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Saint Petersburg State University Blackboard Educational Project

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  • 1. Saint Petersburg StateUniversity BlackboardEducational ProjectIvan Grigoryev, Head of Educational ProgramsYulia Leevik, Associate ProfessorSaint Petersburg State University, RussiaApril 8, 2013
  • 2. 2Blackboard for a BCP universitySt Petersburg State University is a• Big• Classical = Conservative• PublicBCP University• Methodology of the implementation of Blackboardtechnologies for a BCP university• Problems of implementation
  • 3. 3Business continuity planning cyclehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_continuity_planning
  • 4. 4BCP at a BCP university• Design & planning• Hardware & software environment• Internal regulations• Professional development• Staff• Teachers• Students• Analysis for further developmentHow many cycles?
  • 5. 5First cyclePilot project (started in 2008)• Advanced teachers and students• Graduate School of Managementhttp://www.gsom.spbu.ru/en/gsom/• №1 business school in Eastern Europe in the officialselection of EDUNIVERSAL (2012)• Bachelor degree programs – for pilot project• Master degree programs• Doctoral programs• MBA and executive education
  • 6. 6First cycle – results & experience• All teachers and students were involved in Blackboard• Selection of teachers – future promoters• The pilot project was promoted by specialists acquaintedwith information technologies but NOT AFFILIATED to ITservices• Teachers & students began to consider the set ofBlackboard technologies as an instrument for everydayusage
  • 7. 7First cycle – Blackboard• Blackboard technologies do not support all educationalneeds of a BCP university, but they are extended by thepartners• We analyzed and tested several integrated and adjacentsolutions• For the pilot project we used Moodle in parallel withBlackboard technologiesThe aid of the Blackboard support was extremely valuableand crucial for the success of the pilot project
  • 8. 8Second cycleBlackboard system for the whole University should provideservice• 50 teachers → 5000 teachers• 1000 students → 30000 students• 1 degree program → 207 degree programs• 2 buildings → 400 buildings in 3 campusesThis increase claims for a solution at a substantially differentscale
  • 9. 9Second cycle – scale problemsThe scale and inhomogenuity of the University emphasizemany problems• Number and qualification of administrators• Variety of teachers interests• Adequacy of information systems etc.Specific problems• Example: when we organize the registration on anelective course, we should take into account 8 timezones in Russia and even the possibility for studentsgone abroad (Brasil, USA etc.)
  • 10. 10Second cycle – BCP• Design & planning• Hardware & software environment• Internal regulations• Professional development• Analysis for further development
  • 11. 11Second cycle – design & planningDesign & planning cannot be done by outsourcing• We succeeded to plan and to implement the universityBlackboard system by the University specialists who hadgot the experience of the pilot projectProblems of outsourcers:• Outsourcers tend to propose expensive solutions• Absence of understanding of the complexity of theUniversity, both of structure and operations
  • 12. 12Second cycle – hardware environment• Hardware is organized according to Blackboardrecommendations in a fault-resistant configuration for365 / 24 / 7 operations• NO VIRTUAL MACHINES for application servers ofBlackboard
  • 13. 13Second cycle – hardware environment
  • 14. 14Second cycle – softwareWe use as basic components of our system• Blackboard Learn + Blackboard Collaborate (formerElluminate)As we like to make the studies more interactive, we need forvarious applications• Webinars• Exchange of voice materials (Wimba Voice package)
  • 15. 15Second cycle – Blackboard• Blackboard does not pay sufficient attention forlocalization of the basic software• Inadequate and incorrect translation of the terms forBlackboard Learn• No tracking of the errors corrected in the previousversions• Example: starting from SP9 we find in the tests the samemistake for the question type „Calculated formula‟ whichis based on inadequate interpretation of decimalnumbers for various localizations
  • 16. 16Second cycle – Blackboard• It is not only the problem for Russian users but for ALLNON-ENGLISH SPEAKING users• We were forced to correct Blackboard Learn software forEACH NEW Service Pack working instead of Blackboardsupport service in 2012• There is no correct localization for the building blockintegrating Bb Learn and Bb Collaborate• The problems of the same origin we got with WimbaVoice package; we were not able to use this package forteaching & learning of English
  • 17. 17Second cycle – software environmentSupplementary systems• Echo360 (recording, recording and FullHDtranslation, digitalization of prepared materials)• iSpring (publication of PowerPoint presentations)• FlippingBook (publication of .pdf files)• Vivaldi (special software implemented in Russian statelibraries for publication of .pdf and other XML type files)
  • 18. 18Second cycle – internal regulationsThe strategy is determined by the orders:• Official start and responsibilities of divisions• Mandatory logins and corporate e-mail addresses• Mandatory analysis of theses on textual coincidences bymeans of SafeAssign software• Teachers responsible for dissemination of knowledge onBlackboard technologies
  • 19. 19Second cycle – professional developmentProfessional development steps:• 2011 Blackboard training of system administrators• 2011 First internal training for teachers• 2012 Certificate training• 2012-2013 Initiation seminars („virus‟ dissemination)• 2013 Internal certification programs in strategicpartnership with Blackboard Inc.
  • 20. 20Second cycle – analysisThe second BCP cycle is performed, the results arevaluable for the UniversityBlackboard project reveals basic problems of a BCPUniversity and helps to find solutions
  • 21. 21Third cycle – planningFuture purchases for the development• Blue Systems software for evaluation and surveys• We tested the software for evaluation procedures held atthe Graduate School of Management• We acknowledge Blue Systems for the testlicense, consultancy and support during the evaluation
  • 22. 22Third cycle – planningFuture purchases for the development• Blackboard Mobile licenses• Extended number of FTE for Blackboard Collaboratecomponents when they will be successfully localizedSpecific problems for a BCP university in Russia• Very complicated system of purchases by tender• University has right to purchase by tender only throughofficial Russian partners of hardware, software andservice providers
  • 23. 23Third cycle – planningDevelopment of the University Blackboard system• Repository of theses, reports and all other documentsbeing used to award degrees/qualifications and for anysort of attestation• Protection of these materials by means of Vivalditechnology• Integration with the University Student InformationSystem (inhomogeneous and emerging); now we useself-made software on the basis of web-serviceapproach for creation of courses and users, enrollment,transfer of grades
  • 24. 24Third cycle – planningFuture applications• Intellectual competitions of students and on the pre-University level• Involvement of post-graduate students in both learningand teaching by Blackboard• Professional development programs for corporatecustomers and for the federal government (PresidentialProgram for Management in Public HealthSystem, Rosneft): special attention for interactiveinstruments (Echo360, Collaborate, Adobe Connect)
  • 25. 25Strategic partnershipsSaint Petersburg State University acknowledges the supportof its strategic partners• Adobe• Blackboard• Carl Zeiss• Hewlett-Packard• Intelaiding substantially the development of the Universityinformation systems.
  • 26. Saint Petersburg StateUniversity BlackboardEducational ProjectTeacher‟s Viewpoint
  • 27. 27Create a Professional Competitive AdvantageFirst steps in Saint Petersburg University:1. Representation of training materials (lectureslides, home tasks)2. Informing about the course structure and studyprocess (course description, schedule of lectures andseminars, announcements, emails)3. Evaluation system (current + final)
  • 28. 28Plan an Academic Professional Career• Develop and collect subject training materials inBlackboard, revise mistakes in pools of questions• Create a professional group at the University fordeveloping and updating subject training materials inBlackboard• Develop courses for:• basic, intermediate, advanced level• Short-term, Long-term, Summer school• Distance Leaning for Professionals• Get working experience abroad
  • 29. 29Improve an Individual Teaching StyleCase: “Accounting and Analysis”, “Corporate Finance”“Statistics”, “Financial Management” for Bachelor degree Number of students on the course: 180-240 45 hours of classes Teaching methods: lectures, seminars Course specification: basic level; lots of tasks andexercises requiring calculations and analysis of businessoperations.
  • 30. 30Improve an Individual Teaching StyleCase: “Accounting and Analysis”, “Corporate Finance”“Statistics”, “Financial Management” for Bachelor degreeQuestions: How to engage all students in educational process? How to provide an individualization of tasks for a streamin 180-240 students? How to receive a continuous feedback about studentsperformance? How to help if the student did not understand or pass thecourse?
  • 31. 31Improve an Individual Teaching StyleCase: “Accounting and Analysis”, “Corporate Finance”“Statistics”, “Financial Management” for Bachelor degreeAnswers: Include all students in the learning process throughaccess to the materials at any point in time andplace, and personalization of tests Personalization of tests through a large pools ofquestions and exercises with a random sample Receive continuous feedback by increasing thefrequency of testing the students performance, whilereducing the time for checking - delegate responsibilityto Blackboard
  • 32. Improve an Individual Teaching StyleCase: The comparative analysis of trainer’s working hoursfor creating and checking tests050100150200250300350400CheckingtestsCreatingtests050100150200250300350400CheckingtestsCreatingtests(in hours)At the stage of primary formation: At the stage of subsequent updating:
  • 33. 33Meet Student Expectations Increase opportunities of students participation intraining process (at any time, in any place, in anyenvironment) Objectivity of evaluation system (system of rubrics) Instant feedback on testing results Opportunity of being trained before taking tests Information about course events Increase in students self-esteem
  • 34. 34Manage Time in Educational Process• Saving time for checking tests• Opportunity of creating unlimited quantity of testsimmediately• Current feedback on testing results• Increase in frequency of students testing• Opportunity of mass repeated announcements
  • 35. 35Be the first to use the Blackboard = Reachsignificant professional results• A high rating and positive feedback from students• Improving student performance• Increased credibility among colleagues and theadministration• Financial rewards and encouragement from theadministration• The professional and administrative promotion• Increased competitiveness for the faculty position
  • 36. Saint Petersburg StateUniversity BlackboardEducational ProjectDiscussion
  • 37. 37DiscussionTHANK YOU FOR THE ATTENTION!