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Translating a strategic interest in online learning environments: The University of Adelaide experience

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Translating a strategic interest in online learning environments: The University of Adelaide experience



Translating a strategic interest in online learning environments: The University of Adelaide experience ...

Translating a strategic interest in online learning environments: The University of Adelaide experience

The University of Adelaide has invested in the Blackboard Learn platform and a number of associated learning technologies for over a decade. In recent years, the focus has moved from nurturing innovations and first-movers to broad-scale changes in the learning experience enabled by key technology supports. As a result, an interest in MyUni, as the implementation of Blackboard Learn and other associated learning technologies is known, has grown beyond first-movers to strategic decision makers. A key project this year is focused on establishing what users want and what will be strategically required from learning technologies, implementing priorities and managing the considerable changes that both the strategic imperatives and the enabling technology necessitate. This presentation will outline the approach and change management activities undertaken to date.

The University of Adelaide at Blackboard Teaching & Learning Conference 2013 Melbourne



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  • Concurrent to the Technical and Functional Enhancements to the MyUni suite of toolsOther aspects that support the change processes are in train: recognising the MyUni support model will need to offer specialist and end-to-end user support, we are working with TS to define how this would optimally work from 2014; recognising that many potentially useful learning technologies are not currently systemically available, we are defining a framework that will allow pilots and innovations to be trialled and promising solutions scaled up across the University.
  • Darren: This combines into one set of requirements: reliable technology, efficiency, improved usability, flexible communication and accurate reporting
  • Access to MyUniInstructor roles (tutor, primary instructor etc)Single sign-on (to University systems via browser)Guest accessGroup permissions* (Asterisk indicates unlikely in 2013)Federated Access*Connect with other UnisFix Issues/ Improve Functionality Text Editor fixesDiscussion Forum enhancementWiki & Blog enhancementsAssessment tasks in CalendarGradecentre flexibility (hide grades)Assessment functions (rubrics, improvements to online marking)Interface ImprovementsRe-SkinUsability testing and subsequent enhancementsCourse design -- template
  • Darren:AutomateUtilise information residing in other University systems, so that for example, course information/ instructor information doesn’t need to be added in multiple placesFeeds from other Uni systemsSimplify course administration by having options to use data within University databases already – for example, tutorial groups.
  • Centrally organised change management activities plannedUltimately there will be significant faculty activities as well
  • Work with faculties to support their existing networks and communities in deepening and broadening use of technology in the teaching mix
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Translating a strategic interest in online learning environments: The University of Adelaide experience Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Translating a Strategic Interest in Online Learning Environments: the University of Adelaide Experience Liz Heathcote (Manager, Learning Technologies) adelaide.edu.au/myuni
  • 2. • Context of the Blackboard installation at Adelaide • Strategic focus • “Enhancing MyUni” project – technical and change mgt • Findings during requirements gathering • Change management components University of Adelaide 2 Agenda
  • 3. “MyUni” • Learning Technologies Team & Technology Services • University Strategic Plan • Student eExperience Project University of Adelaide 3 The University of Adelaide
  • 4. University of Adelaide 4 Usage of “MyUni” with academic staff 2000-2012 2013-2014 2015-2016
  • 5. University of Adelaide 5 Background The Enhancing MyUni project aims to provide… “a noticeable improvement to MyUni that provides students, staff and academics their priority tools and functionality to best utilise the online learning space for a blended learning experience in 2014”
  • 6. University of Adelaide 6 Enhancing MyUni Context Image from http://1000puzzlegames.com/ MyUni Technical Enhancements MyUni Change Management Technical, functional enhancements Engagement in online learning Attitudinal and skill requirements for uptake of technical enhancements Revised Support Model Framework for scaling up innovations
  • 7. • Technical Upgrade • Building Blocks • Systems Integrations • Usability University of Adelaide 7 Enhancing MyUni Technical Project
  • 8. University of Adelaide 8 STAFF STUDENTS ? ? ? Strategic Plan/ Student e-Experience Different Voices – what are they saying?
  • 9. University of Adelaide 9 STAFF STUDENTS Strategic Plan/ Student e-Experience Different Voices – what are they saying? ? ? • Use technology simply and well • Make my time on campus worthwhile • Provide a consistent online experience • Make it easy to communicate with peers, academics and tutors • Understand who I am and how I learn
  • 10. University of Adelaide 10 STAFF Strategic Plan/ Student e-Experience Different Voices – what are they saying? STUDENTS ?  • Give me tools that are reliable and intuitive • Reduce my administrative workload • Help me use technology to support better learning outcomes • Facilitate communities of practice • Provide metrics on how students are learning
  • 11. University of Adelaide 11 Strategic Plan/ Student e-Experience Different Voices – what are they saying? STAFF STUDENTS   • Deliver high-quality content effectively online • Free staff time for small-group discovery • Empower staff to better engage with digital learning • Meet the needs of students unable to attend campus • Provide effective systems that encourage relevant measurement
  • 12. University of Adelaide 12 STAFF STUDENTS Sound underlying technology Productive use of time Improved usabilty & support Flexible communication & collaboration Accurate & timely metrics Different Voices – what are they saying? Strategic Plan/ Student e-Experience
  • 13. Requirements – Fix and Improve Access to MyUni Interface Improvements Reporting Functionality Discussion Forum Wiki Blog Text Editor Calendar/Tasks Gradecentre OnlineMarking Video rating and comments
  • 14. Requirements – Integrate Systems Automate course/ program/ grades transfer*/ instructor information Feeds from other Uni Systems – Tutorial groups etc.
  • 15. University of Adelaide 15 Change Management for Enhancing MyUni Cultural Change & Engagement Online Resources Professional Developm’t Operational Support Change Management Communica- tion
  • 16. • Awareness-raising activities • Coordinating key messages • Briefings /Roadshows (uni-wide & focussed sessions) • Email list (MyUni users) for major milestones and events • Managing a feedback loop to users and suggesters • Maintaining the project website • Use of blog and social media channels • Posters & digital signage University of Adelaide 16 Communication Communica- tion
  • 17. • Showcases of quick-wins, faculty- and school-based roadshows • Faculty-specific initiatives • Support for Communities of Practice both at the Faculty level and across the University • Policy change identification University of Adelaide 17 Cultural Change and Engagement Cultural Change & Engagement
  • 18. • Technical - Boot camps for different levels of user - What’s new, etc. - More focus on integrated topics with technical/ pedagogical components • Pedagogical – Specific teaching/ learning scenarios – Short tips • Blended learning – Sharing of success stories – Expert speakers – Online courses • Support staff e.g. Service desk, Hub support University of Adelaide 18 Professional Development Professional Developm’t
  • 19. • “Sneak Preview” and Sandpit • Service Desk/ Hub/ others will be trained in the enhanced features of MyUni • eLearning Advisors – Ongoing preparation with their faculties – Close to go-live and after launch, concentrated support/ drop-ins • Self-service to copy content/ courses • Layout and course design templates University of Adelaide 19 Operational Support Operational Support
  • 20. • Self help (technical) – Online tutorials – Instructions within MyUni – FAQs – Troubleshooting guides • Self help (pedagogical) – Tips – Examples • Online courses/ short presentations in blended learning University of Adelaide 20 Online Resources Online Resources
  • 21. Enhancing MyUni – progress Usability testing University of Adelaide 21 Apr May Jun Jul Aug Gather req’mts & prioritise Test environment Prof Dev’t/ Showcases (continuing into 2014)... Roadmap Faculty “Reality Check”
  • 22. Enhancing MyUni – next steps University of Adelaide 22 Sneak Peek/ Trial How-to training (MyUni) eLearning Adviser drop-ins Go Live Prof Dev’t/ Showcases (continuing into 2014)... Roadmap Dev’t Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb How-to training (Admin)
  • 23. • Closely linked to Enhancing MyUni measures • MyUni awareness • Systems data on usage • Professional development event attendance (lead indicator) University of Adelaide 23 Evaluation
  • 24. Policy issues crucial – is there a minimum standard? What carrots and sticks at a Uni level? Expectations of staff? Examples and tips available Evidence of the benefit (research-based) and good practice as well as rationale for the changes Success stories, and faculty champions, contextualised local (faculty-specific ) interventions Feedback to suggesters what has been done! Addressing “what’s in it for me” University of Adelaide 24 Feedback so far
  • 25. Questions? liz.heathcote@adelaide.edu.au Particular thanks to: Fiona Symon, Mark Wittervan and Emina Ajkunic University of Adelaide 25