Social Media Audit: Flying Dog Brewery


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The portion of my social media audit for Flying Dog Brewery. This was a project for my Social Media Marketing class. Mostly just photos that would be up during my presentation part.

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  • Hunter S. Thompson’s “Gonzo” journalism – “An experimental style of journalism where reporters involve themselves in the action to such a degree that they become central figures of their stories.”
    Contact info includes: Link to their websites, link to their blog “beer dinners” and link to their twitter.
  • Talking about this = the number of people creating a “story” about a page for a weekly period. Includes liking a page, post on the page wall, like a post, comment on a post, sharing the post, etc.
    Under 50: 13 posts
    51-100: 12 posts
    101-200: 8 posts
    201-500: 4 posts
    500+: 5 posts
  • Posts always relate to Flying Dog or beer. Featuring local companies or endorsing a project they are involved with.
  • Behind the scenes posts of things like taste tests, also posts for every event they are having.
  • Most events take place at brewery, but others they are the sponsor or host beer exclusively for the event. Were involved in 11 events between May and October, 9 took place at the brewery.
    Their Instagram feed provides most of the photo posts. Link to their Instagram profile and provide the @Flyingdogbrewery and #Flyingdogbrewery contacts.
    You’ve Got Mail is a newsletter sign up by providing your email address and state of residence.
    Videos are mainly behind the scenes, local art, or fun advertisements the company makes to show off a new product. Some of the videos are different from their Youtube but most are posted on the Youtube page as well.
  • They use the same profile picture and cover photo as Facebook, background to match. Easy to find with @FlyingDog. Same description mission statement.
    11,273 Tweets, 9,032 Following, 63,969 Followers
  • They Tweet a lot. Usually 6+ times every day. Have a good balance of posting for things like their Cyber Monday sale, retweeting employees, retweeting mentions they get, or about what’s happening at the brewery (happy hour).
    Also spread out their posts to include mentions, articles, or things related to the company and industry.
  • They tweet about 4-6 photo posts a month. These are different from their Facebook and Instagram and include retweets of people showing off Flying Dog products. They like to include and mention other companies , create relationships .
  • They don’t follow anyone on Instagram, but have 3,686 followers. Their cover photos and profile picture feature their logo that is recognizeable to their other social media profiles. Seem to use their Instagram as a way to post photos to their Facebook. All of the photos are identical to the ones on their Facebook.
  • Have the same profile picture and cover photo as Facebook and Twitter. Different about section “Good people drink good beer – Hunter S. Thompson
    Links to their website, Facebook, and Twitter profiles.
    They usually post 2 videos a month, but there are some gaps with one video or none. Videos are the same as on their Facebook plus more. Featuring funny self made ads for a new product, a “local creativity spotlight” or informative videos on projects that they are involved with (Oysters).
  • Brewery News gets posted on every couple of days or so.
    Beer Dinners gets posted on about once a month.
    Cut The Leash posts about once or twice every 1-2 months. Updates about the company from a CEO viewpoint. Upcoming beer batches, general business posts, etc.
  • Social Media Audit: Flying Dog Brewery

    1. 1. • • • • • Flying Dog Brewery Founded in 1990 by George Stranahan Located in Frederick, Maryland Hunter S. Thompson Bottle designs by Ralph Steadman
    2. 2. • “We are craft beer crusaders who stand tall and never eat shit.” • About: “Gonzo craft brewery located in Frederick, MD.” • Company Overview: “Good Beer, No Shit.” • Full product lists for their year-round, seasonal, and limited release beers. • Contact Info
    3. 3. • • • • 59,600 Page Likes 1,909 Talking about this Post at least once a day, but sometimes up to 3-4 times in a day. Every post includes a picture, video, or link that somehow relates to the company or the beer industry. • 42 posts in November and averaged 195 likes per post.
    4. 4. • They also share fan posts that are directed at the company. • Don’t receive many comments on their posts but they will engage and reply to questions that are commented. • They will add any extra information through a comment on the post • Have event pages for all events that they host or are associated with. • Have their Twitter and Instagram feeds linked to their Facebook • Also have videos and You’ve Got Mail
    5. 5. • Mr. Belvedere: Flying Dog's New Growler Filler • Support Local Creativity: Spotlight on Chris Cooley
    6. 6. • Flying Dog has three blogs • Brewery News • Updates every couple of days with what’s going on with the brewery, projects they are involved with, etc. • Beer Dinners • Updates for upcoming events the brewery holds called “beer dinners” that feature beer and food pairings • Also provide recipes, food pairing tips, and more. • Cut The Leash • “Musings from our semi-human CEO Jim Caruso”