How BlackBerry Helps Meet the Needs of IT and End-Users in Government


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Employees want an intelligent, intuitive smartphone experience that constantly adapts to their mobile needs. IT administrators need a solution that’s secure, easy to manage and helps keep the agency productive and collaborative while on the go. Introducing the re-designed, re-engineered, re-invented BlackBerry®.

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How BlackBerry Helps Meet the Needs of IT and End-Users in Government

  1. 1. 002 May 2013Internal Use OnlyHow BlackBerry helps meet the needsof IT and end-users in government
  2. 2. 102 May 2013BlackBerry hasbeen alongstandingchoice ofgovernmentagencies
  3. 3. 202 May 2013Internal Use OnlyBlackBerry is committed to independent, third-party securityapprovals and certifications of its wireless solutions –helping government workforces meet the most rigorousdemands of their job safely and securely.Learn More about BlackBerry SecurityCertifications
  4. 4. 302 May 2013Internal Use OnlyThe needs of the ITadministrators andend-users are changing
  5. 5. 402 May 2013Internal Use OnlyTo use their own device at workThey Want
  6. 6. 502 May 2013Internal Use OnlyA secure solution to manage allBlackBerry, iOS and Android devices inone dashboardYou Need
  7. 7. 602 May 2013SOLUTION:BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 –multi-platform device managementhas never been faster, easier andmore organizedLearn more aboutBlackBerry EnterpriseService 10
  8. 8. 702 May 2013Internal Use OnlyTo keep their personal data separatefrom work without two phonesThey Want
  9. 9. 802 May 2013Internal Use OnlyYou NeedTo keep your work data safe andsecure outside the office
  10. 10. 902 May 2013SOLUTION:BlackBerry Balancetechnology provides ITwith tools to securelyseparate work andpersonal information – allon the same devicePersonal apps cantaccess work info. Workinfo cant be copied andpasted into personal appsor email messagesVisit theBlackBerryBalancewebpage tolearn more
  11. 11. 1002 May 2013Internal Use OnlyTo be able to workwherever andwhenever they wantThey Want
  12. 12. 1102 May 2013Internal Use OnlyTo maximize the productivityof your workersYou Need
  13. 13. 1202 May 2013SOLUTION:BlackBerry 10 helps to make it easier forgovernment workers to take care of businessBlackBerry Flow: With BlackBerry Hub and Peek, BlackBerry 10 introducesa new user experience that moves with you and shares your train of thought,so you can keep moving quickly.BlackBerry Keyboard: Personalized auto correct and next word suggestionmake this the fastest, most accurate typing experience on glass.BBM Video + screen sharing: Video chat with BBM contacts at the touch of abutton then show them what you are looking at with screen sharing. Plus new BBMgroups makes sharing photos, lists and tasks fast and easy.BlackBerry Calendar: Spend less time managing meetings. It suggests who shouldbe on a meeting invite, pulls together the material you’ll need and lets you getupdates on your attendees.BlackBerry Browser: A faster, more complete mobile web that lets you shareanything you find online at an instant.Learn more aboutBlackBerry 10
  14. 14. 1302 May 2013Internal Use OnlyAppsThey Want
  15. 15. 1402 May 2013Internal Use OnlyTo deploy apps securelyYou Need
  16. 16. 1502 May 2013SOLUTION:Through BlackBerryBalance, workers canaccess apps for both workand personal and keepthem separate and secureat all timesLearn about the latestBlackBerry 10 apps foryour workforce
  17. 17. 1602 May 2013Internal Use OnlyCustom apps to helpthem better do their jobThey Want
  18. 18. 1702 May 2013Internal Use OnlyTo build apps acrossmultiple platformsYou Need
  19. 19. 1802 May 2013SOLUTION:The BlackBerry 10platform is HTML5compatible andsupports multiplecode bases throughHTML5, C++, andOpen Source librariesLearn the latest aboutdeveloping forBlackBerry 10
  20. 20. 1902 May 2013Internal Use OnlyFor more information,