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Take Your School Mobile in A Matter of Hours with Mosaic

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Mobile apps have become a litmus test for most students today. So it's no surprise that mobile has become a "must have" in order for your school to remain relevant. …

Mobile apps have become a litmus test for most students today. So it's no surprise that mobile has become a "must have" in order for your school to remain relevant.

The problem is that developing a scalable strategy that meets all of your technical and branding needs may seem daunting.

In this presentation we discussed how Mosaic - the market leading mobile platform in higher education - can help schools and universities leverage the investments that they've already made in order to create the best app for their communities in a matter of hours, not months.

Learn more: https://mymosaic.com/intro/how-it-works

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  • We ’ ll first go over some important aspects mobility in education, followed by a brief introduction of how you can take advantage of this overwhelming trend with Mosaic. We will then get into a live demo of Mosaic by Nick Wilde, our very own Mobile evangelist. Lastly, we will go over any questions you might have.
  • To begin, let ’ s ask ourselves why Mobile is important? Why should your school invest in a mobile strategy?
  • First off... 1.  Mobile is no longer a novelty, It's pervasive. 2.  Providing Mobile educational products for this world is no longer a luxury -  It's mandatory.  Today's learners have expectations and they feel entitled to get things delivered 'their way.' 3.  And lastly, we want you to leave here today knowing this does not need to be hard.  We want you to know how easy it is to think 'mobile first', and to understand what Blackboard is doing to make sure you're on the leading edge of this trend at your institution.
  • There ’ s no getting around the fact that everyone is mobile, and as such, mobility should be at the forefront of your strategy.
  • We can hardly go an hour without feeling anxious and disconnected from the world without our mobile devices... Many of you listening today have probably already used your mobile device since I started talking.
  • Anybody knows what this means?
  • Nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. It ’ s a coined term - for no - mo bile phone phobia , but it ’ s real. The UK Post Office commission a group to do a study on mobile phone usage. The study sampled over 2,000 people and found that more than half suffered from nomophobia. You might be one of them. What I find interesting when I looked into the study more is that the anxiety, or fear, of not having mobile phone contact, was based on not being in touch with friends and family. It tells me that we are really emotionally connected to our mobile device. Stress levels compared to wedding-day jitters or a trip to the dentist.
  • So is this really all that important? Yes, it is. It ’ s how our students increasingly interact with the world and how they learn.
  • Students today don ’ t know a world without them! The first iPhone was introduced 6 years ago. The first Blackberry nearly 15 years ago. They are interacting with mobile devices all the time, everyday....
  • Now that we know where our students are spending their time, how do we reach them - how do you ensure that you ’ re prepared to stay connected with these students live through their mobile devices?
  • The name Mosaic means, a “ picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile or glass ” . We see a lot of similarities in our business. Your apps are combining different fragments of an institution ’ s brand For each of you, it will look a little different. You all are creating your own Mosaic. A Mosaic, much like each of your apps, is Unique, Beautiful, Creative, Fun, and Enjoyable.
  • The logo is very parallel with how the name came up. We are operating in a few different spheres. 1. We are creating tools for universities – taking your data and use cases and constituents and creating a platform to help you solve problems 2. We are also creating tools for your communities - students, prospects, alumni, teachers, sports fans, whoever - to stay connected at all times with your university and what ’ s happening on campus 3. We are ultimately helping to prepare you for the future So we take use cases of students, needs of a university or school, and the devices. Mosaic blends these together.
  • Mosaic is a web-based platform that allows you to create, build, and track customized mobile apps. Mosaic puts you in the driver ’ s seat by instantly validating module data. This means that apps can now be built in a matter of minutes, not months. Once modules have been configured, you will have the ability to design, brand, and generate builds of your apps. Upon deployment, you will be able to easily manage and iterate your apps, as well as track usage through our newly-improved analytics suite. Mosaic also allows you to make changes to your existing apps over the air! Adding new tours for special events, updating directory information, and adding event calendars or videos to showcase different groups can all be done over the air. That means that no app store submission required, and users will not required to update your app in order to see these changes. In short, Mosaic is a comprehensive system that gives you total control of your mobile presence, however you will still have a dedicated team of CSMs should you need any help building or fine tuning your apps.
  • In order to develop an effective and relevant app, it ’ s imperative to learn as you go and make necessary iterations that will benefit your community. That is a challenge today because creating an app is a process. All of you on this call - you remember coming up with the idea. Then, you needed to go through an implementation process. And then finally, you have been learning how users are reacting to the app. Are they downloading it? What features are they using? What should you do next to improve it? But we have heard from all of you that the real challenge in this process was the implementation phase. The traditional implementation process was so exhausting that by the time people finished their first phase, they were more inclined to stop progress and take a break, rather than learn from their experience and determine the steps for their next phase. It just took too long. That ’ s why Blackboard has taken a different approach. With Mosaic, you now have a collaborative, easy-to-use system that significantly reduces your time to market, so you can iterate at your own pace. You can go in and add a tour for a special event or add a YouTube feed, or change anything on the data side of the system, and your users will see those changes without having to update the app on their device. We will show this to you in the demo. You wills have access to powerful analytics, so you can learn what users like, what they don ’ t, and can implement that feedback instantly. Through it all, you will be supported by a client services team that brings you the experience of hundreds of customers to help you make the best decisions on your next phase.
  • Demo
  • What goes on behind the scenes of Mosaic? Well, Mosaic takes your institutions data, in whatever form it exists, and stores those feeds in its own database. This allows us to send this data to all sorts of mobile devices. Mosaic also allows you to build apps yourself. Mosaic monitors how the data consumed, via an analytics engine. Mosaic also grants you a dedicated sandboxing environment and a production server, so you can actively work on new versions of your app, while the ‘ live ’ one is unaffected. Mosaic also gives you the power to control when these data merges happen, so you don ’ t have to submit to iTunes or Google every time you want to add to your application. And all of this, from the first implementation of data through the design and customization of the app is driven by an elegant web-dashboard tool, that ’ s about as simple to use as email.
  • For the more technically minded folks in the room - you may start to see that the value of Mosaic is not just the web-tool and the fancy apps it can create, but also in the development/production server stack that keeps historical versions of all the different data you ’ ve added to Mosaic. This serves as a digestible record of your entire mobile strategy over time, and easily allows for branched development or reverting to a previous version over-the-air. Mosaic, by consequence, quickly becomes a solution that integrates data types from all different areas of campus life and effectively becomes the easiest API to get timely campus data. That same careful level of engineering went into the device code as well. Take the events module, for instance. We ’ ve spent time thinking about the best ways to show all these different data types on mobile, both from UX and accessibility standpoints, so you don ’ t have too. We ’ ve made making awesome apps so easy that schools with just one resource to work on the app can quickly have something built in a day. And schools with entire development teams can spend their time on the custom modules and services that are important to your identity, not re-inventing the wheel with must-haves like ‘ maps ’ , ‘ events ’ , ‘ directory ’ , ‘ courses ’ , etc.. Mosaic is flexible and extensible. Mosaic continues working for you while you are away.. While you sleep! Our system revalidates and continuously pulls new feeds, and the fact that it sends you an email when it finds data issues! It is constantly working behind the scenes in an automated manner to ensure your data is fresh and functional, and it will alert you if there are any issues via email. Gone are the days where humans (users, clients, etc) had to reactively notice these things to get them fixed.
  • 2 week Beta 22 Clients 81 Builds
  • LMU understands that relevance is key when trying to connect with students. By partnering with Blackboard Mobile and using Mosaic, LMU has created a powerful tool to connect with a broader range of potential students, nurture their relationships with those on campus, and easily stay connected with alumni – keeping them engaged throughout the entire student lifecycle. PROVING THE ROI OF ILMU • Downloaded by over 7,000 people in the first year • Used more than 100 times per day • Increased brand reach into 39 countries • Contributed to a 10% increase in applications that year
  • The Virginia Community College System (VCCS) consists of 23 colleges that provide two-year degrees and various specialty training and certifications for the state of Virginia. VCCS knew that they needed a scalable mobile solution in order to increase the connection between the system's 400,000+ students and their disparate campus communities. VCCS chose Mosaic to create a custom, enterprise level mobile strategy, and within 3 months they launched a single cohesive app that consolidated access to all of their 23 schools within the system - giving each college within their university a unique brand presence within the VCCS App.
  • Now that you ’ ve seen Mosaic, you ’ re probably wondering what the next steps are. Check out our website mymosaic.com and let us know what you ’ re looking for in a mobile app.
  • Q&A


  • 1. Agenda !  Why Mobile? !  Why Mosaic? !  Demo !  Q&A
  • 2. Emily Wilson Product Marketing Director Nick Wilde Mobile Evangelist
  • 3. Why Mobile?
  • 4. Mobile is Pervasive
  • 5. Every 24 hours, there are 4x as many new mobile devices activated, than babies born into the world.
  • 6. Nomophobia
  • 7. The fear of being out of mobile phone contact. no mo pho bia n.
  • 8. Why is this important?
  • 9. So what’s the solution?
  • 10. Think Mobile First !  Meet them where they are !  Simplify your content !  Focus on design / user experience !  Leverage unique mobile capabilities
  • 11. Picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile or glass.
  • 12. University Community Future
  • 13. What is Mosaic? !  App Creation - On your own terms !  Quickly create and modify mobile apps !  Suite of plug and play features !  Unprecedented level of flexibility and agility !  Make changes over the air
  • 14. Idea Implement Learn Weeks/Months Stop { Greatly Reduces x •  On Demand Builds •  Analytics •  Client Solutions Team How is Mosaic Changing the Game?
  • 15. NO Hardware
  • 16. NO Dev Experience
  • 17. LMS agnostic
  • 18. Behind the Scenes
  • 19. Your Data Validating Analytics sophisticated monitoring
  • 20. API Versions UX Considerations Handling multiple categories Flexibility of view, month/week/year (UI) Staying current with data sources (iCal, Google, Calendar, etc...) Linking to other parts of the app (Directory, Maps, etc...) Mechanism for fetching new content Debugging and fixing problems Maintaining continuity with iOS and Android updates
  • 21. What are people saying? “Makes me feel as if I am really in control... I will be able to quickly resolve issues on campus.”
  • 22. “This is a major strategic advantage. Mosaic will empower us to easily adapt and change our app.” What are people saying?
  • 23. “The simulator when 'creating' the app was absolutely gorgeous and worked beautifully.” What are people saying?
  • 24. “It will definitely help speed up deployment because we don't have to wait for anyone to implement the changes for us.” What are people saying?
  • 25. Partner with the Market Leader !  We invented this space in 2009 !  Over 300 clients with more 5 star apps !  Dedicated team of developers and client managers !  Focus on your content to create the best apps !  Partner Program
  • 26. Next Steps?
  • 27. Schedule A Demo Today! mosaic@blackboard.com
  • 28. Questions?
  • 29. www.mymosaic.com mosaic@blackboard.com @Mosaic_App