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  • 3. 600 3 1Thousands of individuals Nearlyrepresenting nearly 600institutions have shapedBLACKBOARD LEARN 9.1SERVICE PACK 8 as aresult of their participationin Community Programs. institutions contributed toThis CLIENT IMPACT the development of SP8, 250REPORT highlights up fromhow clients haveinfluenced the featuresand functionality ofthis release and theinvaluable role theyplay in helping us builda better educational involved in the initialexperience. release of 9.1.
  • 4. 5BLACKBOARD LEARN 9.1 SERVICE PACK 8 The methodology for what to build anddelivers exciting new features as well as how to build it is driven by the feedbackdeep improvements to existing functionality, of thousands of clients through theirresulting in increased pedagogy support, participation in BLACKBOARD COMMUNITYeducator e ciency, and improved insight, PROGRAMS. These programs empowerin an increasingly open and extensible clients to shape the technology supportinglearning environment. their institutions throughout every stage of the software design and development lifecycle. Product C O M M I T M E N T & I M PAC T Development Partnerships (PDP) Beta Limited Field Trials Suggestion Focus Usability Accessibility Bug Squad Groups Tests Tests Squad Surveys Suggestion Box PLANNING DEVELOPMENT RELEASE FEEDBACK DRIVES PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT
  • 5. WHAT HOW HOWTO BUILD TO BUILD TO MAINTAINOVER 60 OVER 50 154 CLIENTSSUGGESTIONS INSTITUTIONS voted in the Release 9.1 SP8were incorporated into the met for more than 45 hours Bug Squad and 93% of Bugfeatures and functionality to collaborate with Product Squad issues were resolvedincluded in Release 9.1 SP8. Designers on almost every in SP8. change in Release 9.1 SP8.213 CLIENTSimpacted Release 9.1 SP8 199as a result of their INSTITUTIONSparticipation in Suggestion participated in one orSquad. more of the 314 activities that were conducted for Release 9.1 SP8. 87 CLIENTS were involved in Release 9.1 SP8 Betas and Limited Field Trials.
  • 6. EMPOWERING 29CLIENTSTO IMPACTPRODUCTWHAT TO BUILDThe process starts when a client thinks of an idea to improve the product and submits that suggestion inthe online SUGGESTION BOX, a means for clients to share ideas for new features or enhancements. Clientfeedback in the suggestion box is strong and engaging—often leading to a follow up conversation or aclient visit. Over 60 suggestions were incorporated into the features and functionality included inRelease 9.1 SP8.SUGGESTION SQUAD, a program that allows clients to propose and prioritize new features or enhancementsby utilizing crowd sourcing technology, results in a product roadmap that is directly influenced by clients.213 clients impacted Release 9.1 SP8 as a result of their participation in Suggestion Squad.
  • 7. 29HOW TO BUILDNow that we know what we’re building next, we want to design the solutions with the best experiencepossible. A PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP or PDP, is a formal program which is designed toengage participants during the actual design and development process of a possible new feature.For Release 9.1 SP8, we utilized an Administrator PDP and an Instructor PDP. Participants are given theopportunity to help prioritize use cases and review early prototypes by working directly with ProductDesigners weekly for six months while the features are actually being built. Over 50 institutions met formore than 45 hours to collaborate with Product Designers on almost every change in Release 9.1 SP8.USER RESEARCH and USABILITY TESTING occurs iteratively throughout the lifecycle of development bythe User Experience team, who focuses on quality by measuring if designs are reliable, useful, delightful,engaging and simple. 199 institutions participated in one or more of the 314 activities that wereconducted for Release 9.1 SP8, including both moderated and un-moderated usability tests, surveysand a card sort.Before a release is generally available, clients can have access to the pre-released software by participatingin a Beta or Limited Field Trial. Betas allow clients to test the upgrade experience, Limited Field Trialsallow them to test the user experience—they both prepare clients for change management, increaseconfidence in upgrading and provide direct access to Blackboard experts. 87 clients were involved inRelease 9.1 SP8 Betas and Limited Field Trials.
  • 8. 29HOW TO MAINTAINAfter a service pack is released, the BUG SQUAD allows clients to prioritize bug fixes through the use of anonline crowd sourcing tool. Clients help decide which bugs get fixed and get early visibility into when clientissues will be addressed. 154 clients voted in the Release 9.1 SP8 Bug Squad and 93% of Bug Squad issueswere resolved in SP8.
  • 10. 9The new AUTOMATED REGRADING feature enables instructors toquickly fix problematic questions by simply editing the invalid questiondirectly and enabling all necessary updates to flow automatically tothe Grade Center. Vista client perspectives Awesome! This feature on the pros and cons reduces the need to COMMUNITY of the Vista regrading individually regrade workflow has led to a PROGRAMS THAT attempts and saves streamlined, contextual, us a lot of time. IMPACTED THIS informative workflow FEATURE: CLIENT VIEW CLIENT VIEW in Blackboard Learn. MARY GARDINDER, Shenandoah University SUGGESTION BOX PETER DIFALCO, California State University, SUGGESTION SQUAD Chico PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP PDP USABILITY TESTINGBLACKBOARD CLIENT IMPACTPERSPECTIVE: STATISTICS://///////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////// We worked on this feature extensively with instructors to refine the workflow and create an additional entry point from attempt grading. This feedback was critical to ensuring that the resulting feature met 82% of Instructor PDP participants felt as 13 in-person usability tests with instructors, the needs of its audience. though they had a significant impact instructional designers and ERIKA BARNES, Blackboard Product Designer on the Automated Regrading feature administrators were conducted to as a result of their participation in get regrading usability feedback and the program. improve the details of the workflow.
  • 11. Our meetings with the product feature designersand clients from a wide array of institutions gaveme a clearer insight into the iterative design processfor new features and opened my eyes to the broadclient audiences that new features must be built toserve. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I FELT THAT MY INPUT ASSOMEONE WHO DESIGNS CONTENT, TRAINS FACULTY,AND SOMETIMES WORKS IN A SUPPORT ROLE WASVALUED BY THE BLACKBOARD TEAM. They listened toour concerns, brainstormed alternatives with us, andreturned to us with designs which reflected their bestattempt to respond to our feedback, often with the goalof soliciting more of our thoughts on their work. I feelmore personally invested in the development of theproduct and feel that the faculty at my institution willbe more confident to try new features knowing thatthe sta who support them advocated on their behalffor higher quality, e ciency, and reliability. PETER DIFALCO, CSU, Chico
  • 13. 9INSTITUTIONAL HIERARCHY provides significant administrator flexibilityand e ciency. It was introduced in Blackboard Learn Service Pack 6 and enhancedin Service Pack 8. By leveraging Institutional Hierarchy clients can mirror their real lifeinstitutional structure while providing multiple organizational units the independenceto manage their own tool and Building Block availability in Blackboard Learn. As PDP participants, we were able to give our feedback on what we liked about the way Blackboard Learn was evolving this feature and COMMUNITY how Institutional Hierarchy PROGRAMS THAT IMPACTED THIS CLIENT VIEW should work to meet our needs—this was extremely informative and gratifying. FEATURE: RENE AUBE, USABILITY TESTING College Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick ACCESSIBILITY TESTING PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP PDPBLACKBOARD CLIENT IMPACTPERSPECTIVE: STATISTICS://///////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////// Client feedback on this feature was vital. Together we improved the design to allow a standalone admin tab which allows Node administrators that don’t have System Administrator privileges 14 in-person, to access the hierarchy. LISA NEAL, Blackboard Product Designer 18 remote usability tests with administrators were conducted on the Institutional Hierarchy feature.
  • 15. 9Blackboard has a series of tools to assist with COURSE MANAGEMENT,increasing instructor and system administrator e ciency. Management of multiplecourses has been centralized through a merge enrollments feature that supports twomajor use cases: Cross-Listed Courses and Multi-Section Management. Term supportis an additional administrator tool that streamlines the course management process. What I like most about In the Instructor PDP cross listing is that it is we pushed for a COMMUNITY fast and straightforward... convenient reuse of it’s smooth like butter. PROGRAMS THAT dates in Course settings MELODY BRAKE, that allows instructors IMPACTED THIS FEATURE: CLIENT VIEW to set term availability CLIENT VIEW Colorado State University and duration—we can ‘set it and forget it’. SUGGESTION BOX LINDA FUTCH, SUGGESTION SQUAD University of Central Florida PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP PDP USABILITY TESTINGBLACKBOARDPERSPECTIVE://///////////////////////////// CLIENT IMPACT STATISTICS: PDP participants uncovered a business need for access to child courses that led a /////////////////////////////// change in design of the orientation bar and My Courses module. They also helped Product Designers brainstorm a changed display style for child courses in the Client administrators most frequently used the words admin search. DAN RINZEL, Blackboard Design Manager VALUABLE, SIMPLE, The feedback we received via the Suggestion Box, that Instructors want to simplify their list of My Courses, was confirmed in the Suggestion Squad. The resulting SP8 functionality allows the system administrator to align date-based course settings TIME-SAVING & USABLE to describe this feature. and preferences to multiple courses in a batch – all from one screen. Instructors can then sort their My Courses module based on the most recent or active term. BRAD EVANS, Blackboard Associate Product Manager
  • 17. 9In Blackboard Learn 9.1 Service Pack 8, we created two new SYSTEMINTEROPERABILITY FRAMEWORKS, the Authentication Frameworkand the SIS Data Integration Framework. Administrators can now e ectively carryout Student Information System and Authentication integrations directly from theBlackboard Learn user interface. Creating Integrations via the GUI, coming in SP8, will be really helpful. The new Authentication Framework also looks really impressive. SP8 will make Blackboard CLIENT VIEW Learn, Release 9.1 a market leader. COMMUNITY JOHAN SLABBERT, PROGRAMS THAT University of Pretoria IMPACTED THIS FEATURE: PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP PDPBLACKBOARDPERSPECTIVE://///////////////////////////// Blackboard created this new framework as a direct result of its interaction An uncovered business need for access to Authentication Logs without with clients during the product design phase of development and access to the provider management was revealed in discussions with represented an entirely new use case. administrators. They also expressed the need to log session expirations MARK O’NEIL, Blackboard Technical Project Manager separate from manual logouts. Without our community programs we may not have uncovered these needs and been able to add them into our development of the features. MARK O’NEIL, Blackboard Technical Project Manager
  • 18. 117SP8SYSTEM THEME
  • 19. 9In SP8 we revamped the SYSTEM DESIGN to increase the simplicity and usability of theproduct and provide a more modern and delightful user experience. In addition we created acourse set up wizard which enables an instructor to select one of over 50 course themes aswell as the pedagogical structures they want to utilize for the course. SP8 is a proof pointof our continued focus on refining and improving the user experience from the design andusability perspective. The new UI is cleaner I was already happy and works better. with where the design Troubleshooting is went from Release 8 easier because of better to Release 9 and this iconography and I is even better! This believe it will be easier is where Blackboard COMMUNITY CLIENT VIEW CLIENT VIEW to train people with should be. Clean, PROGRAMS THAT the new SP8 design streamlined, very IMPACTED THIS which is important. exciting. FEATURE: BRAD BOEKE, MATTHEW HADGIS, Southern Methodist University Baldwin-Wallace College PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP PDP USABILITY TESTINGBLACKBOARDPERSPECTIVE://///////////////////////////// CLIENT IMPACT STATISTICS: We can’t wait to get this out, and on every system out there! We know from /////////////////////////////// working with Blackboard users how much people enjoy using this new theme. The Bb design team continually pushes for better and better experiences—not Usability Tests were conducted with 28 administrators, instructors & just to make the system look great, but to truly make the experience of working on Blackboard Learn a delightful one. We’ve refined this new system theme over and over based on watching users and their reactions; the new theme reduces instructional designers clutter and enables users to focus more on content and interactions, and it does so in a way that does not require end user training, a critical element to of success for everyone. STEPHANIE WEEKS, Head of User Experience on the new System Theme.
  • 20. The PDP was an excellent experience for us. Not only are we giventhe chance to shape the features and functionality of the BlackboardLearn platform, but we are able to collaborate and share bestpractices with other institutions that are facing similar challenges.WE FOUND THIS EXPERIENCE SO VALUABLE THAT OURMANAGEMENT TEAM HAS REQUESTED THAT WE PARTICIPATE INALL OF THE AVAILABLE PDP PROGRAMS. TIME IS MONEY ANDMANAGEMENT FINDS THAT THE PDP IS MONEY WELL SPENT.By representing our institution, we are able to help Blackboarddevelop the next versions of Blackboard Learn. In the Bug Squad,one vote makes a di erence. In the PDP, every opinion is important,and it impacts the product.Without our experience and knowledge of the product, Blackboardwould have a hard time judging how a new feature should bebuilt, but it’s a two-way street. Blackboard gets our input on aspecific feature, and we have direct access to shape the technologysupporting our institution.The PDP is a very important group, and I applaud Blackboard forcreating it and giving all of us a chance to participate. RENÉ J. AUBÉ, Blackboard Administrator—College communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick
  • 22. 9With the new STUDENT ACTIVITY REPORTING delivered in Service Pack8 instructors now have the ability to see how students are utilizing coursematerials. Activity Reporting for instructors and administrators providescritical information which aids academic leaders in maximizing studentretention and performance. This data is vital for our institutional e orts to increase student retention rates, increase student outcomes, and become a learning- COMMUNITY centered university. It also PROGRAMS THAT helps instructors identify IMPACTED THIS CLIENT VIEW ‘at risk’ students and better understand how all students FEATURE: are interacting with course content and each other. SUGGESTION BOX CAREY SMOUSE, SUGGESTION SQUAD Jacksonville State University PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP PDPBLACKBOARD CLIENT IMPACTPERSPECTIVE: STATISTICS://///////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////// There was a strong trend in Suggestion Box enhancement requests An increased need for data related to how instructors and students are utilizing related to the need for student engagement data that is required by the Blackboard Learn platform received the sanctioning or funding bodies that support or regulate institutions. SP8 delivers user activity reports, course activity reports and student activity reports that puts this data at your fingertips. 4th highest number BRAD EVANS, Blackboard Associate Product Manager of votes on the Blackboard Learn Suggestion Squad.
  • 24. 9Release 9.1 introduced STANDARDS ALIGNMENT & REPORTING to the K-12 market.In Service Pack 8 standards alignment and reporting are features available to all markets.The standards tool set allows for direct editing, creation, alignment and reporting on standards,objectives or goals. Alignment reports show you how your course content aligns to statedlearning objectives and performance reports show you how your students are performingagainst the learning objectives. Finally, we can report on student performance against a desired learning outcome! BRAD BOEKE, COMMUNITY CLIENT VIEW Southern Methodist University PROGRAMS THAT IMPACTED THIS FEATURE: USABILITY TESTING PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP PDPBLACKBOARDPERSPECTIVE://///////////////////////////// Clients who participated in the Release 9.1 SP8 Product Development Partnership program identified a need to define flexible performance thresholds when reporting on student performance against goals. They also helped define the key data needed to answer questions about student performance as well as the visual organization and presentation of this information within Blackboard Learn. JOANNA HUNT, Blackboard Product Designer