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    All projects list All projects list Document Transcript

    • All Projects List<br /> Accelerate Rusting Acids And Bases Additive Colors Ant Microphotography Apple Mummy Balloon Rocket Car Barney Banana Bending Water Bernoulli’s Principle Blind Spot in Vision Boiling Point of Water Build an Electromagnet Build an Inclinometer Caffeine And Typing Candy Molecules Capillarity of Soils Checking vs. Savings Chemical Metamorphosis Clean Cleaners Cleaning Oil Spills Climbing Colors Cloud Cover CO2 & Photosynthesis Collecting DNA Colorful Celery Coloring Matter in Food Colors And Temperature Composition of a Shell Computer Passwords Construct a Lung Model Corrosiveness of Soda Create a Heat Detector Create Lightening Cultivate Slime Molds Cup of Lava Desalinate Sea Water Detergents and Plants Dissolving in Liquids Dissolving Solutes Distillation of Water Double Color Flower Egg in a Bottle Enzyme Activity Eroding Away Erosion Simulator Evaportating Liquids Expanding Soap Extracting Starch Fans And Body Temp Fertilizer & Plants Filtration of Water Floating Ball Experiment Floating Balloon Fog Formation Font and Memory Food and Academics Friction And Vibration Fruit Battery Power Full and Low Fat Foods Galileo's Experiment Gas To Liquid Grape Juice & Cleaners Gravity and Plants Green Slime Growing a Crystal Growing Bread Mold Growing Population Haemoglobin Binding Hard vs. Soft Water Homemade Floam Home-made Geodes Home-Made Glue #1 Homemade Snowflakes Home-made Stethoscope Homemade Volcano Human Battery Power Inertia of an Egg  Information and CD’s Invisible Ink Isolation of Bread Mold Isolation of DNA Jar Compass Lemon Floaties Levers And Force Lift an Ice Cube Light Colors and Plants Long Lasting Bubbles Magic Balloons Magnified Light Make a Compost Pile Make a Fuse Model Make a Parallel Circuit Make An Elevator Make Electric Circuits Make Limestone Make Objects Float Make Static Electricity Make your own sundial Matchbox Guitar Math and Gender Mean, Median and Range Measuring Air Pollution Mentos Soda Volcano Microbial Contaminants Milky Plastic Mini Greenhouse Missing Reflection Molls Experiment Music and Plants  Musical Bottles Nocturnal Plants Ocean Life & Oil Spills Ocean Temperature  Optical Mice Oral Bacteria Orange Water Volume Organic vs. Inorganic Osmosis Oxygen & Photosynthesis Paper Bridge Paper Marbling Pascal’s Law Play-Doh and Volume Preserve Spider Webs Pressure Volcano Pulse Rates Pythagorean Tuning Refraction in Water Rollercoasters & Loops Rubber Bones Rubber Heat Reaction Rubbery Egg Rust and Moisture Search Engines Secondary Colors Seed Germination Seed Germination II Separate Salt And Pepper Snappy Sounds Soil Erosion Soil vs. Hydroponics Sound Waves Spectrum through Water  Speed of Decomposition Speed of Dissolving Spore Prints Star Observer Static Electricity  Statistics and M&M’s Stem-less Flowers Super Strength Egg Temperature and CPUs Thirsty Rocks Tornado Demonstration Translucent Egg Transpiration in Plants Typing and Speed  Vibrating Coin Volcanic Gas Water and Living Things Water Displacement Water Evaporation Water pH<br />