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Bizom for PSRs User Manual
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Bizom for PSRs User Manual


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Bizom for PSRs User Manual

Bizom for PSRs User Manual

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Mobisy Confidential
  • 2. Prior starting a daily sales process following checklist to be ensured by a PSR Mobisy Confidential
  • 3. GPS should be ON Mobile Data should be ON Mobisy Confidential
  • 4. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • Mobisy Confidential Installing Login to Marking Attendance Entering Sub-Distributor Closing Stock Adding Outlet Taking Order Activities : Adding Comments Activities : Taking Picture Submitting Order User (PSR) Info End of Day Report
  • 5. • To Install open the play store on your device. Open this Mobisy Confidential
  • 6. • Type “bizom” in search bar in play store Type here “ bizom ” Mobisy Confidential
  • 7. • Bizom’s icon will appear upon search. Click on Bizom application. Mobisy Confidential
  • 8. • Click on “INSTALL” button to install bizom application. Click here Mobisy Confidential
  • 9. • Bizom icon will appear in installed applications Open this Mobisy Confidential
  • 10. • Bizom login screen will appear Mobisy Confidential
  • 11. • Enter your username & password provided to you. • Click Login Mobisy Confidential
  • 12. • Taking your picture • Click on camera icon and your device’s camera will start. • Click your self-photograph Click here to take picture Mobisy Confidential
  • 13. • As photograph is taken mark your attendance by clicking on green tab “Present” Click present to mark your attendance as present Mobisy Confidential
  • 14. • After marking attendance such screen will show up. • Click on “SubDB Closing Stock” to enter Sub-Distributor Closing Stock before starting day’s journey. Click Here Mobisy Confidential
  • 15. Click Here • To enter current stock at Sub Distributor click on Pencil Icon on the above showed location. Mobisy Confidential
  • 16. • Enter the current stock for each SKU Enter Stock in these boxes w.r.t particular SKU’s Mobisy Confidential
  • 17. Click Submit • After entering stock levels for each stock click submit. Mobisy Confidential
  • 18. • To Add Outlet click on Add Outlet Tab • Add Outlet on field visit while actually visiting outlet so that location of the outlet will also get captured. Click on Add Outlet Mobisy Confidential
  • 19. 1.Select Beat in which outlet Falls } 2.Select Outlet Type from dropdown menu 3. Enter details in respective boxes 4.Click Add Mobisy Confidential Note : Particulars marked with * are mantory to enter
  • 20. • Select the area in which outlet has to be added. • Click Submit. Mobisy Confidential
  • 21. • If order has to be taken from that outlet then click Yes or else click No Mobisy Confidential
  • 22. • Out has been added • Click on outlet to take order from this outlet. Click Here Mobisy Confidential
  • 23. Click here to Edit Outlet info To Call Outlet To Email • This page shows outlet info • Similarly, Activities & ORDERs Tab Shows Past Activities & Orders given by that particular outlet. Click here to take Order. Mobisy Confidential
  • 24. Click here to Select Category Mobisy Confidential
  • 25. • Categorical List will Pop up. • Select Appropriate Category. Mobisy Confidential
  • 26. • List of SKUs in selected category will be visible • Enter order in Units/Cases in corresponding boxes Mobisy Confidential
  • 27. Product can also be searched by entering product name here. Click on Add Comment to comment on particular order Mobisy Confidential
  • 28. • Comments can be added for that particular order. Add Comment Here Mobisy Confidential
  • 29. Click here to Take Picture and Camera will start • Per Outlet 3 Pictures can be taken. Click here for viewing order before submitting Mobisy Confidential
  • 30. Click Submit • Order from that outlet in tabular format is visible. • Check “On Location” if order is been taken by actually visiting outlet. • Uncheck “On Location” if order is not taken by visiting outlet. For e.g. Order taken on Phone for Non PJP Outlet. • Click submit to punch order Mobisy Confidential
  • 31. User ( PSR ) Info can be edited from here Last EoD Reports can be viewed by clicking this. Click here for EoD Report Submission Mobisy Confidential
  • 32. Click here to send • EoD Report Shows PJP /Non PJP calls made • On location/Off Location calls made • Shows number of productive calls • Outlets Added/Not visited • On location/Off Location calls made • Today’s Order Details Mobisy Confidential
  • 33. Thank You! Mobisy Confidential