Fingerprint patterns
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Fingerprint patterns



This is a slideshow for basic fingerprint pattern recognition

This is a slideshow for basic fingerprint pattern recognition



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Fingerprint patterns Fingerprint patterns Presentation Transcript

  • Fingerprint Patterns
  • Fingerprint types  While fingerprints are unique to each individual, there are three general categories that fingerprints can be placed into.  Loop: 60-65% of the population  Whorl: 30-35% of the population  Arch: up to 5% of the population  All categories are determined by the number of deltas found within the pattern.
  • About the patterns  Any fingerprint pattern which contains 2 or more delta's will be a whorl pattern.  If a print contains no delta's then it is an arch pattern.  If it contains one (and only one) delta it will be a loop pattern. Later you will learn that the names are not as strait forward as the rules suggest
  • General Loop Pattern Right Loop starts from the rightLeft Loop starts from the Left Just One Delta
  • General Whorl Pattern Whorls will always have at least 2 valid Deltas located within the print
  • General Arch Pattern Arch patterns will have no Deltas
  • Composite Patterns  Within the general categories, there are several different types of each print based on some major or minor differences
  • Tented Arch patterns are steeper than general arch patterns General Arch Tented Arch
  • Double Loop Patterns look very different from left or right loops and have 2 deltas Technically this is a double loop whorl
  • Central Loops/Pocket Loops look similar to whorl patterns but obviously have a loop from the left or right Right Pocket Loop Left Pocket Loop These are technically Left or Right Central Pocket Loop Whorls
  • Accidental patterns look like an Arch pattern and a loop pattern mixed together. It is also known as a mixed figure If a pattern does contain more than 2 delta's it will always be an accidental whorl pattern.
  • Assignment  Get a piece of white paper and put all the prints from each hand on the paper.  Above each print you need to label the type of print that each finger is.  For your right hand, find and label three points (fork, delta, etc.) within each fingerprint