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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed - Are We Blue?

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  • Dissatisfaction with Blackboard. Blackboard used as a content repository. Standardised templates that allow flexibility welcomed by the majority. Centrally provided extra help required for any Bb upgrade fall-out and moving to a template.
  • Upgrade Considerations Blackboard roles within the departmentUsability and fit for purposeNavigation/organisation and templatesL&T tools Site administrationAssessment and FeedbackSupport and TrainingResults July best month for downtimeDifficult time of year – Start of year and semestersDemanding tasks – Enrolling studentsDeleting students/instructors from previous cohorts/yearsUploading multiple documents on a one-by-one basisAdaptive releaseNavigation - Not user-friendly (too many clicks, frustrating…)Templates - Would like templates with ability to personalise/adaptL&T tools outside of Bb – large percentage are and favourites were Google tools (Plus, Docs, tools), specialised tools (geological mining software), Facebook, WordPress, Screen Capture, Twitter etc.)Academic staff and module convenors doing as much administration as the administrators (blurred roles)Training - Current style of training is not useful or staff do not have time to attend. Key question(s) – What is Blackboard for? What can we do with it? How do we enhance the experience? What training is available? Discipline specific training


  • 1. Something Old, SomethingNew, Something Borrowed -Are We Blue?Name: Nichola HayesDate: Tuesday 9th April 2013
  • 2. VLE Back Story Photo credit: Jesuscm via photopin 2
  • 3. Stick or Twist? Photo credit: canonsnapper via photopin 3
  • 4. Our Approach:evidence, evidence, evidence • Server logs to quantify the usage of particular tools. • An online questionnaire to all staff (academic, administrative and central support), which explored VLE use, attitudes, needs and challenges. (262 staff responded). • Interviews with all 32 academic departments and student-facing central services. • A focus group involving a representative sample of students from 13 departments. 4
  • 5. Project Oscars – the people who made itpossible Photo credit: Dave_B via photopin 5
  • 6. Staff Survey - Respondents by job role (n=262) 2.7% 7.6% Academic staff 11.5% Professional/administrative staff Academic-related staff 52.7% Teaching assistant/postgraduate 25.6% Other 6
  • 7. Staff Survey Results 7
  • 8. Student Focus Group Questions• Q1. What role does Blackboard currently play in your course?• Q2. Is it easy to access course materials on Blackboard currently?• Q3. What do you find most difficult to use in Blackboard?• Q4. Where and when do you need to/would you like access to course materials?• Q5. What sort of materials would you ideally like?• Q7. If you could design an ideal VLE – what would it look like? 8
  • 9. Q7. If you could design an ideal VLE – what would itlook like?• KEEP IT SIMPLE• Bb Home page for your department, should be cleaner, with ‘button’ links to: Discussion Boards, Your Grades, Materials, Assessment, Search, Careers, Departm ent News• Notifications should use colours to highlight new information or updated information.• Timetable• Link to library and notification of when books are due back• Pre-populate address book with relevant students and staff 9
  • 10. Blackboard Audit Photo credit: nocklebeast photopin 10
  • 11. Project Outcomes Photo credit: DenisDenis via photopin 11
  • 12. Upgrade to Bb 9.1 SP8 Photo credit: ajmexico via photopin 12
  • 13. Move to Managed Hosting 13
  • 14. Mobile App. and Bb Mobile Learn 14
  • 15. VLE Policy & Guidance Document Photo credit: Hotel Ocho via photopin 15
  • 16. Default View – our approach• Task and finish Group• Paper Prototyping• Student Focus Group Photo credit: Doug Aghassivia photopin 16
  • 17. 17
  • 18. Communication 18
  • 19. Support Resources• Online Help resources: go.le.ac.uk/blackboardhelp• Access from Help page in Blackboard 19
  • 20. Dedicated Migration Support Team 20
  • 21. Learning Objects http://preview.tinyurl.com/ckxq2lk Podcasts http://preview.tinyurl.com/coqov4c Blogs http://preview.tinyurl.com/ckf9ptn Wikis 21
  • 22. SITS integration Photo credit: Samyra Serin via photopin 22
  • 23. VLE re-launch part II Photo credit: DazF {mostly absent} via photopin 23
  • 24. Are We Blue? Photo credit: Roger Smith via photopin 24
  • 25. Questions Photo credit: mag3737 via photopin 25