What is the best way to learn spanish


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Learning vocabulary and grammar is definitely not the best way to learn Spanish. This article recommends the Birkenbihl Apprach to learn foreign languages easily and perfectly. Read it and try it – you will be surprised!

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What is the best way to learn spanish

  1. 1. What is the best way to learn Spanish?Learning vocabulary and grammar is definitely not the best way to learn Spanish.This article recommends the Birkenbihl Apprach to learn foreign languageseasily and perfectly. Read it and try it – you will be surprised!1
  2. 2. How did you learn Spanish? Do you know the best way to learn Spanish? Theseare questions that are asked frequently, however, many don´t know what toanswer.Is the best way to learn Spanish theschool system?How did you learn a language in school? When thinking back to school-time, youmight think about endless lists of vocabularies and tons of grammar rules tolearn. You might also think about far too difficult listening comprehensions, whenyou didn´t even understand the sense of a conversation. You might as well thinkabout sitting in the class room, hoping that the teacher asks somebody elseinstead of you.Those are typical ideas and thoughts about language learning in school. Youneed to do it differently!Only some teachers got it and start using different techniques during lectures.Unfortunately, many teachers still focus on their “old” teaching and learningstyles. The problem with studying vocabulary lists, for instance, is that words andterms are remembered in isolation. When trying to understand or speak thelanguage afterwards, those terms are hard to find in our memory. Furthermore,2
  3. 3. we mostly don´t really know how to use the words, neither do we know how topronounce them. This is a huge problem, but quite understandable, since vocablists are mostly learned without knowing the correct pronunciation.Schools need to change their approach to a more interactive and brain-friendlysystem. People need to be exposed to a language for quite a long time beforerepeating vocabularies or grammar. If you think back to your time as a little child,you can´t remember vocab lists or grammar rules which you had to learn, right?No wonder! Why should a child learn his or her own mother tongue this way?About why should we learn a foreign language this way? There is no real answerto it. One explanation is that, in ancient times, people needed to write everythingdown instead of recording it, for example. But nowadays, technical advancesallow us to learn and document things in numerous ways!The Birkenbihl-Approach to learningSpanishDo you want to learn Spanish? This article provides tips on the best way to learnSpanish.Learning Spanish, as well as any other language, requires listening to thelanguage for quite a time. Many language learning methods neglect theimportance of listening. The Birkenbihl Approach definitely does not neglect it.3
  4. 4. This method aims to learn a foreign language just like we learned our ownmother tongue years ago.The best way to learn Spanish is divided into two main learning steps:First, you need to listen to a Spanish text actively. This means that you listen to anative speaker, who reads a text out load. At the same time, you read atranslation into your own mother tongue. This translation ought to be a word-by-word translation. This is an important point, since the learned words should beusable in other situations as well. It is enough to do this activity some minutes aday (5-10 minutes are okay). Shorter study time is better, because our brainworks and learns unconsciously for several minutes after the 5-10 minutes. Thisstep enables us to link the foreign terms with the translations without everylearning vocabulary lists. Perfect, right? No boring studying of vocabulary nor ofgrammar. Grammar points are also automatically recognized and employed inother occasions.4
  5. 5. When you think that you know every word and actually do not need to readalong the translation any more, you could move on to the next step.The second important step is passive listening. At this point you only listen to theSpanish native speaker, without reading the translation along. You can listen tothe audio file while you do other things, like driving a car or waiting for the bus.It is not necessary to pay close attention to the native speaker! Our brain worksand learns without our conscious attention. By hearing the words and phrases,our brain gets used to the new melodies, rhythms and so on. It is like living in aforeign country and learning a language by being constantly exposed to it.This step of the learning process prepares the learner to speak the language. Butbe cautious! Do not try to speak a language from the beginning or after a shortwhile! Your brain needs to get used to the new language in order to save theperfect pronunciation for later.Definitely, the Birkenbihl Approach can be regarded as the best way to learnSpanish. Your pronunciation will be like that of a native speaker – for sure!The best way to learn Spanish is definitely the Birkenbihl Approasch to foreignlanguage learning. Learn any foreign language without difficulty and with fun!5