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  • Hi everyone, and welcome to the very first session of this quarter’s New Client Adoption Cohort. We are so glad to have all of you joining us today. My name is Lindsay Burns and I am a K-12 Marketing Manager here at BlackboardWe encourage you all to participate during the session, so if you would like to be able to speak, please dial-in to the teleconference. I have posted the dial-in information into the chat box. For now, please be sure to mute your line in order to eliminate background noise. If you have questions, we will save time for you to ask them at the end of the presentation. Feel free to type questions into the chat box at any time.And lastly, this session will be recorded and we will send it out to you in a follow up email in the next day or so. Okay, let’s get started…
  • Today, we will start by talking about the goals of the cohort, followed by some brief introductions. Then we will hear from our guest speaker from Kamehameha Schools. At the end of the presentation, we will answer any questions you have.
  • First, I would like to welcome many of you to the Blackboard family. In order to improve the adoption experience for new clients, and enable a successful Blackboard experience overall, Blackboard K-12 Marketing is working with the Solutions Engineers to package together a series of WebEx sessions as a part of this “New Client Adoption Cohort.”  We are hoping to bring together both new and experienced Blackboard clients in order to build a community of practice.
  • We have a great lineup of cohort sessions taking place every Monday, for the next few weeks. The sessions will feature presentations from experienced Blackboard customers who will share tips and insights about a variety of topics in order to help you have a more smooth implementation experience. All sessions will begin at noon eastern time. We encourage you to be sure to sign up for next week’s session if you have not already. I will send out the link to sign up in my follow up email.
  • Today we will hear from Cassie Teshima, Instructional Support Specialist, Kamehameha Schools. We also have Mike Lange from the Blackboard K-12 Solutions Engineering team on the line. He will jump in to provide additional insight and will help to answer any technicalquestions you have about the implementation process. 
  • Before we hand it over to Cassie, we would love to have everyone on the line give a brief introduction. If we could just have you state your name and your school or district, that would be great. If you did not dial into the conference, please type your name and school into the chat box and I will introduce you. Let’s start with…Now I will hand it over to our terrific guest speaker from Kamehameha Schools. Kamehameha Schools in Hawaii is an experienced Blackboard customer and also an exemplary course winner. We are excited to have Cassie here to share some insights and best practices for designing engaging Blackboard courses. Please welcome Cassie Teshima who will talk about key things to consider when thinking about course design at your institution.
  • Questions?If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to me or to Mike and we will be happy to assist you.Thanks again for joining us today, and please be sure to join us for the next adoption cohort session next Monday, July 16 at Noon where we will be joined by our friends from Cobb County School District in Georgia, who will discuss best practices for communicating with stakeholders.Please look for a follow up email from me with the registration link for the last session, as well as the recording of this session.Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you all next week!
  • Adoption cohort session 1

    1. 1. New Client Adoption CohortSession 1: Course DesignBLACKBOARD K-12JULY 9, 2012
    2. 2. Today‟s Agenda • Program Goals • Introductions • This Week‟s Guest Speaker • Q and A 2
    3. 3. Adoption Cohort GoalTo enhance the implementation and adoption experience for new Blackboard clients and enable a successful Blackboard experience, the “New Client Adoption Cohort” will bring together new and experienced clients to build a community of practice. 3
    4. 4. Cohort SessionsSession 1 – July 9: Course DesignSession 2 – July 16: Communication with StakeholdersSession 3 – July 23: Important Success MeasuresSession 4 – July 30: Partnerships 4
    5. 5. Introductions Cassie Teshima Instructional Support Specialist Kamehameha Schools Mike Lange Manager, K-12 Solutions Engineering Blackboard 5
    6. 6. Group Introductions
    7. 7. O„ahu Maui Hawai„i
    8. 8. 30 Sites Statewide
    9. 9. Thank you for attendingLindsay Burns Manager, K-12 Marketing lindsay.burns@blackboard.comMike Lange Manager, K-12 Solutions Engineering 30
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