Blake Lapthorn Construction green breakfast 9 November 2011


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Blake Lapthorn were pleased to welcome Darren Aspinall of Ridge and David Walker of Peter Brett Associates to its Construction green breakfast on 9 November 2011.

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Blake Lapthorn Construction green breakfast 9 November 2011

  1. 1. RIDGEProperty and Construction Consultants Green Breakfast: Why bother with energy efficient buildings? Darren Aspinall Architect 9th November 2011
  2. 2. Agenda Wake you all up…. Why Bother with Energy Efficient buildings? The Global Context The Local Context Building Issues RIDGE
  3. 3. Global Context RIDGE
  4. 4. Global Context Reliance on non-finite fossil fuel Climate Change • Global Warming (0.75°C increase in a Century) • Higher temperatures • Extreme weather conditions • Flooding & Drought • Pollution • Impact upon Biodiversity Increasing Energy Costs • Resource depletion • Peak oil • Fuel Poverty • Security of supply RIDGE
  5. 5. Local Drivers…. Legislative • Kyoto Protocol (Cut Greenhouse Gas emissions by 12.5% by 2012) • Climate Change Act 2008 (26% Co2 reduction by 2020, 80% by 2050) • Building Regulations Part L step change • Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) & BREEAM • Planning Requirements via the Environment Agency • Funding requirements (DCSF)Local Impacts upon building…. Increased Complexity Increased Time Increased Cost Increased Performance? RIDGE
  6. 6. Global Context Is it all a ‘drop of water in a sea of oil’? Can Developing Countries be balanced? • World energy consumption is expected to grow 53% by 2035 • Predicted that global carbon emissions will increase by 43% by 2035 • Half of this growth expected from China and India • China: Currently building at a rate of 2 coal fired power stations/week That’s a lot of trees for the developed world to hug! ‘Business as usual’ Technology & science will find a way RIDGE
  7. 7. Global Context A battle for the hippie tree huggers? From the early adopters to the mainstream? RIDGE
  8. 8. Local UK Context The Market • Existing Building Stock • Feed in Tariff / Renewable Heat Incentives • Resistance to renewable technologies • ‘Scale-ability’ of renewable technologies • Lifestyle: needs to become trendy • People vote with their wallets How many MPG does your building do? • Design performance Vs actual ‘in use’ performance • Lack of comparable reliable data • User preference & short circuiting (‘Human factor’) • Young/Old, Male/Female differences RIDGE
  9. 9. Building issues Fabric measures • Is heat loss such a big problem? • Design for climate change & heat gain? • Fabric insulation – Bigger Buildings! • Air tightness & controlled ventilation • The construction team just don’t get it! RIDGE
  10. 10. Building issues Technology Measures • Reliability & Robustness • Capital cost & payback • Complexity of use • Maintenance requirements – like a car? • Aesthetics issues for roll out Standards & Skills • Inconvenient, onerous & unrealistic ‘tick box brigade’ standards • Larger design teams with more up-front costs • Inconsistent Planning System • Lack of design & construction skills to deliver standards • User knowledge & training Supply chain Issues • Is it yet mainstream? • Same cost? Same delivery time? Same quality? RIDGE
  11. 11. The solution? Flood resistant! FSC certified timber Exempt from BREEAM Low Tech build and use Sail to another country if you need to! You don’t need an Architect to design one! RIDGE
  12. 12. Construction Green Breakfast Blake Lapthorn 09th November 2011 Low Energy Building Design – Why Bother ? Gavin Walker – C. Eng LCCPeter Brett Associates LLP
  13. 13. Low Energy Building
  14. 14. A Few Alternatives
  15. 15. Bother One – Emissions Reductions climate change – more extremes hotter summers wetter winters extreme events – flooding, hurricanes, droughts reparations – “to those who will not have the benefit of two billion years of accumulated reserves” David Mackay - Sustainable Energy without the Hot Air
  16. 16. Low Carbon buildings EMBODIED demolition construction transport OPERATIONAL regulated unregulated
  17. 17. Bother Two : Security Middle Eastern Oil Brazilian Sugar Cane Russian Gas Canadian Biomass
  18. 18. Bother Three : Legislation
  19. 19. Bother Three : LegislationPlanning policiesmandatory emissions standardsmandatory fabric efficiency standardszero carbon residential 2016zero carbon public buildings 2018zero carbon buildings 2019
  20. 20. Bother Four – What are buildings for ? Productivity Comfort Health and well being
  21. 21. Bother Five - Economics MICRO reduce fuel bills revenue from Gov subsidies research grants MACRO control economic conditions build another economic base – forefront asset values marketing reduced vacancy rates
  22. 22. SummaryB1 : Climate change responsibilitiesB2 : Energy SecurityB3 : Legislation GOOD DESIGNB4 : ComfortB5 : Economics
  23. 23. How do we do it ?Lean – passive / activeMeanGreenAllowable solutionsFinancial Pooling