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Moving Face-to-face Professional Development Online: Blackboard Client Spotlight on Schultz Center
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Moving Face-to-face Professional Development Online: Blackboard Client Spotlight on Schultz Center


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Districts across the nation are looking for new models to deliver ongoing, job-embedded and relevant professional development opportunities in a cost-effective manner. …

Districts across the nation are looking for new models to deliver ongoing, job-embedded and relevant professional development opportunities in a cost-effective manner.

Learn from the Schultz Center, a non-profit organization supporting the professional development needs of 5 Northeast Florida districts including Duval County, about the challenges, successes and lessons learned when moving face to face professional learning to an online environment. Paty Savage, Director of Instructional Technology, shares how Schultz Center has managed to transition professional learning activities into an online environment while keeping them aligned with national standards and maintaining their rigor and relevance.

Also explored is how districts can expand professional learning opportunities and nurture powerful educator communities in a cost-effective manner using Blackboard solutions.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Thursday April 9, 2009 Paty Savage , Director of Instructional Technology, Schultz Center for Teaching and Leadership Mike Petersen , Manager, K-12 Solutions Engineers Moving Face-to-face Professional Development Online
  • 2. 20 million users 9 global offices across 4 continents Born from education in 1997 1,000+ of us, working with 5,200+ of you Extended by 2,500 developers and partners +
  • 3.
    • Close the gap between the way students live and the way they learn
    • Deliver a 21st Century educational experience that is engaging, individualized and effective
    Our Vision:
  • 4.
    • An open, web-based teaching and learning platform for engaging and assessing learners in and beyond the classroom
    • 3,000+ clients, 15+ million estimated active users, at all levels of learning
    • Local or hosted deployment
    Engaging and assessing learners at all levels
  • 5. Client Community THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA
    • Blackboard Client Spotlight
  • 7. Who We Are Paty Savage The Schultz Center for Teaching And Leadership
  • 8. Today’s Topics:
    • Successes
    • Challenges
    • Lessons Learned
    • Blueprint for online professional development
  • 9. So, you want online professional development... Where do you start?
  • 10. Planning
    • Standard operating procedure
    • Identify stakeholders
    • LMS training
      • Pedagogy
      • Technology
      • Adult Learning
  • 11. Planning, cont.
    • Quality assurance training
    • Standards for online learning
    • Course template
    • Conventions
  • 12. Development
    • Identify courses
    • Writing Teams
      • SME’s
      • LMS experts
    • Course shell
    • Technical support
  • 13. Development, cont.
    • Rubric
    • Check in often
    • Embrace the technology
  • 14. Online Course Peer Review
    • Quality Assurance training
    • Quality Assurance rubric
    • Peer review teams
    • Complete rubric
    • Submit findings
    • Report findings
  • 15. Implementation
    • Online facilitator training
    • Monitoring
    • Course Master
    • Clear expectations
    • Participation
  • 16. Evaluation
    • District form
    • Our own instrument
    • Evaluate the course
    • Evaluate the facilitator
  • 17. Lessons Learned
    • Don’t ask too much of them
    • There is a learning curve
    • Orientation Meetings
    • Online Course ≠ “Easy”
    • Truth in Advertising
    • Hybrid Courses
    • F2F Meetings
  • 18. Technical Stuff
    • Naming conventions
    • Archive regularly
    • Find safe location for them
    • Copy courses
    • Make Unavailable when over
    • Remove Instructors when over
    • Multimedia tips
    • Technical Problems will happen
  • 19. Moving Forward
    • Expanding our online courses
    • Expanding Blackboard
      • Community System
      • Content Management System
    • High Quality PD
  • 20. Challenge: Teacher Quality Needed to extend the traditional Professional Learning Community model across a large district. Blackboard Solution: Anytime, Anywhere Teacher Collaboration “ With online Professional Learning Communities using Blackboard, teachers engage in meaningful conversations with district leadership, enrich their classroom instruction with a viable curriculum, and collaborate with peers to promote exceptional teaching.” - Jill Montoya, Online Education Specialist Jefferson County School District
    • 85,000+ students
    • 12,000 teachers and staff
    • 150 schools
    • Colorado
    Blackboard Case Study
  • 21. Challenge: Professional Development “ We needed to provide readily available, cost-effective resources for Professional Development and other requirements mandated by NCLB.” - Dawn Sturdy, System Administrator Blackboard Solution: Anytime, Anywhere Access to PD courses Blackboard’s proven interoperability enabled the district to leverage current instructional and administrative investments for an alternative professional development delivery method. Broward County Public Schools
    • 275,000 students
    • 17,000 teachers and staff
    • 250+ schools
    • Broward County, FL
    Blackboard Case Study
  • 22. Blackboard Educator Central
    • Common Challenges:
    • Meeting professional development targets
    • Ensuring every class is taught by a Highly Qualified Teacher
    • Struggling to retain qualified teachers
    • Finding professional development options costly
    Solution: Blackboard Educator Central empowers districts to deliver, manage, and evaluate effective and affordable professional development and to build powerful educator communities.
  • 23. The new technology infrastructure supports teachers with a constant community presence, in which content, curriculum and professional practice are integrated and immediately accessible . John Canuel, Director of Technology Jefferson County School District, CO
  • 24. Thank you! Questions?
    • Paty Savage
    • Director of Instructional Technology
    • The Schultz Center for Teaching and Leadership
    • 904-348-7195
    • [email_address]
    • (866) 424-9299 ext. 2427