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How 7 Schools Use Online Learning and Collaboration

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See how these 7 schools envisioned their online learning programs and what they achieved with Blackboard Collaborate. Try Blackboard Collaborate for free http://try.bbcollaborate.com/trial/register.go

See how these 7 schools envisioned their online learning programs and what they achieved with Blackboard Collaborate. Try Blackboard Collaborate for free http://try.bbcollaborate.com/trial/register.go

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  • Since 2007, the blendedschools.net Language Institute has helped school districts by delivering live language instruction. This service is essential, as many of our members do not have the necessary resources (either teachers or curriculum) to deliver this instruction locally. Using Blackboard Collaborate, we can address this weakness using engaging, effective synchronous instruction. Since learning a language requires an emphasis on learning to communicate through interaction in the target language and social interaction, we have depended on the Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing tools to provide quality functionality for listening, speaking reading and writing the target language. The different types of interaction through text, audio, and video cater to students of different learning styles and language proficiency. In addition, we needed a tool that would allow the teacher and students to interact using languages that are rarely supported in software originating from North America (US, etc). Blackboard Collaborate easily facilitates the teaching and learning of keyboarding in target languages that use multi-byte characters. In addition, students may launch the BB Collaborate environment in the language interface of their choice to simulate a more immersive language learning experience.We use Blackboard Collaborate to expand language offerings in thirty school districts in four states. This instruction includes critical languages such as Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian. This means that schools are able to offer these important options to their students at a reasonable cost. More importantly, the benefits in cost are not at the expense of quality learning, since Collaborate allows us to provide live, differentiated multi-modal instruction. Our attrition rate has never been above 10%. That rate is unheard of in online schools, much less schools that offer classes for some of the most difficult languages for American students. Along with outstanding instructors, we attribute this success rate to the usage of the Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing software that promotes active learning, collaboration and supportive learning climate for our teachers and students. Our effective use of Collaborate has allowed us to attract and retain many clients. These tools are a powerful way to enable effective teaching. Clients who are seeking an effective option for their students are confident that students will receive engaging, enriching instruction, in part because of the highly interactive Collaborate platform. When we surveyed our students at the end of the Spring 2012 semester, 87% responded that they want to continue to continue learning the target language they were studying. This is one of the most important numbers to us. We know our language instruction is effective because students want to learn. This is because our great teachers are able to work closely with students using Blackboard Collaborate.
  • The Elluminate Live!/Blackboard Collaborate online workshops for adult students are presented each month through a collaboration between 16 teachers at Sheridan Technical Center (a part of the Broward County (FL) Public Schools), 1 teacher in Pinellas County (FL), and 1 former Florida teacher who is now in South Carolina. By working together, we are able to offer hundreds of students from both in and out of Florida the opportunity to participate in 35-40 live webinar presentations (each about an hour long) every month covering subjects and areas such as reading, math, language arts, essay writing, science, social studies, and career overviews. These sessions enable students to improve their academic skills, prepare for tests such as the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE), the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), and the General Educational Development (GED) test, as well as broaden horizons about post-secondary educational opportunities and career choices available to them. Each teacher selects the day and time of the presentation(s); additionally, each teacher selects his or her own topic which enables the instructor to share information from an area in which her or she is a subject-matter expert. By working together, we are showing students that all of the instructors are here to support them, regardless of who is “their teacher.” This collaborative support system now means that there are 18 teachers working with students, teaching them new skills, giving them the opportunity to practice these skills, cheering them on, and celebrating their successes! Nowhere else in Florida (or outside of Florida, to the best of my knowledge), is there collaboration on such a regular basis among teachers who are in different school districts and even in different states to bring high-quality, interactive, live web-based classes to adult students via web conferencing!!!Beginning in April of 2007, two Broward County teachers began offering live online classes via Elluminate. Over the course of the past five years, live web-based learning opportunities for adult students in Florida has jumped from just one session a month, to two sessions a month, to four sessions a month, to our typical schedule that currently has 40 sessions scheduled for May of 2012. In fact, between January 2012 and the end of May 2012, almost 280 online large-group webinars will have been offered to adult students in and out of Florida due to the collaborative efforts of teachers in Broward County (FL), Pinellas County (FL), and York County (SC). This equates to approximately 280 hours of live, direct-instruction that students are able to take advantage of in order to improve their academic skills, raise their self-confidence & motivation, and become better prepared for current and future jobs within the workforce. In August 2010, Broward County Public Schools’ Career, Technical, Adult, and Community Education (CTACE) department launched its Adult Career Pathways program, a Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) grant-funded endeavor that was initially awarded to only 11 organizations within the state. A key component to Broward County’s grant submission was the inclusion of webinars via Elluminate that would bring the convenience of online learning into adult education classrooms across the county. No other grantee incorporated webinars, despite that being an innovative and cost-effective way to conduct live presentations to hundreds of students without the need for travel or the booking of conference rooms or convention center space. For example, during our Wednesday morning presentations, a typical audience is comprised of between 300 and 400 students, many of whom are not online students, but who are community school students in class watching and participating in the webinar as a group. The three weekly Adult Career Pathways webinars, being created and facilitated by four Sheridan Technical Center instructors, reaches approximately 400-500 students. These webinars are so effective that other at least 1 other county in Florida actually cited participation in them as part of their own Adult Career Pathways grant application in 2011! Evidence of results has been seen through improved scores on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) and the General Educational Development (GED) tests, as well as successful completion of Adult Basic Education (ABE), General Educational Development (GED), and Applied Academics for Adult Education (AAAE) classes. Many GED graduates have cited the online workshops as a key reason they were able to pass their tests and earn their high school diplomas. A few success stories of the many we’ve had are listed below! • Habibou’s original reading and language scores were 2.2 and 2.4 (respectively) on the TABE test. That corresponds to a 2nd grade skill level in those areas. After working online in Elluminate consistently with his teacher attending one-on-one help sessions, Habibou’s scores in reading and language are now 8.2 and 8.7 (respectively). This is a improvement of 6 grade levels in reading and 6.3 grade levels in language! • Angel’s original math score on the TABE test was 4.2, approximately a 4th grade level. After attending virtually every large-group online workshop offered to her, she scored a 12.9 on her math TABE test, which is the highest score possible! That’s an improvement of 8.7 grade levels in her math skills! • Miriam joined the online Adult Basic Education (ABE) class with a 5.8 reading score (approximately a 5th-6th grade level) and a 6.5 language score (approximately a 6th-7th grade level). After she attended many large group workshops in Elluminate on a variety of topics including reading and language, her scores jumped to 9.1 in reading and 9.2 in language. Both of those scores being over a 9th grade level enabled her to move into the online GED program and to eventually take and pass her GED test! • Prior to coming online, Sasha had taken her GED test and failed the math section. Upon retesting, she saw a 50 point increase in her GED math test score after participating in daily GED math boot camps and one-on-one help sessions held in Elluminate during the time before her retest! • Rosanna saw a 50 point increase in her GED math test score and a jump of 23 percentile points after participating in daily GED math boot camps held in Elluminate in the 2 weeks leading up to her retest! She is now a graduate with a high school diploma! • Colet saw a 90 point increase in her GED math test score and a jump of 26 percentile points after participating in the daily GED math boot camps, large-group webinars, and one-on-one sessions in the 3 weeks leading up to her retest! She is a graduate and is entering the Licensed Practical Nursing program at McFatter Technical Center (Broward County, FL) this July. • Sabine and Evon both had 50 point score improvements in their official GED practice math test scores after attending multiple large-group webinars and daily GED math boot camps! (Test results are pending for both of these ladies, but I am confident they will pass with flying colors!) • GED math boot camp attendees Joel, Colet, Jennifer, and Eileen said their “pre-Elluminate” math comfort levels on a scale of 0 to 10 were 0, 0, 1, and 1 (respectively). After consistently attending large-group presentations, GED math boot camps, and one-on-one help sessions in Elluminate, their respective comfort levels rose to 10, 8, 10, and 9!
  • Holmes Community College has placed significant importance on the implementation of Blackboard Collaborate -- not only for instructional uses, but also for college-wide, day-to-day usage from the President's Office to the Landscaping department! Our enterprise-wide implementation of Collaborate began with the Bb IM chat feature. Students and employees fell in love with the instant communication and the auto enrollment of courses and communities. From chat, we then began exploring the use of voice tools integrated into Blackboard. The feedback from students and instructors has been quite positive. Some uses we employ at HCC are voice announcements, voice explanations of assignments, and voice emails for encouragement. Writing instructors have found that using the voice mashup is easier and faster than typing or marking up documents when providing feedback to their students. Other departments have found value using voice tools for customer service role playing, pronunciation tests, and oral presentations. Holmes has implemented Web Conferencing features from both the IM and Blackboard course launch pads. Bb Collaborate web conferencing is being used to host live department meetings, live faculty meetings, live and recorded review study sessions and training sessions, and to record our newly coined "gold nugget" moments (see University Business, May 12 article "Level Playing Field", http://www.universitybusiness.com/article/level-playing-field ). Those moments that make the light bulb click on for the student are the same moments (topics) that subject-matter experts know in advance which give students the most trouble. This creates a more pro-active approach to instruction!The Blackboard Collaborate envelope at Holmes Community College has exploded - exploded with over-the-top statistics, newly realized potential, unequaled communication, and welcome savings. At last, the numbers bear out the new reality of "Your education. Your way." - our new slogan at Holmes. Voice Tools ~ Holmes Community College students and instructors use voice tools over 59% more than any other individual MSVCC school. From voice emails, podcasting, voice authoring, mashups, and voice boards; Holmes staffers have embraced this tool with minimal instruction because of its straightforward design and simplicity. Instant Messaging ~ Seventy-two percent (72%) of Holmes faculty and staff utilize Blackboard IM. Within the 15 community colleges, Holmes makes up 41% of the total instructor users. Online instructors use it for virtual office hours; advisors have used IM to provide course guidance and recommendations; and college-wide adhoc meetings are held across our 3 campus, nine county district that spans over 130 highway miles and 5,525 square miles. Web Conferencing/Wimba ~ Several departments can be highlighted for embracing Blackboard Collaborate such as Associate Degree Nursing, Psychology, Emergency Medical Technology, English, and History. Instructional Training was also exceptional for room/session usage - we teach the tool with the tool! One of the best examples of Holmes' most recent use of web conferencing was when the Associate Degree Nursing department used Collaborate to host district-wide departmental meetings in April 2012. The department saved over $1600 on travel and over 50 man-hours for just this one meeting. Location, location, location is no longer the mantra since we implemented the most innovative and far-reaching tool available. Holmes CC is no longer logistically divided now that we have conquered Blackboard Collaborate.
  • LearnNowBC.ca is a Web portal bursting at the virtual seams with resources for young learners, K-12 students, adult learners, parents and teachers in BC. The resources range from online courses, tutoring, homework help, Academic and Career Counseling to Web conferencing tools. In 2006 when the British Columbia Government changed the School Regulations to allow students more choices and flexibility with their education by introducing online learning or Distributed Learning we were looking for a web conferencing solution that would have the rigour and scalability to manage a large volume of online users and not create a support issue. LearnNowBC purchased an open access license and created a self-service module with the use of the Collaborate API’s that allows the users to create, edit and manage all of their virtual rooms and recordings themselves. They also have the ability to register for online training and use of Blackboard products such as Plan and Publish. The LNBC self service module has minimized the need for Tier1 support staff for the purpose of booking, updating and managing recordings for users and these screens have further reduced the need to have Tier 2&3 administrators with manager privileges to resolve complex issues to one person. With this solution LearnNowBC has been a leader in the Education Sector for North America by providing over the past four years 232,000 virtual rooms with 700,000 participants. This service is being used to delivery all of the 2,700 online courses to 90,000 students in BC as well as for Administrative meetings at the Board of Education, School District and Schools, Ministry of Education and PAC (Parent Advisory Councils).
  • Why STEM? “STEM learning is an economic imperative. Experts say that technological innovation accounted for almost half of U.S. economic growth over the past 50 years, and almost all of the 30 fastest-growing occupations in the next decade will require at least some background in STEM.” (www.changetheequation.org) It is no secret that the U.S. falls behind many other counties in the area of science, technology, engineering and math. A background in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) help our children to ensure economic prosperity in our country. However, even though we know this, many of the school districts in the United States fail to have a comprehensive plan for how they will deliver STEM instruction to their students. Our challenge at PA Virtual was even more difficult, given the geographic barriers we face every day. When Tara Park (sixth grade teacher), Cindy Willits (fifth grade teacher) and Amy Markle (family support coordinator) asked themselves the question, “How do we create a virtual STEM program?” Blackboard Collaborate was the solution. We were able to partner with NASA’s BEST (Beginning Engineering Science and Technology) program to bring engineering challenges into our classroom. We were able to use Blackboard Collaborate to bridge the geographic gap between us and our students. In addition, we were able to bring actual NASA scientists and engineers into our classroom for monthly virtual field trips. The result was amazing!The impact of this collaboration has been truly amazing. Out of Cindy Willits’ 56, fifth graders and Tara Park’s 57, sixth graders, we had 100% student participation and 100% student satisfaction. We wanted to make the STEM activities and assignments optional in order to gage interest and participation. We could have never imagined we would have such a success rate. “Bloom” with STEM was designed around NASA’s BEST http://www.nasa.gov/audience/foreducators/best/ Program to deliver quality STEM instruction to our virtual students. We began by introducing students to the engineering design process with a simple activity. Students were given straws and paper clips and were to plan and design using the whiteboard in Blackboard Collaborate, the tallest structure they could build. http://youtu.be/f6aEY6Mg-08 Once students understood the engineering process, we began more challenging activities where we could bring real NASA scientists and engineers into our classroom, virtually. Students were able to use breakout rooms and the whiteboard tools to plan and design in groups and the webcam to showcase their projects after they were built. Here is an example of one of our showcase sessions. http://youtu.be/XId6CT0OmT4 Moving forward, students then became better prepared to move into more advanced engineering. Students were able to not only build satellites and rockets through blackboard collaborate, but through the collaboration tools, we were also able to launch our rockets together. Again, Blackboard Collaborate was instrumental in “bridging the geographic gap” between us and our students. Here is an example of one breakout room where students are able to launch their satellites. http://youtu.be/99FxtQy1bl4 Finally, we were able to deliver quality science and math instruction using Blackboard Collaborate as our primary tool for connecting with our students. As you can see in this video, our students are able to complete live science labs with the teachers and are able to complete the science labs with us in their own homes. http://youtu.be/K6u6yL7w9hM This year has been the most fulfilling year for all who were involved in this program. We have had parents making comments such as, “The ways that she integrates technology, instruction and real-life experience and active participation is both remarkable and inspiring”- PA Virtual Parent. “He expresses over and over again how much he loves your online classes. Science has always been a class he struggled in, but this year he looks forward to class…”- PA Virtual Parent. We would be honored to share our successful STEM program with the virtual community and to highlight best practices on using Blackboard Collaborate tools to their fullest potential to ensure student success. Thank you!
  • Description of collaboration scenario University of Idaho’s College of Education has programs and faculty on four campuses across 83,557 square miles that make up the state of Idaho. From our Coeur d’Alene campus in the Northern Idaho Panhandle, to our main campus 70 miles south in Moscow, to the southern campuses of Boise (329 miles south of Moscow on a winding 2-lane highway) and then 280 miles east to Idaho Falls and Rexburg, we are separated by two massive mountain ranges with peaks over 12,000 feet, and rivers that include the beautiful Snake River, elevation 710 feet. As the state’s land grant university, our students are also in all corners of this primarily rural, scenic, and rugged state and beyond. Our department faculty are spread across at least three locations and sometimes as many as five. Communication in the past was telephone conferencing and compressed video. Budget cuts during the 2008-2010 years necessarily reduced our dependence on compressed video as we are charged $25 per hour for use of facilities and $42 per hour for equipment support. We continued to be heavy users of compressed video, however, especially for hybrid classes and faculty meetings. Elluminate Live/Blackboard Collaborate has been a life-saver for our two geographically dispersed departments. And at the helm of our charge to use Elluminate Live has been faculty member Michael Johnson. Dr. Johnson has provided individual tutorials to more than 60 University of Idaho faculty, some outside of the College of Education. He has helped faculty become comfortable in its use to the point that faculty are readily eager to meet and collaborate; distance is no longer a viable excuse for failing to work together. (Please see created tutorials and other documents submitted to Matt Wasowski via email.) Dr. Johnson and his colleagues in the Department of Leadership & Counseling are spread across four campuses. They use Elluminate Live/Blackboard Collaborate for faculty meetings and hybrid courses. Another group that uses Elluminate Live/Blackboard Collaborate for its meetings is the university accreditation committee for our national accreditation with NCATE (National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education). Committee members are spread across all of our campuses but the work must be done as one unit. Every Friday the NCATE committee meets over Elluminate Live and conducts their business of advancing our programs for national accreditation. The Department of Curriculum & Instruction uses Elluminate Live for all of its department meetings and for its hybrid classes. Their hours-long meetings move quickly and ensure participation from everyone. The following is a brief scenario of its use: The Curriculum & Instruction department meeting begins with roll call. Highly skilled Elluminate Live user and Department Chair Paul Gathercoal starts the meeting: “Who is with us from the Coeur d’Alene campus? From Boise? From Texas? And in Moscow, who do we have?” Elluminate Live is the platform for all department meetings for the faculty who are located on three campuses in this very large state as well as for two on-line instructors now residing in Texas. The agenda is displayed via Elluminate for everyone to see. Chair Gathercoal continues the meeting: “Dr. Duval in Coeur d’Alene, you have a question . . . And yes, Dr. Cannon, your hand is raised.” The meeting is run without a hitch. Faculty attend, participate actively, edit documents, take votes, make curricular decisions. All occurs over Elluminate Live, every Friday of the academic year. If it were not for Elluminate, the department would hold meetings via the University of Idaho’s compressed video system, costs for which are paid by the users. Because of the expense of compressed video, the department would meet less, communicate less, and be less engaged in the running of their department. The Elluminate Live system is also widely used with on-line classes for this department as well as the Leadership and Counseling Department, where Dr. Michael Johnson (aka Father of UIdaho’s Elluminate) resides. It has been Dr. Johnson’s tireless leadership and his willingness to provide ongoing tutorials that have converted much of the College of Education to become Elluminate Live fans. And it has been Dr. Gathercoal’s consistent use of Elluminate Live that has mentored so many faculty in his department and others to embrace the platform.Impact of Collaboration The impact of using BBCollaborate’s Elluminate Live/Blackboard Collaborate on the Department of Curriculum & Instruction can be assessed both quantitatively and qualitatively. From a quantitative perspective, we can first examine costs. Dr. Gathercoal estimates that his department has saved a minimum of $10,000 each year for the past 3.5 years, totaling $35,000. This savings is just for department and program meetings. Meeting attendance from distance sites has increased because everyone can actively participate. And because of efficiencies, more work is completed in a more efficient manner. Courses that are taught using Elluminate Live/Blackboard Collaborate save the department an additional $10,000 each year. Thus over the past 3.5 years, the department has saved roughly $65,000. (See examples of Elluminate use in documents submitted to Matt Wasowski via email. The NCATE Committee meets for one hour weekly throughout the year, approximately 40 meetings X $25 per meeting saves an additional $1000 over 3 years for $3,000 in savings. The Department of Leadership & Counseling meets less frequently than does Curriculum & Instruction, saving approximately $7,000 per year for the past three years. They teach more frequently, however, using Elluminate/Collaborate, with an estimated saving of $12,000 per year. The total savings for the Department of L&C is approximately $43,000. The total estimated savings to the College total $111,000 in three years. The system is used more than described above, but this captures the systematic use of BBCollaborate/Elluminate. From a qualitative perspective, with more faculty participating in discussions and meetings, there is increased ownership of decisions, increased communication of issues, improved morale in the departments, and improved services to students. In fact, the big winners in the departments’ use of Elluminate Live are students. The departments’ faculty members deliver better programs to students because of the increased communication and collaboration. Because of Dr. Johnson’s advocacy for Elluminate Live at the College and University levels, he is now seen as an expert at the state level, where the state of Idaho has recently adopted Blackboard Collaborate as its state-wide platform (again, see prepared tutorials and examples provide to Matt Wasowski via email). Students in our classes also benefit greatly. Their increased abilities to actively engage in course content and discussions makes our classes more vibrant and more meaningful. Our students and faculty benefit. Bottom line: our budgets benefit. We are pleased with Idaho’s decision to adopt Blackboard Collaborate and look forward to becoming experts in other products in the BB solutions portfolio.


  • 1. 7 Schools In 7 Slides.See How 7 Schools Benefit from Using Online Learning and Collaboration “Blackboard Collaborate is what separates a good online course from a great one. You can’t have a great online course without a live component. ” Kimberly Gates, Chair Adult & ESOL Education Online Department Broward County Public Schools 1
  • 2. BlendedSchools.net VISION Create program enabling school districts to deliver live language instruction and tools to teachers so they could interact with students using rarely supported languages—at a reasonable cost HOW BLACKBOARD HELPED Allowed schools to offer language programs with remote instructors Provided tools to promote active learning, collaboration, and supportive learning climate for both students and instructors“Our completion rate has never been below 90%, which isunheard of , especially for schools that offer some of the ACHIEVEMENTSmost difficult languages. We attribute this success rate tothe use of Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing to Delivered language instruction to 30 schools inpromote active learning, collaboration, and a supportive 4 states in a variety of difficult to learnlearning climate for our teachers and students.” languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Mark Gensimore, VP of Business and Professional Mandarin, and Russian Development, BlendedSchools.net 87% of students said they would continue with the language they are studying 2
  • 3. Broward County Public Schools, FL VISION Enhance the student experience by delivering synchronous collaboration system-wide for distance learning. HOW BLACKBOARD HELPED Replaced legacy synchronous system Provided high-quality education to those who might otherwise be excluded ACHIEVEMENTS“Blackboard Collaborate is what separates a good online Dramatically altered learning experience forcourse from a great one. You can’t have a great online 200,000 distance learnerscourse without a live component.” Met all technical, accessibility, and cross- Kimberly Gates faculty stakeholder requirements Adult & ESOL Education Online Department Chair Significantly improved student TABE reading Broward County Public Schools and language scores 6 grade levels and math scores 8.7 grade levels 3
  • 4. Florida Virtual School VISION Use one tool to expand enrollment nationwide while reducing travel costs for meetings and professional development HOW BLACKBOARD HELPED Enabled FLVS to offer online student activities to build community among 20,000 students Improved student skills in communications and collaboration“Our vision and goal is to ensure students receive a high-quality education. The big difference for students taking ACHIEVEMENTScourse with FLVS is that they are building a strong set ofinformation and communication literacy skills so essential Saved tens of thousands of dollars byfor greater personal and professional opportunities.” delivering professional development to teachers nationwide Julie Young, President and CEO 96% of students report that virtual tutoring Florida Virtual School helps their grades 4
  • 5. Holmes Community College, MS VISION Provide collaborative system for instruction as well as college-wide, day-to-day usage HOW BLACKBOARD HELPED Campus-wide IM for better communication Voice authoring for improved efficiency and speed of feedback Voice tools for role playing, language, and oral presentation skills Web conferencing across all departments“Students and employees fell in love with the instantcommunication of Blackboard IM. The Blackboard ACHIEVEMENTSCollaborate envelope at Holmes Community College has 72% of faculty and staff use Bb IM, virtual officeexploded with over-the-top statistics, newly realized hours, course guidance, ad-hoc meetingspotential, unequaled communication, and welcomesavings.” Eliminated travel and communication barriers across 3 campuses 130 miles apart. Jenny Jones, Instructional Design Coordinator Holmes Community College Cost and time savings from reduced travel 5
  • 6. LearnNowBC (Virtual Schools Society) VISION Web conferencing solution with the rigor and stability to enable management of large volume of users in an automated fashion HOW BLACKBOARD HELPED Integrated website with Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing API (application programming interface) Streamlined and automated booking, updating, and managing recordings “LearnNowBC.ca is a web portal bursting at its virtual ACHIEVEMENTS seams with resources for young learners, K-12 students, Provided over 232,000 virtual rooms to over adult learners, parents, and teachers in BC. Blackboard 700,000 participants in four years Collaborate has helped LearnNowBC be a leader in the Education Sector for North America for the past four Delivered over 2,700 online courses to 90,000 years” students in British Columbia Lynne Masse Danes, Director of Operations Conducted cost-effective administrative LearnNowBC meetings 6
  • 7. Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School VISION Create a virtual STEM program to accommodate geographical distance between instructors and students HOW BLACKBOARD HELPED Connected instructors and students who where separated geographically Enabled virtual field trips with NASA experts Provided high-quality education to those who might otherwise be excluded Allowed students to work on activities in virtual“We wanted to make the STEM activities and assignments breakout rooms or real world, then show theiroptional in order to gage interest and participation. We projects via webcamsnever imagined we would have such a success rate. Wehad 100% student participation and satisfaction. This yearhas been the most fulfilling year for all who were involved ACHIEVEMENTSin this program.” Online STEM activities had 100% student Tara Park, Instructor, PA Virtual Charter School participation and 100% student satisfaction 7
  • 8. University of Idaho VISION Offer collaborative services to staff and students for meetings, tutoring, state accreditation, and more with reduced budgets HOW BLACKBOARD HELPED Replaced costly video conferencing Reduced travel and related costs Increased engagement and activity ACHIEVEMENTS“The big winners in the two departments’ use of Total 3-year savings of $111,000: $17,000 fromBlackboard Collaborate are the students. Faculty department, $22,000 from courses, $3,000 frommembers deliver better programs because of increased video conferencingcommunication and collaboration. The students’ ability toactively engage in course content and discussions makes Increased meeting attendance from remoteour classes more vibrant and meaningful.” sites Corrine Mantle-Bromley, Dean More work accomplished due to efficiencies Collage of Education, University of Idaho Increased engagement and activity in classes 8