BbWorld 2012 Charlie Glazener 2012 Blackboard User Summit

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BbWorld 2012 Charlie Glazener 2012 Blackboard User Summit



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Client Presentation



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  • We'll be covering a lot of material today, so much that I might have to skip some slides if necessary. But this presentation will be available to you on Slideshare, another example of Web 2.0.   Ask about whether they use:  RSS feeds Facebook -- personal & professional YouTube -- personal & professional LinkedIn Twitter -- personal & professional I'd like to break the ice with a couple of things, the first a video made by a group of Kansas State U. students in a collaborative way. If you're reluctant to get into Web 2.0 and social media, maybe this will change your mind.
  • There's an immediacy to Web 2.0 (in this case Twitter)  that you can't find anywhere else. Witness what happened on Jan. 15, 2009.

BbWorld 2012 Charlie Glazener 2012 Blackboard User Summit Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Effective K-12 Communication: Staying Five Steps Ahead ofthe Media and the Rumor Mill CHARLIE GLAZENER Executive Director, Community Relations/Communications Asheville City Schools
  • 2. Charlie Glazener• Communications/Community Relations• 10 years• Media relations, website, video, special events• Two-person department 2
  • 3. Presentation Outline • Ghost goes viral • Small, family-friendly, safe • A secret formula • Seven-year marriage • Social media awakening • Media relations – circa 2003 • Media relations – now • Some things never change • What’s the forecast? • Value added • The final word 3
  • 4. Ghost goes viral Aug. 8, 2008 4
  • 5. Viral fame fades quickly Aug. 8, 20085
  • 6. Asheville City Schools SMALL – FAMILY-FRIENDLY - SAFE 10 Schools 3,900 Students 60/40 Demographics 6
  • 7. Relative size Asheville City is larger than 9 of Map of NC – smaller county districts the 15 city districts and 28 of the 100 county districts. Map of NC – smaller city districts 7
  • 8. 82011-12 District FundingTotal Budget $56,557,307
  • 9. Building Digital LiteracyDigital Literacy is attained as students use digital tools and resources togain fluency in the following areas woven into the NC Essential Standards: Technology Operations, Concepts
  • 10. Quality of Life
  • 11. +=
  • 12. +=
  • 13. Our ‘marriage’ to Blackboard Connect
  • 14. Building level SurveysInformation Attendance
  • 15. Survey: Blackboard ConnectResults: Inclement Weather Update/Survey–12 Jan 2011 at 7:20 PM (EST)
  • 16. 58 outreach messages (total of85,612 ‘calls’)5 emergency messages(total of 8,278 ‘calls’)
  • 17. 87 Scripts (2011-12 School Year) Special projects Routine events 1:1 Laptop Program Magnet School Forum School Calendar Updates Teacher Appreciation Week Early Dismissal ScheduleElementary ‘Battle of the Books’ (TV) Special Board Meeting AMS Choral Program (TV) Flu Shots Beauty and the Beast (TV) ACAE Presentation Drug Drop-off Day Strategic Planning The Choking Game Emergency Claxton Elementary School Evacuation District Phone Outage January 3, 2012 Weather Closure AHS Lockdown
  • 18. NI NG AK EAW
  • 19. High Tech – High Touch Engaging our stakeholders in the 21st CenturyPrepared especially for the Asheville City Board of Education August 3, 2009
  • 20. Janis Krums’ Tweet from his cell phone on Jan. 15, 2009 – aboard a ferry on the Hudson River in NYC
  • 21. If you’re concerned about using socialnetworking tools in Asheville City Schools…. From the White House blog...
  • 22. “Blogs, maps, photo sites and instant messaging systems like Twitter do a better job of getting info out during emergencies than either traditional media or government emergency services.” -News Scientist, May 2008
  • 23. Increasingly, thestories that comeacross our radar -news about a planecrash, a feisty Op-Ed,a gossip item---willarrive via the passedlinks of the peoplewe follow.Source: Time Magazine, 2009
  • 24. Valued Added1. Social networking2. Live searching3. Link sharing4. Emergency notifications TwitterGoogle Useful for finding out what people areSlow, anonymous accumulation of saying right now.authority; pages rise to the top basedon how many links point to them,favoring older information/pages.
  • 25. Social MediaValued Added1. Creates another presence online2. Directs traffic to established site3. Establishes a relationship with new sectors in our community4. Provides opportunities for community discussion and engagement
  • 26. Four levels of schoolcommunications• Media relations• Public information Staying five• Persuasion steps ahead …• Engagement •Parent involvement •Community involvement •Social marketing
  • 27. In the old days…circa 2003!
  • 28. 2012!!
  • 29. Media Relations
  • 30. Characteristics of the New News Media• Ruled by what’s entertaining, not by what’s newsworthy• Speed is more important than accuracy (Supreme Court Decision)• Number of news outlets is steadily increasing• News is now 24/7• Traditional reporter is often being replaced with iNews and iPhotos.• Localization of national stories is now the norm.• Live streaming is becoming more and more common.
  • 31. A Report on Reporters• Personal relationships are the key to effective media relations.• Reporters are people, too.• Understand that reporters are ruled by deadlines.• Be accessible during good times and bad.• Learn to think like a reporter.• Never tell a reporter what or how to report.• Educate your reporter.• Compliment reporters for a job well done.
  • 32. Some things never change• Talk about what’s best for our students and staff.• Anticipate the story.• Make instinctive decisions; trust your gut.• Decide the three most important things you want to convey no matter what is asked.• Bridge back to those main messages as required.• Call the media’s hand when they are wrong AND it’s important.• If you just have to screw up, never do it on a slow news day!• Remember…the news media always has the last word.
  • 33. AHS Lockdown!! 1:24 PM ??? 1:26 – 1:30 PM 1:46 PM FACTS 3 weeks later
  • 34. For Immediate ReleaseGood evening. This is an urgent message from SILSA principal Greg Townsend regarding aserious incident after dismissal on our campus this afternoon.At approximately 4:00 pm, a parent reported that she observed a young man remove afirearm from the trunk of a vehicle in the student parking lot. This alert parent then notifiedthe main office. Even though we had dismissed school about 30 minutes earlier, weimmediately initiated a lockdown and moved all people on campus into secure locations.Our School Resource Officer and the Asheville Police Department responded withinminutes and addressed the situation quickly and professionally. The suspect wasapprehended quickly and the firearm confiscated. We received the all-clear from APD andlifted the lockdown after 15 minutes.We learned following the all-clear that the firearm was not loaded. The administration wouldlike to reassure our community that we fully implemented the district safe-schools crisis planto ensure the safety of all people on campus and to reach a quick resolution to this seriousincident.Thank you, and good night. Blackboard Connect phone call 2-23-12
  • 35. +=
  • 36. Survey Says! RESPONSE RATESFamily/Parent 1,341 35%Staff 608 88% Strategic Planning Stakeholder Surveys, Winter 2011 49
  • 37. Survey Says! ACS Evaluation - Families 50
  • 38. Survey Says! ACS Evaluation - Staff 51
  • 39. Email/Phone CallHello, this is Charlie Glazener in a recorded message for all Asheville City Schools Families.If you have responded to our Family Survey to help us with the district’s strategic planningsession, thank you. If not, we need your input!You can respond in one of four ways: (1) By filling out the paper survey we sent you in themail and returning it to your school with your child; (2) by accomplishing the survey onlineusing the link listed in the district’s web site story; (3) by stopping by any school and filling outa paper survey or using the computer provided to respond online; or (4) by completing asurvey located in your neighborhood’s community center.Please know that all of your answers/comments will be completely anonymous. The surveytakes about 10-15 minutes to complete, but it will be a great investment on your part as we allwork together to make Asheville City Schools a model for providing our 21st Century learnerswith rigorous, authentic and life-changing education. Dec. 8, 2011, 4:45PM 52
  • 40. Email/Phone Call Spanish versionHello, this is Charlie Glazener in a recorded message for all Asheville CitySchools Families.Se puede responder en una de cuatro maneras: (1) Llenando la encuestaque le enviamos por correo y regresarla a la escuela con su hijo, (2)Llenando la encuesta por la red usando la dirección electrónica a través delweb del distrito, (3) puede venir a una de las escuela y llenar una encuestaen persona o puede usar una de nuestras computadoras y llenarlaelectrónicamente o (4), puede llenar una encuesta en el centro de lacomunidad en su vecindario. Dec. 8, 2011, 4:45PM 53
  • 41. TextLast call to submit your family survey!We will be wrapping up our family survey onFriday. Are you in? If not: delay! We need you! Jan. 18, 2012, 8:50 PM 54
  • 42. TweetWe will be wrapping up our family survey on Fri.Are you in? If not: delay! We need you! Jan. 18, 2012, 8:50 PM 55
  • 43. Email/phone callGood evening. This is Charlie Glazener in an email for Asheville City Schools’ families.At approximately 4:00 pm today, Thursday, February 23, the Asheville High School/SILSA campus went into a lockdownafter an alert parent called the AHS office to report that she had observed a young man remove a firearm from thetrunk of a vehicle in a student parking lot. That individual, as it turned out, was one of our high school students,A number of students, staff, parents and others were still on campus at 4PM and they were quickly moved to securelocations in accordance with the district safe schools crisis plan. The AHS School Resource Officer (SRO) and theAsheville Police Department responded within minutes and quickly apprehended the suspect and confiscated thefirearm, which was found to be unloaded. The Asheville Police Department then declared an ‘all clear’ and thelockdown was lifted at approximately 4:15 p.m.AHS and SILSA parents received this information earlier this evening. But we wanted all of you to know that thisserious incident was addressed in a professional and efficient manner. As you know, we practice lockdown proceduresat each of our schools on a regular basis. That preparation combined with the timely action of a district parent helped ensure a safe conclusion to today’s incident. School safety has always been and will always be our numberone priority.Good evening. Feb. 23, 2012, 4:28 PM 56
  • 44. Text Greetings New Graduates and Families, It was our honor to celebrate Graduation with you tonight. As you move on now to new challenges and adventures, remember President John F Kennedys words that I mentioned tonight: “Let the Word Go Forth, from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans” Congratulations Class of 2012!! Allen Johnson Superintendent June 7, 2012, 9:15 PM 57
  • 45. +=
  • 46. PersonalizationGreetings, Asheville City Schools families and staff!This Friday, March 9 and Monday March 12 are Annual Leave days in our district.Our Calendar Committee built these days into the 11-12 calendar as a timely interlude in the11 week stretch between the MLK Jr. Holiday and Spring Break, the first week of April. I thinkat the time we all felt like these days would probably be consumed by snow make-up days,never dreaming that Asheville would see only a trace of snow by mid March!By the way, would anyone like a used Old Farmers Almanac? Theres a good recipe in therefor Maryland "Crab Cake" Mac and Cheese on page 50.Anyway, enjoy the four day weekend, be safe and we will see you back on Tuesday, March13th for the 129th day of our 183 day school year.Charlie Wednesday, March 7, 2012, 6:45 PM
  • 47. AffirmationDr. Grant and the students here at Hall Fletcher School are fantastic and Ireally just want to do my part in getting the word out there that AshevilleCity Schools has a wonderful facility that should be the pride of WestAsheville……hope you can enjoy some more relaxing days as the year closes.AND, I love your Farmer’s Almanac messages you leave on my answeringmachine.Smiles,Melody
  • 48. In summary…Use Blackboard Connect, social media & good commonsense to:•Keep the media informed and happy•Stay ahead of the digital rumor mill•Build greater awareness your district•Follow discussions, complaints, concerns•Build loyalty•Supplement crisis response communications•Follow responses to triggering events
  • 49. Effective K-12 Communication: Staying Five Steps Ahead ofthe Media and the Rumor Mill CHARLIE GLAZENER Executive Director, Community Relations/Communications Asheville City Schools