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The Fully Integrated Online Marketing Mix – Affili@Syd
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The Fully Integrated Online Marketing Mix – Affili@Syd


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Affili@SYD 2010 will take place on June 8th at the Menzies Hotel in Sydney. …

Affili@SYD 2010 will take place on June 8th at the Menzies Hotel in Sydney.

This is Blackglass' deck on The Fully Integrated Online Marketing Mix

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  • 2. “There are only two things important in business: marketing and innovation. Everything else is cost.” Peter Drucker
  • 3. Who We Are and What We Do Blackglass provides interactive solutions to assist organisations to optimise their online presence and drive this medium to its full potential. Blackglass focuses on “localised and targeted marketing”. Blackglass provides fully online integrated campaigns including but not limited to: Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click Search Engine Optimisation Social Media Marketing Email Marketing Affiliate Marketing Its all about results and measurement and ongoing analysis and optimisation which ultimately drives success.
  • 4. Who We Are and What We Do At Blackglass we have a lot of experience with female databases and key female websites such as: (Number 1 Female TV Personality – 90% Female Skew) (Number 1 Coupon Site in Australia – 78% Female Skew) (Number 1 Health Site in Australia – 70% Female Skew) (Number 1 Female Gym and Fitness Centre in Australia – 100% Female Skew) (Number 1 or 2 Wedding Site in Australia heavily female skewed) (One of Australia’s most popular online fashion sites) As a consequence in working with these sites we are always working on the philosophy of the three fastest means of communications: Television Telephone Tell-a-woman
  • 5. Fully Integrated Online Marketing Mix With the Internet being such a fast evolving market place, companies online have to permanently test and assess which channels perform best for them in achieving their business outcomes. With this in mind Blackglass develops strategies based on a detailed analysis on which channels are best suited to the client’s target market and offering. This is important as not every channel is relevant to all clients and a lot of time and money can be invested trying to create a market when the budget can be better spent else where.
  • 6. Fully Integrated Online Marketing Mix The first few months are particularly crucial with the requirement for a lot of testing and optimisation. As highlighted in previous sessions today there are so many elements that are crucial to the overall success of a campaign ranging from: Creation of a sound and relevant landing page The content used in the creative and the landing page The communication and key messages Value in the offer (perceived or real) There is no one golden bullet more a combination of a number of ingredients and steps and ongoing analysis and optimisation is the key.
  • 7. Fully Integrated Online Marketing Mix Also crucial to the success of any campaign is “buy in” into the process by the client and setting the right expectations that sales will not just flood in the door once the campaign goes live. Not only is the planning crucial to the success of any marketing campaign but also is having the right platforms and tools to which to: Measure Analyse Recommend Optimise
  • 8. Fully Integrated Online Marketing Mix
  • 9. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Benefits If done well it is a “free” way to get targeted traffic. Google is undoubtedly the biggest potential source of traffic. Challenges Depending on keyword competition it takes time to see major impact in terms of rankings. It is an ongoing process as Google updates its algorithm regularly. Client should be able to update site: budget / resource. Tools Advanced Web Ranking Interleado
  • 10. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Advanced Web Rankings Interleado Great for benchmarking. Full website analysis. Track rankings compared to competitors. Competitor Analysis. Track keywords movement over time. Link building intelligence. Progress reports for your site and competitor sites.
  • 11. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) — Pay Per Click (PPC) Benefits See immediate results. Only pay for clicks to your ads. Targeted Reach - Target customers as they are actively searching for your products. Custom budgeting – specify how much you want to spend, what days of week, what time of day etc. Everything is measurable and everything can be tested. Challenges Need to build some history. The quality of the landing page / website is key. It needs to be closely monitored to optimise ROI by varying keywords, ad copy, landing pages. Tools Google Adwords Yahoo! Search Marketing Facebook Advertising
  • 12. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) — Pay Per Click (PPC) Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing Strongly keyword based. Capture an actively targeted audience – target people as they are actively searching. Do not have demographic data of searchers (limited information via the Google content network). Facebook Advertising Target people as they are browsing. Target audiences based on location, gender, relationship status, interests and more. Offers greater personalisation. Combines images and text based ads.
  • 13. Email Marketing Benefits Very targeted. Has the ability to generate critical mass in traffic early in the campaign. Dedicated campaigns. Challenges Need to make sure the list is Spam compliant. Enquire about previous results: Open Rates, Click Through Rates. Need to carefully pick your target, subject line. Offer needs to be appealing. Email needs to be very well designed/built. The quality of the landing page / website is key. It is a one off send and can be quite expensive so you want to get it right! Tools Litmus. Traction.
  • 14. Email Marketing Litmus enables us to test emails across all major email clients as well as run a spam analysis.
  • 15. Database Management / CRM The key objective of all our campaigns is to get an action from the customer. At worst we want to encourage email registration so we can capture some details and then have follow up campaigns. Benefits Learn and interpret users interactions to gather intelligence. Leads to more targeting and relevant emails being sent to users. Creates loyalty and retention. Provides an opportunity through refer a friend and viral to grow the database. Provides another avenue to drive revenue. Challenges Need to provide relevant, targeted communications. Need to strike a balance on the right level of emails per month. Keeping track of members usage – open rates / click throughs / opt out etc. Ensure you have a good email marketing platform. The key platform we use is Traction which enables us to achieve all of the above.
  • 16. Social Media Marketing Benefits It is where people are spending time online. In the near future we will no longer search for products and services, they will find us via social media. The best marketing uses an “educational” approach because it adds value and builds trust: in Social Media content must be educational, enlightening or entertaining. Challenges Social Media often meets with scepticism and resistance inside organisations. Promote a product/service while bringing value to the users by building a community. Results are not achieved nearly as quickly as with direct marketing techniques. Is still evolving rapidly and tends to be a moving target. Tools ScoutLabs PeopleBrowsr
  • 17. Social Media Marketing Blackglass’ approach: 1) Research; 2) Listen & Observe; 3) Engage. HYPER TARGET Gender BIO Geo-Location Preferences Engagement
  • 18. The Role of Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Networks are a great tool for us as an Agency in driving successful business outcomes for our clients. The two key areas we use Affiliate Marketing is in: Driving Members and Leads. Helping Clients Commercialise their websites. Benefits Provides an instant tool to plug in relevant to our client’s traffic. Safe tactic – provides set number of leads and a fixed cost (which we set as our base line). Great to kick off a campaign – provide quick initial critical mass. Allows to test other more risky media while running an affiliate campaign (best of both worlds). Pay on results but also has element of strong brand awareness across affiliate network. Drives instant revenues for websites independently of the size of their audience.
  • 19. The Role of Affiliate Marketing Challenges Lack of control on where your ads are displayed. In some instances the quality of leads – needs to be monitored. Need to ensure quality of the landing page. Need to have a strong offer that resonates with the Affiliates and their customer base. Need to continually up date offers. Tools Commission Monster.
  • 20. Web Analytics As highlighted previously the key to any successful campaign is measuring / analysing and optimising. Apart from the reporting tools for each channel discussed previously Web Analytics is another important tool. Web Analytics allows you to measure on site analytics to evaluate: The success of your online and offline advertising efforts. Uncover trends and patterns. Almost everything is measurable! Easy to implement. Challenges Free software has some limitations. Cookie based so not exact. Tools Google Analytics Nielsen Netratings Hitwise
  • 21. CASE STUDY
  • 22. Case Study — Curves Curves is Australia’s number 1 Female Gym Blackglass has now been running a lead acquisition campaign for Curves: For 4 months in Australia For 3 months in New-Zealand The purpose of this campaign is to drive potential new members to sign up on or call to become a member of one of the 371 Australian and 45 New Zealand Clubs. This initial trial was used to test a wide range of channels to assess which ones guarantee the best ROI in terms of quality leads generation.
  • 23. Case Study — Curves: Tracking Main objective is to drive people to for them to fill in the 4 steps forms: We are tracking the effectiveness of each media thanks to a mix of tracking tools: Internal URL lead tracking: Referrer / Sub referrer Google Analytics UTM tracking Phone Reports Limitations: No cookies No link with Phone tracking No tracking of conversion from lead to member
  • 24. Case Study — Curves: Media Schedule Media Type February March April May Hotdockets Coupon Hotdockets Email Hotdockets Banner Kerri-Anne Dedicated Page Kerri-Anne Banner Kerri-Anne Email Viva9 Cost Per Lead PPC – Google Adwords Cost Per Click The Biggest Loser Club Email The Biggest Loser Club Banner The Biggest Loser Club Banner Sewn Banner Sewn Email The Knot Banner The Knot Email PPC – Facebook Cost Per Click PPC – Yahoo! Search Mktg Cost Per Click PPC – Max Australia Cost Per Click - Female True Local Directory
  • 25. Case Study — Curves: Media Buying Google Adwords Hotdockets email
  • 26. Case Study — Curves: Media Buying Banner on Hotdockets Biggest Loser Club Sponsorship Coupon
  • 27. Case Study — Curves: Media Buying Banner on Banner on Biggest Loser Club eDM
  • 28. Curves Australia — Overall Results: February – May 2009 Media Type Visits Leads Conversion Web Leads Hotdockets Coupon 306 65 21.2% Hotdockets Email 1,092 51 4.6% Hotdockets Home Page Button 163 5 3.1% Kerri-Anne Dedicated Page 196 25 12.8% Kerri-Anne Email 818 122 14.9% Viva9 Cost Per Lead 15,485 876 6.7% PPC – Google Adwords Cost Per Click 37,889 2,417 6.4% The Biggest Loser Club Email 917 171 18.6% The Biggest Loser Club Banner 1,229 106 8.6% Sewn Banner 35 0 6% Sewn Email 37 2 5.4% The Knot Banner 579 22 3.8% The Knot Email 131 16 12.2% Facebook Ads Cost Per Click 1,988 115 5.8% Yahoo! Cost Per Click 2,021 51 2.5% Max Australia Cost Per Click 2,704 19 0.7% TOTAL WEB LEADS 66,030 4,063 6.2% Phone Leads Phone Leads Phone Calls 6,561 TOTAL 10,624
  • 29. Curves Australia — Overall Results: February – April 2009 Web Leads per club since the beginning of the campaign: # Leads # Clubs % 30 1 0.3% # Leads # Clubs % 29 2 0.5% 14 8 2.1% 27 1 0.3% 13 18 4.8% 26 1 0.3% 12 15 4.0% 25 1 0.3% 11 24 6.3% 24 1 0.3% 10 24 6.3% 23 2 0.5% 9 26 6.9% 22 1 0.3% 8 33 8.7% 21 5 1.3% 7 29 7.7% 20 6 1.6% 6 30 7.9% 19 6 1.6% 5 37 9.8% 18 5 1.3% 4 23 6.1% 17 6 1.6% 3 21 5.6% 16 11 2.9% 2 21 5.6% 15 9 2.4% 1 11 2.9% 3,404 378
  • 30. Curves Australia — Key Results After 4 months of campaign: Web Leads – Cost Per Lead is down 73% compared to 2009 received more visits in 3 months than during the whole of 2009 In 4 months of campaign we have generated 52% of the phone leads generate in the whole of 2009. These are phone calls on top of average monthly calls received prior to the beginning of the campaign. Taking all calls into account we have already achieved 97% of what was achieved in 2009. Phone Leads – Cost Per Lead is down by 33% Feedback from franchisee is very positive both in terms of quality and quantity of leads Tested all type of media on more than 12 websites/networks PPC and Affiliate Marketing generate the lowest CPL
  • 31. CASE STUDY
  • 32. Case Study — Hot Dockets Hotdockets Australia's Number 1 Coupons website. Part of the Shop-A-Docket group. Longest serving client of Blackglass. Services Manage all online marketing activities: PPC, SEO, Email Marketing. Drive Affiliate Activities for Hotdockets as a publisher. Setup strategic partnerships to drive revenue. Prepare all online communications to the membership database. Provide regular reporting on all online activities. Identify and present ongoing strategic recommendations.
  • 33. Case Study — Hot Dockets Key Outcomes Membership database grown from zero to 120,000. Developed a multitude of new online revenue streams form zero to $50,000 per month. Provision of a fully segmented and profiled database. Organic traffic has increased by over 60% between first 5 months of 2009 and first 5 months of 2010. Total Affiliate Revenues Since 2008: 2,783,010 Impressions. 274,181 Clicks. 53,220 Leads. EPC $0.34. Total Commission of over $90k.
  • 34. “Price is what you Pay, Value is What you Get.” Warren Buffett
  • 35. Feel free to ask us any question – we will Google the answer in real time!
  • 36. THANK YOU BlackglassAU Sydney, 02 9151 4444