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  • 1. The Underdogs &The Alienist By: Blake Smedley
  • 2. The Underdogs Author
    • Mariano Azuela was a Mexican who
    • was drafted into the Federale army,
    • but he deserted it.
    • He was a medical student, and was a
    • medic when he served.
    • He is known best for his writings, like
    • The Underdogs, that is said to be the
    • best portrayal of the Mexican revolution.
    • He later was forced to immigrate to El Paso,
    • Texas, where he lived for several years before
    • going to areas near Mexico City.
  • 3. Underdog Characters
    • The main character is Demetrio Macias.
    • He joins the rebel forces and
    • eventually becomes a general in
    • Pancho Villa’s Army.
    • He ultimately realizes he doesn’t
    • even know why he is fighting, and that
    • he just knows he has to keep fighting.
    • He cares more for tequila and the
    • company of women, as well as a good
    • fight more than anything else.
    • Once home to his wife after 2+ years of fighting he leaves her again to fight and he dies soon after.
  • 4. Underdogs Themes
    • Azuela spends a good amount of
    • time talking about the landscape.
    • He talks of how beautiful it is, yet
    • at the same time, extremely
    • treacherous, and will easily kill you
    • if you don’t respect it.
    • This land is what Demetrio thought
    • he was originally fighting for, but he
    • later understands that a man with a gun
    • and bullets doesn’t care what side he is on, he just wants to fight.
    • The people of the towns follow the same progressive thoughts, and eventually do not care for the men on either side.
  • 5. The Alienist Author
    • Caleb Carr is a writer that was
    • born in 1955.
    • He attended Kenyon College and
    • New York University.
    • He earned a B.A. in military and
    • diplomatic history.
    • He currently lives in upstate New
    • York on a farm estate called Misery
    • Mountain.
    • He lives in the town of Berlin New
    • York.
  • 6. The Alienist Characters
    • The book is set in New York during some of the harshest times due to the rapid rate of growth which makes it a daily struggle to keep it under control.
    • Lazlo Kreizler is the alienist of
    • the story, or what we refer to
    • today as a psychiatrist.
    • He is assigned by police captain
    • and future president Roosevelt
    • to start his own team to operate
    • outside the police station to find
    • a serial killer.
    • A team of oddly assorted people
    • are assembled, and the whole story
    • is told in retrospect by a reporter named John Moore.
  • 7. The Alienist Themes
    • The book has a very large amount of history in it, and that was the aim of Carr since that is his area of expertise.
    • The book was very well put together,
    • and kept the readers attention with
    • the plot, while teaching the reader
    • numerous things about the history
    • of New York.
    • Carr also did a fantastic job of
    • researching what psychology was
    • known at the time, so that Kreizler
    • wasn’t using methods outside his realm
    • to plot the thought of the criminal in
    • order to finally catch him.