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Mobile Incident Registrations and Reflection

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  • Thisnice small town, down south the Netherlands
  • Itsbeautiful environment
  • With its folklore, many festivities culminating in the carnival….
  • There is thisuniversity,withfamous research in several disciplines, ranging from neuroscience to economics
  • With a nod to tradition…
  • ProblemBased Learning (PBL), adoptedfromMcMaster University Canada


  • 1. Mobileincident registrationsand ReflectionJeroen ten Haaf: ja.tenhaaf@maastrichtuniversity.nlMaastricht University LibraryTuesday 9 April 2013
  • 2. 2
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  • 7. 7• Founded 1974 > Problem Based Learning• 16.000 students, 4.000 staff• 44% students, 30% teaching staff from abroad• 6 Faculties– LAW– Business & Economics– Medical & Health Sciences (associated with academic hospital)– Psychology & Neurosciences– Arts & Social Sciences– Human Sciences > subfaculties (e.g. U-college, knowledgeengineering)Maastricht University
  • 8. 8• Blackboard 9.1, SP 11• Blackboard Content System• Every:– Faculty– Teacher– Student– Course (content, information, functionalities (e.g. webconference))– Tutor groupin Blackboard…• User creation, enrollments & Course creationtriggered by SAP Student Lifecycle ManagementMaastricht University / Blackboard
  • 9. 9Maastricht University / BlackboardLogins / day Hits / daySeptember / October 2012
  • 10. 10Maastricht University / Problem BasedLearning
  • 11. 11• Real life situation (disease, conflict, project)• Self directed > develop ones own style:“Im not afraid to let people follow their ownpaths”• Collaboration• Formative tests• Evaluation, Reflection– Essential, however..:– difficult to meet the needs of students and teachersMaastricht University / Problem BasedLearning (as from 1974…)
  • 12. 12Problem Based Learning• 8 – 12 cases in a six (to eight) week courseTypical Case:A 60-year-old man visits your generalpractice. He is worried. When he was driving,an insect flew in his left eye. When he tried towipe it out, he noticed a very poor vision inhis right eye.
  • 13. 1. Brainstorm: clearify terms,concepts, define & analyze theproblem (case)2. Inventory of explanations3.  Learning objectives4. Search for additionalinformation5. Report and synthesize the newinformationProblem Based Learning (PBL)Tutor-group meeting}Tutor-groupmeeting
  • 14. 14• Real life situation?... Conditions are not alwaysperfect…– Time pressure– Complexity– Not so nice colleague– Very nice colleague… but not now please!– Unexpected events… incidents take place• Event, Incident -------- needs Reflection,Feedback, EvaluationMaastricht University / Problem BasedLearning
  • 15. 15• Reflection: a systematic and critical analysis of events– Serves as guideline for future behaviour (Driessen, van Tartwijk, & Dornan,2008)– Is specifically important in complex and unusual situations (Mamede,Schmidt, & Penaforte, 2008)• Reflection is a crucial part of the learning process, so:1. Dedicate some time to register an event / incident: preferably right away2. Plan one or more reflection sessions: meeting(s) with peers and tutorsMaastricht University / Problem BasedLearning
  • 16. 16• Think of a tool / setup that would help you:1. To register any event / incident in any situation2. To provide access to these registrations for peers and tutors prior to andduring the sessions• Create a list of requirements for such a reflection tool to beused in the hospital nursing department– Use your imagination!– Keep things simple, specifically at the critical moment the event / incidenttakes place• Groups present their list of requirementsThe „Birmingham‟ case of today:
  • 17. 17• Mobile device connected to internet• Creates reports, video txt• Upload to “knowledge base” accessible toeveryone• Metatagging option• Provide a form, template with fields to describe• On the spot registration > upload to databaseRequirements Group 1:
  • 18. 18• About the same requirements as Group 1 +• Private data is a point of attention, askpermission beforehand (patient, participants)• A time tag on the registrationsRequirements Group 2:
  • 19. 19• About the same requirements as Group 1 and 2 +• Sync to Blackboard  differentiated permissions• Registrations should be shareable right from themoment of creation• Use mobile device (small, so less impact onenvironment)• Recordable archive• Automatic ID• Push notifications (reminder system)Requirements Group 3:
  • 20. 20• One app (β version):– Event registration in any format (no switch between e.g. camera andnotes app)– Upload files to Blackboard (My Content folder)– File storage on device and…– Upload My Content only when in wifi– Reminder system (notification after 1 OR 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 days) to be set byinvestigators• Why Blackboard?– Integration in course or organization– Grant different levels of permission to different users: user can restrictaccess to just viewing content, or allow full rights, such as editing thecontent or even deleting content– Functionalities for follow up (blog, discussion, grading …)How we did it:Mobile Reflection App 1 (MRA1)
  • 21. 21• Demo…How we did it:Mobile Reflection App (MRA)
  • 22. 22• MRA 2:– Same as MRA1 (β version) except:– Upload files to Dropbox (instead of Blackboard)– No reminder system– App for free “Reflection App”– DEMO• MRA 3:– Same as MRA 2 plus:– More clouds available (Google)– Option to build in other institution Blackboard application (requirescoordination with individual institutions)– Reminder system (optional): in-app payment model– Free? We don‟t know yet…;-)Mobile Reflection App (MRA)Future steps
  • 23. 23Mobile Reflection App (MRA)How about it worksBlackboard
  • 24. 24Mobile Reflection App (MRA)How about it worksCloudCloud says: OK / NOK„Reminder‟ServerIf OK then R(eminder)set to zeroIf R > x days then notification
  • 25. 25Let‟s reflect!ja.tenhaaf@maastrichtuniversity.nlWell…