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Cyber Networking
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Cyber Networking

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Want to use get business from Social Networking? Learn the 15 steps you must take to incorporate Facebook and Linkedin within your business.

Want to use get business from Social Networking? Learn the 15 steps you must take to incorporate Facebook and Linkedin within your business.

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  • You are here because you heard about social media, you might have a Facebook page, or maybe your kids have one. More importantly, is it a tool you can use to promote your business? Find Business?

    So many large companies, news publications and other have really embraced social media. SM is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, especially after large purchases of sites like MySpace.

    EXAMPLE: http://www.blogsouthwest.com/
  • Wikipedia Definition: Social Media is a vast term that defines the many activities that integrate technology, social interaction and the collaboration of words, pictures and stories.

    My Definition: An Online Cocktail Party or Networking Reception.

    Types of Social Media we will cover:
    1. Networking
    2. Blogging & MicroBlogging
    3. Story Submission
    4. Collaborative Research
    5. Video Sharing
    6. Bookmarking
    7. Photo Sharing
    8. Music Sharing
    9. Document Sharing
    10. Content Creating
    11. Wikis
    12. RSS
    13. Podcasts
    14. Events
  • Social Media is important because as a individual or a business you can use it to stand out and expand your network.

    Before the internet, you were limited to the geographic area around you, only a limited number of companies could go nationwide or global without adding more locations and overhead.

    The internet allows companies (especially Small Bizs) to expand their customers base, state, national or even globally.
  • online communities of people who share interests and/or activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. Most social network services are web based and provide a variety of ways for users to interact, such as e-mail and instant messaging services.Social networking has encouraged new ways to communicate and share information. Social networking websites are being used regularly by millions of people.
  • Find new referrals, find alliances, build your company/brand/reputation
  • Introductions, recommendations, answer questions
  • Facebook’s 35-54 year old demographic segment not only continued to grow the fastest, but it accelerated to a 276.4% growth rate over the past 6 months. That demo is DOUBLING roughly every two months.


  • 1. Cyber Networking Kim Albritton BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 2. What We Will Today Cover • Cost Effective Tools to Market Yourself/ Business • How to Connect with More People • Grow your Network to 1,000+ People • Become an Expert in your Field • Show you Where to Get Started BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 3. Why Do You Care About Social Networking? BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 4. What is Social Networking? BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 5. Why is Social Networking Important? BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 6. Social Networking Facebook Myspace LinkedIn BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 7. Why LinkedIn • All 500 of the Fortune 500 are represented in LinkedIn. In fact, 499 of them are represented by director-level and above employees. 1 • 95% of LinkedIn users are college educated. 2 • LinkedIn has a more younger and affluent audience than sites such as Businessweek.com, WSJ.com and Forbes.com. 3 • 50% are Business Decision Makers in their Companies. 4 • LinkedIn has the largest number of small business users when compared to other leading business websites. 5 Credit: (1) (Kawasaki, Guy. http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2007/01/ten_ways_to_use.html) (2), (3), (4), (5) Erickschonfeld http://www.slideshare.net/erickschonfeld/linkedin-demographic-data-jun08-presentation BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 8. BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 9. 10 Reasons You Should Use LinkedIn BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 10. 1 – Grow Your Business If you are not making money, why do it? BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 11. 2 – Build Your Reputation Become the Expert in your Field BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 12. 3 – Meet New People BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 13. Do you have 1.2 Million BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 14. 4 – Increase Search Rank BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 15. LinkedIn Returns 1-4 BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 16. 5 – Ask for or Give Advice BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 17. Not Just Networking BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 18. 6 – Scope out the Competition, Client or Partner Not snooping, but fact finding BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 19. 7 – Join a Group Find like minded people BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 20. Find Peers, Clients BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 21. 8 – Give/Get Recommendations BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 22. Get Others to Say it BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 23. 9 – Help Others BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 24. 10 – Find Candidates BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 25. Find Great Candidates BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 26. Why Facebook? • More than 950,000 developers and entrepreneurs from more than 180 countries are on Facebook • Facebook’s 35-54 year old demographic segment not only continued to grow the fastest, but it accelerated to a 276.4% growth rate over the past 6 months 1 • 4th Largest Country, behind USA - and gaining • The 55+ group has seen a 194.3% growth rate • No longer a trend, but a way of life Credits: (1), (2) Peter Corbett http://www.istrategylabs.com/2009-facebook-demographics-and-statistics-report-276-growth-in-35-54-year-old-users/ BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 27. BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 28. 5 Steps To Promoting Business on Facebook BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 29. Basic Terminology • Profile – Individual profile, what most people have • Page – Company or organization on Facebook • Fan – You follow a page • Friend Request – Add people to your Profile • Status – Update of what you are doing BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 30. 1 – Create YOUR Profile Build Your Brand – That is why People buy BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 31. 2 – Build A Page Yes, it is different than a profile BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 32. Examples BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 33. 3 – Become a Fan Then send it to your friends BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 34. Where to Click BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 35. 4 – Explore Advertising The ONE thing you have to pay for BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 36. BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 37. 5 – Add Valuable Content Import your Blog Add Event Pictures Post Upcoming Events BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 38. Download the Free Report at: BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com
  • 39. Step-by-Step Guides to get started on Facebook LinkedIn Wordpress www.blackbeltbusinessprofits.com/ social-media-guides BlackBeltBusinessProfits.com