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Blackboard Learn. Simply. Better. See The Client Reactions.

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Blackboard Learn's latest release is Simply Better. But don't just take it from us, see what our client's have to say. Our favorite quote: "I wish I was a student again". Give us YOUR feedback on …

Blackboard Learn's latest release is Simply Better. But don't just take it from us, see what our client's have to say. Our favorite quote: "I wish I was a student again". Give us YOUR feedback on Twitter with the hash tag #BbLearn

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  • 1. SP10 CLIENT IMPACT ON FUNCTIONALITY & DESIGNp. 1 | Blackboard Learn SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 2. HAVE YOU EVER HAD A STUDENT TEACH YOU SOMETHING? We have. We’re learning from EDUCATORS, IT PROS, and ACADEMIC LEADERS too. The latest version of Blackboard Learn™ takes end-user feedback to heart and delivers. And this CLIENT IMPACT REPORT highlights how those clients have influenced the features and functionality of this release and the invaluable role they play in helping us build a better educational experience.p. 2 | Blackboard Learn SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 3. 640 “ he new and improved features in Service Pack 10 T “ e feel like we’re part W are a blessing for blended learning, providing of the decision process, more options for collaborative, social and and can help guide the web/mobile based K12 teaching and learning.” future of the Blackboard Peter Yeates, Ipswich Grammar School Learn system.” Chris Bray, University of Arkansas INSTITUTIONS contributed to the development 250 of SP10, up from “ eing able to provide B “ P10 ...Item Analysis, S Each release just gets our experience and Course Evaluation better because of the perspective to the Surveys, updated institutions’ participation development process Calendar... Finally! in Blackboard Community is a win-win for us.” The best release yet!” Programs. By including the Shannon Field Kofi Merritt people who use Blackboard in the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Army Training Support Center involved in the initial release of 9.1. refining of the product, the system develops in a way that meets the users’ needs.” Barbara Klett Central Oregon Community College “ s a result of participating in the A“ he new Content Editor will resolve a multitude T Product Development Partnership, of issues our users have experienced over the I am much more informed about years, including automatic paste-from Word clean features coming to Blackboard Learn, up that renders vastly better results than the “ have a say in influencing the I product, resulting in solutions which will allow my department to currently available mash-up.” that work better for my better manage the transition andDennis Hood institution.” anticipate the new features.”Princeton University Samantha Clarke Stephanie Richter University of Manchester Northern Illinois University p. 3 | Blackboard Learn SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 4. There are many excellent features 600 NEARLY in SP10, but adding a social layer to Blackboard Learn will allow our students to connect in new ways.” Stephanie Richter, Northern Illinois University“Participating in “ aving early access to SP10 allowed us H STUDENTS influenced the development of SP10 as a Blackboard Community to convince our Steering Committee Programs helps to to move to SP10 much earlier than result of their participation in user research plan for successful originally anticipated. Being able to activities. More student participation show them the benefits of Global upgrades.” Navigation was the clincher.” than any previous release. Leo Schouest, UC Riverside Schelly Gardner, Southern Cross University“ am very pleased and honored to be part of the Blackboard I Accessibility Partnership Program. The opportunity to provide input to improving the accessibility of Blackboard to screen readers is very special to me as a blind professor of mathematics. It is exciting to work “ tudents are requesting more and more S on projects and learn from the technical expertise of others who are social interaction on campus and inside of committed to Blackboard and accessibility.” their courses. My Blackboard will really helpBetsey Doane, Housatonic Community College facilitate these requests.” Chris Bray, University of Arkansas p. 4 | Blackboard Learn SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 5. BLACKBOARD LEARN 9.1 SERVICE PACK 10 delivers exciting innovations as well as deep improvements tocore capabilities, resulting in a product that engages learners, increases educator efficiency and improves insight.The methodology for WHAT TO BUILD and HOW TO BUILD it is driven by the feedback of thousands ofclients through their participation in BLACKBOARD COMMUNITY PROGRAMS. Product C O M M I T M E N T & I M PAC T Development Partnerships (PDP) Beta Limited Field Trials Suggestion Focus Usability Accessibility Bug Squad Groups Tests Tests Squad Surveys Suggestion Box PLANNING DEVELOPMENT RELEASE FEEDBACK DRIVES PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENTp. 5 | Blackboard Learn SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 6. EMPOWERING CLIENTSTO IMPACT PRODUCTWHAT TO BUILD allows the User Experience team to deepen accessibility partnerships, engage clients across all markets in the accessibility conversation, and ensure continued clientThe process starts when a client thinks of an idea to improve the product and submits involvement in all future active projects. 22 accessibility experts representing 18that suggestion in the online SUGGESTION BOX, a means for clients to share ideas institutions influenced almost every major Release 9.1 SP10 feature by participating infor new features or enhancements. Client feedback in the suggestion box is strong the Accessibility Partnership Program.and engaging—often leading to a follow up conversation or a client visit. Over USER RESEARCH and USABILITY TESTING occurs iteratively throughout the life cycle170 suggestions were incorporated into the features and functionality included in of development by the User Experience team, who focuses on quality by measuringRelease 9.1 SP10. if designs are reliable, useful, delightful, engaging and simple. 983 Blackboard users participated 2273 times in research activities that were conducted for Release 9.1 SP10,HOW TO BUILD including both moderated and un-moderated usability tests, surveys and focus groups.Now that we know what we’re building next, we want to design the solutions with Before a release is generally available, clients can have access to the pre-releasedthe best experience possible. A PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP or PDP, is software by participating in a BETA, LIMITED FIELD TRIAL or EARLY RELEASEa formal program which is designed to engage participants during the actual design PROGRAM. Betas allow clients to test the upgrade experience, Limited Field Trialsand development process of a possible new feature. and Early Release Programs allow them to test the user experience—they allFor Release 9.1 SP10, we utilized an Administrator, Instructor and Student PDP. prepare clients for change management, increase confidence in upgrading andParticipants are given the opportunity to help prioritize use cases and review early provide direct access to Blackboard experts. 191 clients were involved in Release 9.1prototypes by working directly with Product Designers weekly for six months while SP10 Betas, Limited Field Trials and Early Release Programs.the features are actually being built. Over 80 institutions met for more than 56 hoursto collaborate with Product Designers on almost every change in Release 9.1 SP10. HOW TO MAINTAINTHE ACCESSIBILITY PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM partners accessibility experts with After a service pack is released, the BUG SQUAD allows clients to prioritize bug fixesBlackboard Product Designers who are working on various feature designs and through the use of an online crowd-sourcing tool. Clients help decide which bugsdevelopment projects across the Blackboard Learn Platform. Accessibility is a core get fixed and get early visibility into when client issues will be addressed. 250 clientscomponent of Blackboard’s design and development process and client involvement voted in the Release 9.1 SP10 Bug Squad.plays a key role in the success of Blackboard Learn. The Accessibility Partnership Programp. 6 | Blackboard Learn SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 7. HOW TO BUILD THE ACCESSIBILITY PRODUCT PARTNERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM PARTNERSHIP WHAT TO BUILD ONLINE SUGGESTION BOX 22 80 170 ACCESSIBILITY EXPERTS 18 representing INSTITUTIONS met for more than 56 hours to collaborate with Product Designers on almost every INSTITUTIONS change in Release 9.1 SP10. influenced almost every major SP10 feature. CLIENT SUGGESTIONS were incorporated into the features and functionality included in Release 9.1 SP10.p. 7 | Blackboard Learn SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 8. BETAS, LIMITED FIELD USER RESEARCH TRIALS and EARLY and USABILITY RELEASE PROGRAMS. TESTING 1815 191 CLIENTS 2205 BLACKBOARD USERS participatedwere involved in Release 9.1 SP10 HOW TO MAINTAIN Betas, Limited Field Trials and Early Release Programs. TIMES in research activities that were BUG SQUAD conducted for Release 9.1 SP10. allows clients to prioritize bug fixes through the use of an online crowd-sourcing tool. Clients help decide which bugs get fixed and get early visibility into when client issues will be addressed. 250 clients voted in the Release 9.1 SP10.p. 8 | Blackboard Learn SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 9. COMMUNITY PROGRAMS HEAVILY INFLUENCED THE FOLLOWING SP10 FEATURES: PAGE 10 My Blackboard 12 Social Learning 14  Enterprise Surveys & Course Evaluations 16 Assessment Item Analysis 18 Content Editorp. 9 | Blackboard Learn SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 10. MY BLACKBOARD CLIENT VIEW MY BLACKBOARD is a completely new, modern student experience From the Student perspective, that expands beyond the current MY BLACKBOARD and the course-based model of Blackboard Learn to one that is focused on new social learning tools will the student. be great improvements. I think for students, especially those that are fully online students, COMMUNITY PROGRAMS it will give them a better THAT IMPACTED THIS FEATURE: sense of community.” Suggestion Product Accessibility Usability Monica Surrency Box Development Tests Tests Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide Partnerships (PDP) FOCUS GROUPS, SURVEYS, INTERVIEWS AND USABILITY TESTS WERE CONDUCTED WITH SYSTEM ADMINISTRATORS, INSTRUCTORS AND STUDENTS TO GET FEEDBACK ON THIS FEATURE. p. 10 | SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 11. “ e have built a deep understanding of the expectations and needs of today’s active learner. They want Blackboard Learn to W be more user-friendly, more focused on their needs, and more modern - like the online experiences they have in other areas of their life outside education. So we worked with students and we built My Blackboard.” - Greg Ritter, Director of Product Management MY BLACKBOARDp. 11 | Blackboard Learn SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 12. SOCIAL LEARNING SOCIAL LEARNING in Blackboard CLIENT VIEW Learn enables students and educators to discover, connect, and collaborate Service Pack 10 is a significant with their global education network in step forward in design and the online learning environment they innovation. Its focus on visit every day. integrating Social Learning provides a personalized learning experience to COMMUNITY PROGRAMS THAT IMPACTED THIS FEATURE: users. Through this Service Pack, Blackboard changed Suggestion Box Product Development Usability Tests the traditional perception Partnerships (PDP) of a LMS” Dolf Jordaan University of Pretoria USERS MOST FREQUENTLY USED THE WORDS DELIGHTFUL, ENGAGING, RELIABLE, SIMPLE AND USEFUL TO DESCRIBE THIS FEATURE. p. 12 | SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 13. “ he Instructor PDP uncovered the need to better ‘personalize’ both students and instructor profiles online. They also T helped us understand the finer points of profile privacy needs, especially in the K-12 environment.” - Dan Rinzel, Blackboard Design Manager SOCIAL LEARNINGp. 13 | Blackboard Learn SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 14. ENTERPRISE SURVEYS & COURSE EVALUATIONS CLIENT VIEW ENTERPRISE SURVEY AND COURSE EVALUATION formerly found in the Our institution can’t Outcomes System has been updated and is wait for SP10 because now included in the core Course Delivery product. Institutions may now conduct the majority of our surveys as needed at the course, department, faculty has requested institution and general public levels. a better survey system. The Enterprise Surveys & Course Evaluations COMMUNITY PROGRAMS Tool delivers.” THAT IMPACTED THIS FEATURE: Rene Aube College Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick Suggestion Product Usability Box Development Tests Partnerships (PDP) ALL USERS PARTICIPATING IN A SURVEY TOOL USABILITY TEST WERE ABLE TO CREATE A SURVEY, ADD QUESTIONS, SCHEDULE THE SURVEY, AND EMAIL SURVEY PARTICIPANTS WITH 100 PERCENT SUCCESS AND NO MISTAKES. p. 14 | SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 15. “ lient Interviews, conversations and usability testing helped us realize that we could help institutions increase response rates C to online surveys by ensuring students saw links to respond within their courses and could easily access and complete surveys in the environment they are most comfortable in – their phones.” - JoAnna Hunt, Blackboard Product Designer ENTERPRISE SURVEY AND COURSE EVALUATIONp. 15 | Blackboard Learn SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 16. ASSESSMENT ITEM ANALYSIS CLIENT VIEW ASSESSMENT ITEM ANALYSIS I was thrilled to see the helps instructors refine their Assess- ments by evaluating the quality of item analysis tool. I think each question and that question’s the Product Development ability to discriminate between Partnership helped to students who understand the material and those who do not. make the interface simpler to understand while ensuring that it included enough detail to be meaningful.” COMMUNITY PROGRAMS Stephanie Richter THAT IMPACTED THIS FEATURE: Northern Illinois University Suggestion Product Accessibility Usability Box Development Tests Tests Partnerships (PDP) p. 16 | SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 17. “ he Administrator PDP elevated the importance of reporting against questions delivered via question sets and random blocks. T The team also pointed out the need for a robust documentation behind the numbers in order to avoid false interpretation of the statistics while assisting in the overall design and presentation refinement of the feature.” - Ranjan Bhattarai, Blackboard Product Designer ASSESSMENT ITEM ANALYSISp. 17 | Blackboard Learn SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 18. CONTENT EDITOR CLIENT VIEW The new CONTENT EDITOR, which is based on the industry standard This new Content TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor, vastly improves the client experience for Editor is on par with entering text and adding content to the best text box all areas of Blackboard Learn. editor I’ve worked with to date. It did everything I expected COMMUNITY PROGRAMS THAT IMPACTED THIS FEATURE: it to do.” David Gray Suggestion Product Accessibility Limited Early Palomar College Box Development Partnership Field Trial Release Partnerships Program Program (PDP) OVER 160 INSTITUTIONS WERE ABLE TO TEST THE NEW CONTENT EDITOR PRIOR TO ITS GENERALLY AVAILABILITY BY PARTICIPATING IN THE LIMITED FIELD TRIAL AND EARLY RELEASE PROGRAM. p. 18 | SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 19. “ e listened to the well-founded criticism of the ‘old-VTBE’ and began to work with clients on research and development of a new Content Editor W that would address these shortcomings. Our clients provided us with valuable input on features that would take the user experience in Blackboard Learn to the next level. Today, I am happy to say that the new Content Editor delivers a vastly improved experience for editing HTML that will be delivered in a way that enables the Blackboard Learn solution to provide maintenance and delivery of new capabilities in future releases faster. We couldn’t have done it without the feedback from our clients.” - Mark O’Neil, Blackboard Product Manager CONTENT EDITORp. 19 | Blackboard Learn SP10 Client Impact Report
  • 20. THANK YOUto all of the clients that impacted Release 9.1 SP10.Learn more about the ways you can impact a future releaseby participating in a Blackboard Community Program:BLACKBOARD.COM/EMPOWERSee more of SP10 atblackboardlearn.com/enhanced Copyright © 2012. Blackboard Inc. All rights reserved. Blackboard, the Blackboard logo, Blackboard Learn and Behind the Blackboard are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blackboard Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries. Blackboard products and services may be covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 8,265,968, 7,493,396; 7,558,853.