i‐green? Inspiring?                           Innovative?   Inexplicable?                         Indulgent?      Insolven...
…created as ECU in 1991
Became ECI in the late 1990’s                  International Rescue
Tag Cloud for ECI’s home page       www.eci.ox.ac.uk
1st October 2011 …ECI’s 20th anniversary
“Oxford is on such a fast track to                         environmental excellence because…..”ECI’s birth (Oct 1991) …a “...
75 scientists 60 graduate students £4m turnoverECI’s Size now?
ECI Mission          (from first Annual Report 1991‐92)1. ECU is an interdisciplinary unit dedicated to collaborative    r...
Fun bits of “international”: High Society (1)
President of the Maldives   HRH Duke of Edinburgh   Kofi Annan        HRH Prince Charles                                  ...
July 1993             ECU Research Report No.3NATO Workshop Climate Change & WorldFood Security ....still for sale on Amazon
1992: a global story about climate change impacts on food
ECI: long history of international climate change,          agriculture, & food interactions
…which continues today 
“I” is indeed for International1. 300+ multi‐partner research projects    completed across Africa, South America,    Asia,...
ECI’s current Research Focus 1. Climate Change: impacts, risk, adaptation, resilience2. Energy and Lower Carbon Futures: r...
Climate change… the world’s largest climate forecasting experiment, with over 350,000 participants in over 150 countries
And now  “Weatherathome” …climate  prediction at more  regional scales
ECI is regularly in the climate media, taking on both sides
And also studying the media, and undertaking huge global opinion surveys
Ecosystems: Tropical Forests eg RAINFOR monitoring the biomass and carbon dynamics of Amazonian rainforests  
RAINFOR is an example of one of the many very large international consortia ECI often (co‐)leads
Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystems (SAFE) ProjectHow does forest modification impact local ecosystems? One of the worl...
UK                                 Europe                          International British National Space Centre,        Dan...
Su Zang,                                                   Sustainable                                                   A...
“I was astonished that 80% of my                                                      fellow students were lawyers,       ...
A few examples of International Businesses and Governmental Organisations employing              ECI graduatesBusiness    ...
And now:     Oxford’s International Graduate Environment School      in the School of Geography & Environment• 230+ intern...
MACIS: What might be the impacts of climate change adaptation and mitigation policies on Europe’s biodiversity?In the buil...
UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP) An acknowledged global pioneer in its work with stakeholders
One of UKCIP’s many legacies: regional network of adaptation and risk management                  consortia 
Energy & Lower Carbon Futures:    European energy labelling
Energy & Lower Carbon FuturesLeading the UK Energy Research Centre’s theme on demand reduction
ECI hosts a G8 conference on                                          energy innovation  The UK Energy Research Centre (UK...
THE MOST IMPORTANT SLIDE?Is Ecosystem Services the emerging REALLY BIG GAME? ECI wrote the England chapter
“C” is for creative ..even crazy…working with       “unusual partners” on the ground
(and Brookes)  “E” is for elsewhere in the University: environment research is growing very fast
Oxford Martin School: Energy & Environment
Energy Researchacross Oxford80+ lead researchersacross 15+departments                       www.futureenergy.ox.ac.uk
FEAR!             GREED!  ..so, what’s in it for us?
• 1st science conference on what 4 degree warming will mean for   the world• Topics: food & water security, vulnerable pop...
FEAR! The SUN reports on ECI
A   Our ecological footprint is terrible too: we need nearly 14a        times Oxfordshire’s area to meet our demands    Ox...
Opportunity: ECI Advisors to exotic places
But missing words in ECI’s tag cloud!!            (business ..??)
…but in 2020?AAA  GREEN JOB SECTOR
It is taking time for OU to bring its environmental expertise to the surface ..something business needs to see 1999: ECI p...
BUT NOW: New Oxford University                 NetworksOxford is on the point of establishing major new multi‐department e...
Energy and People: Futures, complexity and challengesInternational Conference Oxford20th/21st September 2011              ...
“With the joint working agreement between our organisations now coming into effect, we are                “Whether on the ...
ITRC: UK Infrastructure Transition Research Consortium   Breadth and scale in a new ECI national    research/business/gove...
Oxford University – “Gown”             “Town”Environmental Change Institute (ECI)   BioDiversity International LtdInstitut...
C is for …crazy…                     What                   might be            the proposition                      with ...
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Blake Lapthorn Green breakfast with guest speaker Ian Curtis of the ECI


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Blake Lapthorn held its second green breakfast of the Autumn 2011 series with guest speaker Ian Curtis of the ECI on 19 October 2011.

Published in: Technology
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Blake Lapthorn Green breakfast with guest speaker Ian Curtis of the ECI

  1. 1. i‐green? Inspiring? Innovative? Inexplicable? Indulgent? Insolvent?Interdisciplinary? International?ECI….Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute……………..is “i” for international?
  2. 2. …created as ECU in 1991
  3. 3. Became ECI in the late 1990’s International Rescue
  4. 4. Tag Cloud for ECI’s home page  www.eci.ox.ac.uk
  5. 5. 1st October 2011 …ECI’s 20th anniversary
  6. 6. “Oxford is on such a fast track to  environmental excellence because…..”ECI’s birth (Oct 1991) …a “soccer‐style transfer”
  7. 7. 75 scientists 60 graduate students £4m turnoverECI’s Size now?
  8. 8. ECI Mission  (from first Annual Report 1991‐92)1. ECU is an interdisciplinary unit dedicated to collaborative  research on the nature, causes and impacts of  environmental change, and to the development of  strategies to manage future changes. 2. Environmental change refers to alterations of valued  resources that have significant social and economic  implications. 3. The Unit actively collaborates with a variety of institutions  in Oxford, the UK and throughout the world, and  participates in major international programmes on the  physical and human dimensions of global change. 4. The Unit is active in research, education, and policy. 
  9. 9. Fun bits of “international”: High Society (1)
  10. 10. President of the Maldives HRH Duke of Edinburgh Kofi Annan HRH Prince Charles ‘Tropical  briefings for  Sir Richard Branson &  guests Fun bits of “international”: HighSociety (2)
  11. 11. July 1993 ECU Research Report No.3NATO Workshop Climate Change & WorldFood Security ....still for sale on Amazon
  12. 12. 1992: a global story about climate change impacts on food
  13. 13. ECI: long history of international climate change,  agriculture, & food interactions
  14. 14. …which continues today 
  15. 15. “I” is indeed for International1. 300+ multi‐partner research projects  completed across Africa, South America,  Asia, Australasia, Europe2. Worked with 350+ Research Partner  organisations in more than 40 countries3. Supported by 100+ Funders across more  than 15 countries
  16. 16. ECI’s current Research Focus 1. Climate Change: impacts, risk, adaptation, resilience2. Energy and Lower Carbon Futures: renewables,  technology/policy interactions, demand management3. Ecosystems & Ecosystem services: carbon dynamics,  natural resources and land use, food systems, tropical  forests, conservation 
  17. 17. Climate change… the world’s largest climate forecasting experiment, with over 350,000 participants in over 150 countries
  18. 18. And now  “Weatherathome” …climate  prediction at more  regional scales
  19. 19. ECI is regularly in the climate media, taking on both sides
  20. 20. And also studying the media, and undertaking huge global opinion surveys
  21. 21. Ecosystems: Tropical Forests eg RAINFOR monitoring the biomass and carbon dynamics of Amazonian rainforests  
  22. 22. RAINFOR is an example of one of the many very large international consortia ECI often (co‐)leads
  23. 23. Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystems (SAFE) ProjectHow does forest modification impact local ecosystems? One of the world’s largest ecological experiments to understand the myriad ways in which logging, deforestation and forest fragmentation modify the functioning of tropical rainforest, affect their ability to deliver ecosystem services and conservation value. New work in Malaysian Borneo: one of the  world’s largest ecological experiments
  24. 24. UK Europe International British National Space Centre, Danish Energy Agency, Food & Agriculture Carbon Trust, Electrolux, Organisation of the United The Co-operative Bank, European Commission ALTENER Programme, Nations (FAO) Darwin Initiative International Council of European Environment Agency, Economic and Social Research European Tropical Forest Research Scientific Unions (ICSU) Council, Network EcoSecurities French Environment and Energy International Energy Agency Engineering and Physical Sciences Management Agency (ADEME) (IEA) Research Council, International Geographical Environment Agency, Union IBM United Kingdom Trust United States International Geosphere- Jackson Foundation Biosphere Programme Environment Now Foundation James Martin 21st Century School, (IGBP), FPL Energy, University of Oxford Andrew W Mellon Foundation International Human Leverhulme Trust, Microsoft Research, National Trust, Dimensions Programme Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Natural Environment Research (IHDP), Smithsonian Institution, Council, US Government Environment Protection North Atlantic Treaty Royal Commission on Environmental Agency Organization (NATO) Pollution, United Nations Environment Royal Society for the Protection of Programme (UNEP) Birds, Thames Water plc, World Bank, UK Government Department for World Climate Research Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Programme (WCRP), UK Government Department for World Conservation Union- International Development IUCN World Wide Fund for Nature – UKWide range of 100+ Funding Partners, including many substantial international investors
  25. 25. Su Zang, Sustainable Agricultural Development Programme, Beijing ECI 2005 The course The students • 600+ graduates• International postgraduate training in environmental science and policy • From 60+ countries• 12 months intensive study • Varied student backgrounds: agriculture,• Aims to produce confident and aware chemical engineers, lawyers, foresters, leaders and decision-makers international relations, energy policy,• Broad-based, cross-disciplinary •Careers in government, business, NGOs, research ECI’s MSc Environmental Change & Management ‘Oxford’s most sought after graduate science course’
  26. 26. “I was astonished that 80% of my  fellow students were lawyers,  engineers, ex‐ McKinsey  consultants, accountants, and  from international relations..an electrifying year.” Ayub Osman  PricewaterhouseCoopers“Through the MSc I gained a deep understanding of  “I owe immensely to complex scientific and socio‐ “I couldn’t find a better  the ECI.s excellent political systems. After the  program than this MSc in  education and MSc I worked for  Environmental Change and  managementMcKinseys, before helping  Management to prepare  training . A turning found a technology services  myself for future career  point in my life.”company that attracted  advancement.” Amin Aslam over $120 million in private  Lan Luan,  Former Minister of equity” (former) Chinese Ministry of  State for the Patrick Cheung Water Resources Environment, Pakistan. “The perfect means to  Masters of  make a career change,  “A fantastic grounding  exposing me to the Science in  in environmental  latest thinking in  “Environmental  matters”. environmental Gareth Morgan MP management and policy.” Change &  Democratic Alliance  Craig Hanson Management” Environment  World Resources Institute,  Spokesman, South  Green Power Market. Environmental  Africa,  Change Institute, 
  27. 27. A few examples of International Businesses and Governmental Organisations employing  ECI graduatesBusiness Government and International OrganisationsAccenture  Australian Government, Leader of the OppositionBalfour Beatty plc  European Commission AREVA  Japanese Government, Ministry of EnvironmentBooz Allen Hamilton Pakistan Government, Ministry of Environment Ericsson Enterprise UK Govt Department for International DevelopmentErnst & Young UN Development Programme China Halcrow China Limited UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative HSBC plc  UN Framework Convention on Climate ChangeIntel Corporation  UN Institute for Training and Research KPMG US EmbassyLloyds of London World BankMcKinsey and Company  World Food Programme, UNMott MacDonald India Limited  World Resources Institute Procter & Gamble plc Reuters Ltd Rio Tinto plcTokyo Electric Power Company
  28. 28. And now:  Oxford’s International Graduate Environment School in the School of Geography & Environment• 230+ international students, more than 50 countries• Doctoral research programme• Master of Science (MSc) Courses in:  – Environmental Change and Management – Water Science, Policy, and Management – Biodiversity, Conservation, and Management – Nature, Society, and Environmental Policy
  29. 29. MACIS: What might be the impacts of climate change adaptation and mitigation policies on Europe’s biodiversity?In the built environment, human health, energy, flooding, tourism, agriculture, forestry “E” is for Europe (inc. UK)
  30. 30. UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP) An acknowledged global pioneer in its work with stakeholders
  31. 31. One of UKCIP’s many legacies: regional network of adaptation and risk management  consortia 
  32. 32. Energy & Lower Carbon Futures:  European energy labelling
  33. 33. Energy & Lower Carbon FuturesLeading the UK Energy Research Centre’s theme on demand reduction
  34. 34. ECI hosts a G8 conference on  energy innovation  The UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC)ECI hosts the international  Meeting Place
  35. 35. THE MOST IMPORTANT SLIDE?Is Ecosystem Services the emerging REALLY BIG GAME? ECI wrote the England chapter
  36. 36. “C” is for creative ..even crazy…working with  “unusual partners” on the ground
  37. 37. (and Brookes) “E” is for elsewhere in the University: environment research is growing very fast
  38. 38. Oxford Martin School: Energy & Environment
  39. 39. Energy Researchacross Oxford80+ lead researchersacross 15+departments www.futureenergy.ox.ac.uk
  40. 40. FEAR! GREED! ..so, what’s in it for us?
  42. 42. • 1st science conference on what 4 degree warming will mean for  the world• Topics: food & water security, vulnerable populations, human  health, migration, wild fires, sea level rise, wildlife conservation,  ecosystem services. • Regional case studies: Amazonia, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil,  Ethiopia, Finland, Mauritius, Siberia, Vietnam, and the monsoon  region. FEAR! ECI hosts first “4 degrees science conference”
  43. 43. FEAR! The SUN reports on ECI
  44. 44. A Our ecological footprint is terrible too: we need nearly 14a times Oxfordshire’s area to meet our demands Oxfordshire’s land area Oxfordshire’s ecological footprint area 260,500 ha 3,539,358 gha FEAR …. 1 : 13.5 44
  45. 45. Opportunity: ECI Advisors to exotic places
  46. 46. But missing words in ECI’s tag cloud!!  (business ..??)
  47. 47. …but in 2020?AAA GREEN JOB SECTOR
  48. 48. It is taking time for OU to bring its environmental expertise to the surface ..something business needs to see 1999: ECI publishes the first attempt to capture the University’s cross‐departmental environmental expertise
  49. 49. BUT NOW: New Oxford University  NetworksOxford is on the point of establishing major new multi‐department environment networks:•ENERGY, led by Professor Sir Christopher Llewellyn‐Smith, Vice‐President of the Royal Society, (and President, Synchrotron Light for Experimental Science and its Applications in the Middle East)•WATER, led by Professor David Grey, former World Bank Special Advisor•CLIMATE, led by Professor Myles Allen, founder climateprediction.net, the world’s largest climate forecasting experiment for the 21st Century •BIODIVERSITY, led by Tasso Leventis Professor Kathy Willis•FOOD, led by Professor Charles Godfray, Chair of the UK Govt’s Foresight Project on Food Security
  50. 50. Energy and People: Futures, complexity and challengesInternational Conference Oxford20th/21st September 2011  (plus ECI has a key organising role in this  huge international conference)  COMING SOON! Increasing flow of  major Oxford conferences
  51. 51. “With the joint working agreement between our organisations now coming into effect, we are  “Whether on the level of internationaldetermined to deliver a true health sciences  government and business or that ofpartnership that provides high‐quality healthcare for  individual human beings we arepatients backed by the latest in world‐leading medical  increasingly recognising that going itresearch.” alone will not work. Instead, in our search for solutions, the most significantIt is hoped Oxford University’s global reputation should attract extra millions in grants and funding for  contributions will come from better, moreclinical research, while boosting the trust’s ability to  innovative and more diverse partnershipsattract leading clinicians. between researchers, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, practitioners and ordinaryMeanwhile, it is claimed the merger would also  people”provide more opportunities for joint training  Vice‐Chancellor, Oxford Universityprogrammes and developing specialist services not  1999widely available in the UK. TOWN/GOWN: It’s happening in health. How  about environment?  
  52. 52. ITRC: UK Infrastructure Transition Research Consortium Breadth and scale in a new ECI national  research/business/government consortium Project Leader: ECI Budget: £5m+  Object: The future of national infrastructure systems (energy,  transport, water, waste and ICT) in response to risk and uncertainty Government Depts, agencies, and  Universities BUSINESSlocal authorities Cardiff UniversityAssociation of North East Councils Newcastle University Engineering & multi‐ UtilitiesCABE – the Commission for  University of Cambridge disciplinary consultants BP GlobalArchitecture and the Built  University of Leeds AEA Technology BTEnvironment University of Oxford Arup E.ONCabinet Office University of Southampton Atkins National GridDepartment for Communities and  University of Sussex Black & Veatch Network RailLocal Government (DCLG) Halcrow Northumbrian WaterDepartment of Energy & Climate  JBA Consulting Scottish and Southern EnergyChange (DECC) Research organisations &  Mott MacDonald United UtilitiesDepartment for Evnironment, Food  data providers MWH Veoliaand Rural Affairs (Defra) Met Office Parsons Brinckerhoff Yorkshire WaterDepartment for Transport (DfT) Ordnance Survey Royal HaskoningEnvironment Agency Swanbarton InsurersHampshire County Council Engineering Institutions WillisHighways Agency Inst. of Civil EngineersInfrastructure UK Contractors Inst. of Engineering and TechnologyTransport Scotland Bam Nuttal Inst. of Mechanical Engineers CostainNGOsLocal Government AssocnTown and Country Planning Assocn
  53. 53. Oxford University – “Gown” “Town”Environmental Change Institute (ECI) BioDiversity International LtdInstitute of Social and Cultural  C‐QuestorAnthropology Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Oxford Martin School (CEH)Plant Sciences EarthwatchSaid Business School EcoPlanet BambooSchool of Geography and the  EcoSecuritiesEnvironmentPro‐Natura Environment and Development GroupWildCRU – Wildlife Conservation  Global Canopy ProgramResearch Unit HelvetaZoology The Living Rainforest Oxford Biochar Proforest The Rainforest Club Se‐Perú Stockholm Environment Institute Sumatran Orangutan Society Track RecordOxford Centre for Tropical Forestsa model of international green enterprise on our doorstep
  54. 54. C is for …crazy… What  might be  the proposition with  Oxon plc?