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Parts of a plant powerpoint changes

Parts of a plant powerpoint changes

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  • A plant’s roots need room below the soil so that the plant can grow to be large. A plant’s leaves need room to grow above the soil so they can make food for the rest of the plant.
  • Plants only grow well in the right conditions. Plants need warmer temperatures during the day and cooler at night. The temperatures vary depending on the type of plant.
  • A plant uses the air around us to get the carbon dioxide they need to live. After a plant uses the carbon dioxide it releases it back to the earth.
  • Plants need water to get the nutrients it needs to the different parts of the plant. If a plant gets too much or too little water than it will die.
  • The three most important nutrients are called Phosphorus Nitrogen Potassium The roots bring the nutrients through the plant to help it grow. The nutrients also make the leaves and stem of a plant look green.
  • Plants need sunlight to grow. They use this sunlight to make food by carrying out a process called photosynthesis . If a plant isn’t getting enough sunlight its stem will be thin and it will begin to grow toward the sun.
  • Some plants take longer to grow than others and make fruits or flowers.
  • These are seven important things that plants need in order to grow? Room to grow Temperature Air Water Nutrients Sunlight Time


  • 1. What Makes Plants Grow? BY: Katrina Dziedzic Second Grade Science Lesson
  • 2. Plants have needs too!
  • 3. What do plants need to grow
  • 4.  
  • 5. Room to Grow Plants need room to grow above and below the soil.
  • 6. I Need Room!
  • 7. Temperatures that are too cold or too hot may affect how plants grow. Temperature
  • 8. Too Hot! Too Cold!
  • 9. Air Plants need the air around us to get the carbon dioxide they need to live.
  • 10. Oxygen in, Carbon Dioxide out
  • 11. Carbon Dioxide in, Oxygen out See, we need each other!
  • 12. Water Plants need water to supply nutrients to all the different plant parts.
  • 13. Not Too Much, I May Drown
  • 14. Nutrients A plant gets the nutrients it needs from the soil.
  • 15. I get my food from the soil.
  • 16. Light Plants need sunlight to make their own food. Photosynthesis
  • 17. Photosynthesis Needs Sunlight
  • 18. Time All plants need time to grow.
  • 19. Don’t rush me, I need time to grow.
  • 20. What Plants Need to Grow
  • 21. Let’s Review Room To Grow Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold Carbon Dioxide Water Food Sun Time
  • 22. Watch Me Grow The End
  • 23. Watch Me Grow