Green breakfast seminar on Eastleigh's green challenges


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Blake Lapthorn solicitors' Climate Change team held a green breakfast seminar on Eastleigh's green challenges on Tuesday 9 October 2012.

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Green breakfast seminar on Eastleigh's green challenges

  1. 1. South CoastGreen BreakfastTuesday 9th October 2012
  2. 2. Councillor Keith HouseLeader Eastleigh Borough Council
  3. 3. Overview of the Borough7,977 hectares 53,000 homes123,000 residents 3,500 businesses60,000 people work in borough
  4. 4. What we do:Key frontline services include;•Recycling and waste collection•Grass cutting and groundsmaintenance•Street cleaning•Leisure and art facilities/development•Housing services•Regeneration & planning•Transport & engineering•Community safety•Environmental health
  5. 5. What sort of organisation are we?• Entrepreneurial• Punch above our weight• National leader• Try new things• Do things differently• Take some risks…..but to secure better return for our community
  6. 6. Why is Climate Change apriority for EBC? • Environment • Impact on economy – opportunity for green energy and jobs • Community – threat of climate change; fuel poverty
  7. 7. So what are we doing?• Air quality• Waste• Energy efficiency• Energy generation• Travel• Adaptation• People – our own staff and residents/businesses• Food• Policy/regeneration – planning• Water• Biodiversity
  8. 8. Waste• Engagement with residents• Alternate weekly collections• Side waste• Increased recycling• Food waste – recycling but also minimisation Where next? •Continue to minimise •Continued increase in recycling •Waste as a resource - AD
  9. 9. CO2 reduction - EBC Council Carbon Management Plan Carbon Neutral Eastleigh 18% reduction in EBC’s CO2 from 2007 to 2012 Eastleigh Borough Council CarbonFREE Operational CO2 emissions 1200 Tonnes CO2 1000 800 2007/08 600 400 2011/12 200 0 l l as er t oi ty ve ee at ci G g tra Fl tri W in ec rn s es Bu El sin Bu
  10. 10. Where next – EBC?• Reduce Council CO2 emissions by 50% by 2020• New Civic Offices – BREEAM Excellent• Bursledon Community Centre – BREEAM Excellent• Retrofit other buildings Bursledon Community Centre Eastleigh House new Civic Offices
  11. 11. Energy use reduction -Community• Borough of Eastleigh Energy Project• Carbon Free – home insulation• Insulate Hampshire• Planning policy for new development - BREEAM, Code for Sustainable homes• Green Deal
  12. 12. Renewable & Low Carbon EnergyDemonstration projects•IVCP – Wind turbine – Ground source heat pump – Biomass boiler•Solar PV and thermal at Lakeside Country Park
  13. 13. Renewable & Low Carbon Energy• Fleming Park CHP• Large scale Solar PV – all council buildings plus community buildings Future schemes •More PV and solar heat •Biomass •District Energy Schemes - Eastleigh Town Centre?
  14. 14. Travel – what we’ve done• Civic Travel Plan - target of 15% reduction in business mileage by 2012• Route optimisation & ‘in cab’ technology• Pool cars/bikes• Changing facilities• Air travel policy• Staff incentives for public transport
  15. 15. Travel – across the borough • Travel plans for all schools • Park and stride • Walking bus • Secure cycle shelters • Increased cycle routes • Better cycle facilities @ train stations • Invested in bus transportSecure Cycle Parking at Eastleigh Station
  16. 16. Travel – the future• Solent Oyster card• Station facilities• Completing green links to district centres• Work with partners
  17. 17. Key lessons• Courage of your convictions • EBC – 50% reduction in CO2 by 2020• Not just green but what • Borough – 34% makes good sense for the reduction in CO2 by business 2020• Messaging is key• Team work• Whole organisation approach
  18. 18. Thank you