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Bb w2012fifteeninfiftyfive Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Fifteen in Fifty-Five.Shannon GillilandEmily KazmaierInstructorsNorth Kansas City Schools
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  • 21. Create text to speech animations. Create professional quality videos from your pictures and music. imaginary profiles for study purposes. Create a virtual tour of just about anything. Create a blog or a webpage – students or teachers. Create musical journeys from street layouts. GREAT site for elementary teachers and students. Logs are lists of media links, so you never will lose your favorite links again. Collect, share, and back up photos. Identify your topic and this site will crawl the web and “scoop” it into an area so you can match your information to your audience in aprofessional magazine like format. Lets you create a simple survey that can include two photos (uploaded or from the web) and then pose the question. Share something interesting or explain step by step how to do something.Comic Builders Cloud Generators 21
  • 22. Presentation Tools Could be described as a more sophisticated Prezi. Very new site, may require an invite, just email them from the site to request. An amped up powerpoint. Walls – Sticky Boards Could also use for mind mapping.Fabulous Websites to watch for cool tech tools! (And where we found most of these cool sites- have to give credit where credit is due- these techies areworking hard! We have not checked out each of these sites and are not endorsing the content. Investigate at your own risk.) (a site with a more elementary teacher focus.) 22
  • 23. We value your feedback!Please fill out a session evaluation. 23