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Transitioning from Campus Pack Tools to Blackboard Wikis, Blogs & Journals

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The new Blackboard Learn™ interface encourages students to interact as a community or group online and to have a more socially mobile learning environment. Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is …

The new Blackboard Learn™ interface encourages students to interact as a community or group online and to have a more socially mobile learning environment. Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is using communication tools to encourage students to work together and to enhance the student's experience in a blended learning situation, as well as using these tools for assessment and formative evaluation of the student's work.

In this session, we shall look at AUT's transition to using Blackboard Learn's blogs, wikis, and journals from CampusPack (Learning Objects) plug-in tools, including the reasons why we decided to migrate away from CampusPack, the plan we adopted for the migration, plus the benefits and pitfalls of each system for any institution that is thinking of switching. We will also look at this university's experience of encouraging the use of wikis/blogs/journals particularly in large courses (1,000+ students).

Auckland University of Technology at Blackboard Teaching & Learning Conference 2013 Melbourne

More in: Education , Technology
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  • The University for the Changing World Facts: AUT has been going since 1895 – in 2000 became university status. Fastest growing Uni in NZ Only University in NZ with Space Programmes Staff: 2,106 FTE Staff  Students: 27,000 students
  • Blackboard since end of 2002 ? We are on 9.1 SP10Full community site + Collaborate + Turnitin + Mobile + MediaSite + Mahara +9.1 SP10
  • In Jan 2012 moved to Campus Pack Server and Version 4. Much more complex set up.Sign language students all up load many videos – took ages for students to upload and for lecturers to openSet up groups but could not have wikis, blogs etc as part of the group tools 3 months to get one reply back from CP for a job logged.Frustrating for AUT staff and students using CP via BbAn example - If set date on Wiki that Wiki closed by and individual wikis – we had to change the date on every single wiki to allow students to still edit Wiki
  • Light Bulb moment + can use Bulk group manager to create all groups and turn on Wiki or Journal etc. Example: The script will auto generate, eg we have a course with 1000 students and 162 group wikis. Since no special permissions required – this was easy to arrange. This would not be possible in CP.3000 students using mobile to access bb regularlyPossible to have a mark a green exclamation mark show in GC everytime or 3rd time etc a students adds something to Wiki.
  • lose all previous work by students and lecturers – need to reset up new journals etc but history will never be restoredMajor issue in setting up wikis etc which need to continue to be used.Users disabled in user table cause wiki etc to be not accessible (now sorted)Other issues since – include comments,
  • Many communications to lecturers to advise will lose all material so need to tell us what is required. BY EMAIL – numerous times!Backed up all blogs wikis journals podcasts for 2012. AUT used CP for 7 years. So would need to back up anything else that was required for Lecturers research etc.Turned off CP tools in Bb 5 months before licence finished so gave lecturers time to be aware that we would need to back them up.EXAMPLES Podiatry paper that used xray in each wiki etc.– need to back up all CP wikis etc that would be required in the future.
  • Decide how far back to save data - Resolved: back up of all wikis, blogs, journals and podcasts for 2012 + Save to Bb Content system + employ temp to do this (8 weeks)Export all find way to set up wikis etc for students/lecturers to continue to use themSome courses had students using Wikis which continued from one paper to another particularly where they are using them to keep a record of their research of their experience in hospitals, clinics etc.Staff were using them for Research.Took Temp 8 weeks to do back upExport all wikis, blogs and journals, and then find a way to transfer them from one system to another if the lecturers were continuing to use wikis etc
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  • 1. Michele Bioletti & Lisa Ransom Centre for Learning & Teaching (CfLAT) AUT University Auckland, NZ Transitioning from Campus Pack Tools to Blackboard Wikis, Blogs & Journals
  • 2. AUT University
  • 3. AUT University added Campus Pack in 2006 CP from 2006 to 2011 worked well: in-house server Stephen Lord our programmer designed our own podcast building block
  • 5. CAMPUS PACK ISSUES STARTED 2012 V4 Permission structure too complex Not user Friendly Uploading Embedded Videos slow….. Campus Pack Support Server Remote Unbearably slow access Podcasting Issues $$$$$$$
  • 6. WHY NOT CHANGE TO Bb TOOLS? • Bb now offers all tools • Less features so less confusing • Better connection with Grade Centre • Don’t depend on external services + SSL • More seamless with groups • Integrated with Mobile Learn • Private Journal easy to set up and share later • Bb Bulk group manager made adding groups & tools as one task
  • 7. Or… Should We Stay With CP? • Without CP will lose all previous work by students and lecturers • Bb can’t be subscribed via email • CP allows private Blogs • CP has RSS feed • CP more visually appealing
  • 8. • Bb has no export/import or copy feature • Bb Tools require 2 step (or more) process to set up wikis etc • Bb Group View defaults to ‘all students in group can view’. • Safe HTML filter causes problems for student embedding video • Privacy issues due to recent Bb bugs (Cummulative Patch 9) THE ISSUES WE HAVE SINCE FOUND WITH Bb
  • 9. THE MOVE
  • 10. MOVE DECIDED • We did an Appraisal between both sets of tools. • Advised all lecturers of the consequences of our change.
  • 11. What else did we need to do?? • When to turn off CP? • Decide how far back to save data? • How to Export? • Who had the time to do this? • How to set up Wikis, Journals & Blogs with the student material so they can continue? • How can Staff research be maintained?
  • 12. PLAN OF ACTION • Paid license until 31 May 2013 • CP tools turned off 1st Jan 2013 • Employ Temp to back up data
  • 13. 1. Listed all courses with CP items – used SQL query to find out how many 2. Filtered data to limit to 2012 papers 3. Exported all items using the Campus Pack portal page –downloading several zip files simultaneously to speed up the task 4. Saved data in CMS 5. Files stored into folders according to Course ID + lecturer access only (so private) HOW IT WORKED!
  • 14. • No way to re-import into Blackboard (took temp 8 wks) • Flat HTML files, naming structure not the same as the page titles. If there are no links to other pages, the strange named html files have to be opened. • To restore individual wikis to Bb Private Journal had to use building block ‘login as’ and copy/paste all images and postings individually. PROBLEMS WITH TRANSFERRING FILES
  • 15. • Needed to re-educate all lecturers on using Bb Wikis and Blogs. • Workshops on all campuses • + Guides PLUS
  • 16. • No more complaints regarding access speed • Better integration with Bb system • More available backend data for future analysis. • Integrates with Bb Mobile • There is a clearer difference in use between Bb Wikis, Blogs and Journals RESULTS – Happy?
  • 18. Assessment
  • 19. Private Blog
  • 20. WIKIS, BLOGS & JOURNALS @ AUT • Research • Student visiting hospitals or Physio clinics • Personal blogs helped to stimulate informal discussion and reflection • Tourism - Students construct a wiki on info on a country • Midwifery students private journals of work experience • Bookings for Tutorials, groups etc • Business students who are doing work experience • Students use journal as e-portfpolio through their 3 yrs • Courses use Wikis as Intro page (instead of Announcements)
  • 21. GROUP WORK! • Reviewing student reflections • Students pool resources • Learn from other students’ comments and ideas. • Work more insightful • Good for large courses • Session bookings via a table in Wikis
  • 22. VIDEO Deborah Hay Paper Leader of Health & Environment (core paper interdisciplinary studies) 1,000 students plus
  • 23. Purpose of study-to explore students’ perceptions on: •Using blogs as a reflective learning and assessment tool in a business education prog •The ease of using blogs (for such purposes) •The impact of blog use on learning and skills development Bb BLOG BUSINESS STUDENTS SURVEY
  • 24. Project for Students • Student’s Personal space • Students completed and uploaded tasks • Tasks had deadlines (marks lost if deadline not met) • Students reflected on learning using triggers for reflection • Regular formative feedback given by lecturer • Students had opportunity to improve work • Final in-class reflection (supervised) • Summative feedback
  • 25. Demographics •Male/female equal split •18% international •98% had access to computers at home •82% used computers more at home than on campus Ease of use of blogs •Majority agreed blogs easy to use (75%) •66% thought sufficient instructions were given •Hyperlinks were easy to create (70%) •Uploading work was easy (83%)
  • 26. Results of Student Survey re Blogs
  • 27. Conclusions – Positive Ones • Students generally positive about ease of uploading files • Students felt personal blogs increased ownership of work • Some flexibility in completing tasks • Able to check work regularly/make improvements • Feedback from lecturers gave opportunity to improve work • Blogs are a good assessment tool • Overall improved quality of work
  • 28. Questions?
  • 29. Hope to see you All in New Zealand One day?
  • 30. KEY AUDIENCE TAKE AWAY • Would we have moved? • Mention Issues • Like bugs • Not complex enough?