Helping Students Jumpstart their careers

Helping Students Jumpstart their careers






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Helping Students Jumpstart their careers Helping Students Jumpstart their careers Document Transcript

  • TMTroy UniversityHELPING STUDENTS JUMPSTARTTHEIR CAREERSWhen the Federal Government created new educational regulationsstating universities must better prepare students for gainful employment,Troy University saw it as a chance to fine-tune its own efforts. Withunemployment at record high levels, Troy decided to make internshipplacement more readily available to all of its students in an effort tohelp them gain employment after graduation.Troy already had career centers at each of its four campuses, but anincreasing number of students were taking classes online from remotelocations without access to the on-campus centers. With roughly half ofthe student body online, Troy University needed a new solution to helpthe students find internships prior to graduation. “There was definitelya need for internship placement for the online students,” said RonnieCreel, director of Education Technology at Troy. According to U.S. Bureau ofMr. Creel soon found, a new Building Block for the Labor Statistics, 16.4 percentBlackboard Learn™ platform. A Blackboard Premier Partner, Internships. of people in the 16 to 24-yearcom is a free online resource that helps match students with potential age group are unemployed. Incompanies that have internship opportunities. Students can do keyword addition, the opportunities forsearches for specific internships, search listings based on their field of internships have increased 8.5interest or look for internships within a specific geographic location. percent in 2012 according to theStudents can login to their Blackboard Learn account, click on the “My National Association of CollegesCareer” tab and sign up for the service. Students are then automatically and Employers (NACE).logged into each time they access their Blackboardaccount. In addition to giving students the ability to search for intern-ships, the Building Block also provides students the opportunity tobuild resumes and keep track of the internships for which they have
  • applied. The module currently has morelocated throughout the United States. The installation took less than an hour and no support timeIn addition, the opportunities for internships have increased was needed. runs with no real ongoing maintenance, even though thepercent of companies view internships as the best way to find number of students using theentry-level employees. “There is no doubt that working within service is growing quickly.their chosen discipline before graduation will help a student’s Ronnie Creelchances of gaining fulltime employment,” said Creel. Director of Education Technology Troy UniversityWhen it came to installation of the new Building Block, TroyUniversity found the integration with the Blackboard Learnplatform to be seamless and the installation fast and easy.“The installation took less than an hour and no support timewas needed,” said Creel. “ runs with no real Ericka Hankins from Ohio Wesleyan University said, “Inongoing maintenance, even though the number of studentsusing the service is growing quickly.” and valuable assets to have, especially when trying to gainbody, began using within the first three [] offers different types of internships formonths of deployment. “We just added the resource as a tab many types of majors as well as categorizing those intern-within the Blackboard Learn platform and did no marketing ships to make them easily searchable. I was looking for an– the students found it on their own,” said Creel. “Students internship with editing…and I did find one that is focusedare already spending a lot of time using the resource.” on editing. I’m very happy with [because] has been successful for students at other it’s easy to use and makes searching for specific types ofuniversities as well. Sarah Gatewood from Hampton Univer- internships simple.”sity used to find an opportunity in the field As for Troy University, student use continues to grow. Basedof Psychology. “[] showed me all the intern- on the initial success with online students, the school sentships in my area…whether or not they were paying and if it an email to the entire student body, both traditional andrequired…college credit,” said Gatewood. “It was fast and online, to build more awareness of the new resource. “The response has been great and many of the campus-basedthey contacted me soon after I filled out some information…” students have started using it as well,” said Creel. “It will beAndie Lowenstein from the University of Missouri – Columbia interesting to see how the number of students signing upsaid the most valuable aspect of was being translates into internships in the coming months.”able to easily apply to a number of companies at once. “Iwas successful with finding jobs two summers in a row. Thecompetition is high and many sites don’t make it as easy to find the application.”