agencies and ATM centers Restaurants, Hotels etc.. Schools[Examination Cell], Colleges etc.. Temples and Endowment PCO’s , Internet Centers and Bakers/ Food courts Petrol Bunks, Large Storage spaces, Jewelers Stores etc…
  • 9. Thank Youwww.Blazeautomation.comEmail: Tel: +91 40 6457 2220