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Designing, Developing and Implementing a MOOC on CourseSites

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  • MOOCs and Open Education initiatives are the big “buzz” in higher ed at the momentVia CourseSites, we now have some market acceptance that we have a valid platform to support these initiatives2 courses delivered to datePress release announcing 3 schools will be using CourseSitesOne client (Cuyahoga Community College District) won a Gates grant for their proposed MOOC on CourseSitesMany institution’s know they want to do something with open education – but are not sure where to startedX and Coursera only address the elite 10% of the marketUdacity, others are focused on individual professorsBlackboard is beginning to establish itself as a player in the Online Program Management spaceAssisting clients with how to establish, launch and manage their open education offerings can be a first step in helping them to manage their program and credit-based online offerings
  • Internal CustomerBest Practice ImplementationCourseSites is a free, hosted online course creation and facilitation service that empowers individual K–12 teachers, college and university instructors and community educators to add a web–based component to their courses, or even host an entire course on the Internet. You even choose your own URL, so students can find your page easily. CourseSites is powered by the latest and greatest technology from Blackboard, including Blackboard Learn™, Release 9.1, Blackboard Collaborate™, Blackboard Mobile™, and Blackboard Connect™. While you’ll recognize the wonderful features of our core technology, we’ve tailored the platform for individual instructors, such as: a customized sign-up process with the ability to sign-in with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other web services; an Instructor Home Page; Student Invitations; Google Doc integration; Course Blog subscriptions; a more visual Roster; the ability to publish a course as OER; and other trusted partner technology. This creates one learning landscape for instructors and their students and it also includes training and live support.
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  • Once an instructor publishes their course as an OER course, they can announce the availability of it by inviting others in their social graph using social media. Visitors to their course homepage have the option to preview their course and download as either a Bb or Common Cartridge package. ===============================2nd Initiative: Participation in OER Exchange – CourseSitesAs a first step, today, we are enabling a tool on CourseSites for individual instructors to publish courses as open educational resources in both Common Cartridge and Blackboard package formats. This is an example of a Course Homepage where an instructor’s course has been made available as an Open Educational Resource.<click> After a visitor previews the course, they can choose to download it as either a Common Cartridge 1.1 or Blackboard Package. Last year we shipped support for the Common Cartridge standard, updated support for version 1.1 this year, and now we are supporting the application of the standard to broaden the creation and sharing of open education resources. To start, the shared open educational resources will be attributed with the most open Creative Commons license (CC_BY) – the global standard for OER licensing - to facilitate the broadest sharing and reuse. <click> As we see here, these open resources are published to a public course ‘home page’ where consumers can share what they find more widely with preferred social media services, as well as download and reuse.As some of you may know, CourseSites is Blackboard’s free, perpetually current, online course creation and facilitation service for individual educators. Since our launch in February, we have gained over 18K instructor accounts, from over 10K institutions in more than 100 countries. You can try this out today at www.coursesites.com.===================Notes on how the CC License will be attached to the OER and presented/viewed in the uploaded course:- The license information appears at the bottom of each content area when the package is imported.- In addition, the license appears in the Course Files area where all the binary content lives.


  • 1. Designing, Developingand Implementing aMOOC on CourseSiteswww.coursesites.com
  • 2. Sarah Bishop-RootSenior Manager, CourseSites/Community ProgramsManages CourseSites by Blackboard– Supports Institutions’ MOOC Initiatives– CourseSites Open Course Series– CourseSites Program ManagementEmail: sarah.bishop-root@blackboard.comLinkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/sarah-bishop-rootwww.coursesites.com
  • 3. Discussion• What impact will MOOCS have on the longterm roadmap for higher education?• What challenges has the rise of MOOCspresented for your institution?• How can MOOCS help your institution withstudent recruitment, student retention oradditional revenue?• What services might your institution seek tohelp you devise and implement a MOOCstrategy?
  • 4. The MOOCLandscape
  • 5. 5MOOC PlatformsInstitution ModeledXConsortium: MIT, Harvard,UC Berkeley, UT SystemCourseraUsers: 2.8 M Users: 525,000
  • 6. 6MOOC PlatformsUdacityInstructor ModelCanvas NetworkInstitution ModelUsers: 460,000 Users: 4M
  • 7. 7MOOC Pedagogy• Connectivist• Instructivist/Socratic• Constructivist
  • 8. 8Emerging Business Models• Extend the institutions brand• Showcase online learning curriculum/faculty• Lead generation– i.e. Provide options to obtain credit for participation inMOOCs• Institutions as content providers– i.e. Coursera/Antioch agreement• Matching students to jobs– i.e. Udacity• Advance research agendas
  • 9. 9Evolution of
  • 10. 11What is CourseSites?Social SS0Microsite/Sign-upInst./CourseHome PageInvitationsGoogle DocsBlog FeedRosterPublish OERPartner ToolsTraining & SupportUpgraded tolatest within 30days of GA
  • 11. 12500,000 Users in 151 Countries
  • 12. 13CourseSites Open Course SeriesInstructional Ideas & Technology Tools for Online SuccessDr. Curtis Bonk, Indiana University1. 4,200+ Enrollees from 30 countries2. 6000+ Discussion and Blog posts3. 1600+ Live Session Attendees (Total)4. 90% would enroll in another courseDesigning an Exemplary CourseECP Directors and 2011 Winners1. 2,500+ Enrollees from 14 countries2. 3000+ Discussion and Blog posts3. 500+ Live Session Attendees (Total)4. 94% would enroll in another coursehttps://open.coursesites.com/
  • 13. CourseSites as a MOOC Platform• International Audience• Social and Active Learning Tools• MOOC-friendly Components• Flexible Platform
  • 14. 15• Instructor Information• Course List• BlogInstructor Homepage
  • 15. 16Simplified Course Access
  • 16. 17University of Illinois Springfield
  • 17. 18FIU Online Open Education
  • 18. CourseSites Support
  • 19. Social and Active Learning Tools
  • 20. Conceptual mock-up subject to change without notice.Available Now
  • 21. 22Course Home Page• Social Sharing• Course Description• Guest Access• Enrollment Options• Login• Instructors• OER Packages• Shortened URLs
  • 22. 23Course Roster
  • 23. 24Blog Feed• RSS• Atom• Filter• Avatar• Mark Read
  • 24. Badges: Mozilla Backpack Integration
  • 25. Publish Course as OER
  • 26. Benefits Summary1. Fully Hosted and Supported2. Latest and Greatest Bb Technology3. Educate Unlimited Students4. Open Enrollment Capability5. Institution/Course Homepage6. Social and Active Learning Tools7. Enhanced Roster8. Badge Integration with Mozilla Backpack9. Easily publish course as OER10.Easy adoption for Blackboard customers11.Marketing Partnership
  • 27. MOOC CourseDesign
  • 28. 29Scalability
  • 29. 30Student Orientation
  • 30. 31Student Orientation
  • 31. 32Week 0
  • 32. 33Groups
  • 33. 34Synchronous and Recorded Sessions
  • 34. 35Badge for Motivation
  • 35. 36opensuny.coursesites.com
  • 36. 37Course Evaluation
  • 37. Supporting OurClients MOOCs
  • 38. 39Other Marketing Plan ElementsDatabase Marketing500,000 students inCourseSites database v. est.<50k in Canvas.netFacebook Pages7.1k fans on Bb properties v.<2.1k on InstructurepropertiesGoogle Paid SearchBlackboard-funded paidsearch campaign v. limitedactivity by Canvas.net** As measured by KeywordSpy.com for January 2013Google Organic SearchBlackboard SEO sophisticationv. no organic keywords found forCanvas.net*Online Advertising &Aggregation SitesBlackboard select online adprogram that focuses on MOOCaggregation sites, exploration onother student-centered webpropertiesSocial Paid AdsBb social ad program that focuseson promoted tweets, selectFacebook ads, LinkedIn ads
  • 39. Questions and Discussion