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Build Better Relationships with Students Using Mobile

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  • slide about me.
    - keep the title vague (communication and collaboration platforms)
    - touch on how at blackboard we’re invested in ...
  • Poll: About how long do you wait for a webpage to load?
    10 seconds
    3 seconds
    1 minute
    30 seconds
  • “Two hundred fifty milliseconds, either slower or faster, is close to the magic number now for competitive advantage on the Web,” said Harry Shum, a computer scientist and speed specialist at Microsoft.
    - http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/01/technology/impatient-web-users-flee-slow-loading-sites.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0
  • and 79% of people will only retry an app ONCE before writing it off completely.
  • So not only do you need to be thinking about providing all of your resources through the mobile channel... you also need to pay special attention to the quality and interface of that channel.
  • Synopsis: Building an app for your school is one thing, but delivering an app with engaging content that can improve your enrollment/recruitment is another. You have to deliver relevant, useful, and transactional content to compel regular usage. 
    The question we have to ask our selves is, who is our audience, and what do they need....
  • Many universities are finding that in order to make your app sticky and to keep users coming back, it has to provide daily, transactional value. And so, thinking about what your goals are for a mobile app... and who your audiences are... those transactional features may vary.
  • In order to understand how successful the efforts and content you’re putting into your mobile app ARE, you have to standardize the way that you measure and track that success.
    This isn’t a foreign concept to us... Mobile might be, but there are parallels that we can draw to traditional marketing, recruitment and enrollment metrics.
  • Before diving into some specific metrics that can be helpful for identifying various levels of engagement from your students, I want to discuss at a higher level, some things to keep in mind...
  • Discover Inquire and Engage
    Acquisition metrics help you understand where your users are coming from, and if you use it as the primary call to action in your marketing materials, you can also figure out which of your tactics are converting... and the most compelling.
  • integrated video
  • in fact in one weekend 20 students accepted their offer to NAU through the mobile app
  • This is my only shameless pitch for Mosaic here ... But Look! You literally just decide on your strategy and what features you want to


  • 1. Build Better Relationships with Students Using Mobile Stephanie Burton
  • 2. Stephanie Burton Product Marketing Manager Communication and Collaboration Platforms
  • 3. iOS: Search Blackboard Polls Smartphone: Polls.bb Other: Text ‘Join 805’ to (949)207-6557 A Quick Poll What is your primary role? What are you hoping to take away from this session?
  • 4. iOS: Search Blackboard Polls Smartphone: Polls.bb Other: Text ‘Join 805’ to (949)207-6557 A Quick Poll What is your primary role? What are you hoping to take away from this session?
  • 5. Quick Agenda • State of the Mobile Industry • Effect on Student Expectations • Building Engaging Mobile Apps • Tracking Success • Discussion
  • 6. Everyday there are more mobile devices activated than babies born into the world. ReadWriteWeb - 2013
  • 7. 98% Of high school students have access to a smartphone Project Tomorrow - 2013
  • 8. Average person checks their smartphone 150 times per day ReadWriteWeb - 2013
  • 9. 79% Of universities activated mobile apps by Fall ’13 Campus Computing - 2013
  • 10. Preferred mode of communication
  • 11. Another Poll Smartphones: Submit your answer Other: Text your answer About how long will you wait for a webpage to load before getting annoyed?
  • 12. long been surpassed on the racetrack of Web expectations Eric Horvitz Scientist, Microsoft’s research labs “ “ The old two-second guideline has New York Times - 2012
  • 13. 250 milliseconds New York Times - 2012
  • 14. 44% delete poor apps Computer World - 2012
  • 15. Quality is key.
  • 16. And Another Poll Smartphones: Submit your answer Other: Text your answer Think of your favorite app, why do you use it every day?
  • 17. Building Engaging Apps
  • 18. Ultimate Goal: Encourage continuous psychological involvement and engagement via mobile apps
  • 19. Discover Inquire Donate Engage Graduate Apply Educate Retain Enroll
  • 20. Prospective Students Discover Inquire Donate Engage duate Apply Educate Retain Enroll Simulate Campus Experience Digital Campus Tours • Differentiating Factors • Athletics Info • Degree/Course Info • Event info • Extracurricular info • Forms to request more information or Apply •
  • 21. Current Students Provide Everyday Value On Campus Directions • Transit info • Course Info • Dining Info • Athletics Info • Faculty Contact s • Computer Lab avail. • Parking avail. • Laundry Facilities Discover Inquire Donate • Engag Graduate Apply Educate Retain Enroll
  • 22. 4 Best Practices 1. Quality UI / UX 2. Features to compel daily interaction 3. An event planning destination 4. Act on your own analytics!
  • 23. Metrics for Measuring Mobile Engagement
  • 24. A Piece of the Puzzle Email Marketing Social Media Full Scope Analytics Website Direct Mail Mobile
  • 25. Before You Begin... • Map analytics to institutional goals • Set base lines • Think about correlation / influence with existing marketing programs
  • 26. Acquisition Metrics Value Current/Web Mobile Track reach of campaigns New visitors Active users Page views App Opens / Top Level Feature usage Identify Highest Value Content
  • 27. Consumption Metrics Value Current/Web Mobile Measure quality of content Time on page Time spent in app Gauge interest of various users Most visited pages Specific User Actions
  • 28. Conversion Metrics *** Varies greatly based on specific goals*** Value Increase access to revenue generating services Expedite inquiries and applications Mobile Specific user actions • Food ordering • Mobile Bookstore Page views from mobile devices • Form submissions • Applications from mobile devices •
  • 29. Proof is in the Pudding #YUM
  • 30. Loyola Marymount Driving Everyday Engagement • Delivers rich, virtual tours • Increased applications by 10% the next year • Provides everyday value to students • Pushes frequent updates for special events
  • 31. University of Georgia Targeted at Mostly Prospective Students • Highlights UGA’s accolades and programs • Delivers virtual tours • Encourages request for more info (lead capture) • Enables prospective students to check status of applications
  • 32. Northern Arizona Something for Everyone • Encourages mobile admissions increasing their mobile submissions by 100% • Delivers real time transit info • Updates campus dining info • Enables alumni connection and donations
  • 33. It’s easier than you think.
  • 34. strategy. A deliberate strategy is valuable, but so is having the flexibility to pursue different approaches. Tim Flood Stanford, Mobile Technology and Innovation Consultant “ “ Be intentional - but flexible -with
  • 35. Thank You! Stephanie Burton stephanie.burton@blackboard.com bit.ly/stephanieburton mosaic@blackboard.com mymosaic.com