Bizight webinar inbound digital marketing 19th_nov


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Bizight webinar inbound digital marketing 19th_nov

  1. 1.               3 Aspects Of Inbound Digital Marketing for building an effective sales pipeline
  2. 2. Contents •  About Inbound Digital Marketing •  3 Key Aspects o  Get Traffic o  Build Pipeline o  Close Leads •  About Bizight
  3. 3. Is this webinar for you?
  4. 4. Yes, if you are one of these •  IT solutions company getting business from same set of customers, need to scale further •  Looking for overseas clients for my products and services •  An ISV looking to sell my product to domestic and international clients •  IT product company offering solution on premise or cloud.
  5. 5. About Inbound Digital Marketing
  6. 6. Inbound Digital Marketing •  Inbound Marketing works on the principle of getting customers to you rather than hunting for customers using traditional marketing tactics. •  This is done by creating a presence and position of authority on internet using relevant content followed by close loop nurturing process.
  7. 7. Why Digital Marketing?
  8. 8. What has changed? •  Customer is now more informed and gets influenced early in the buying cycle •  Internet reach is increasing with mobiles and tablets rise •  Customers looking for on-demand information rather than intrusive marketing •  Sales getting limited to “how to buy”
  9. 9. Online Customer Engagement Cycle Customer Prospect Customer Engagement Level Subscriber Website Visitor Online User Curious Interested Engaged Keen Buyer
  10. 10. Content is the key Website Landing page Social Media Presence – Linkedin, Twitter Articles/Blogs/ Thought Leadership You tube videos/ Slide share presentations Customer Case studies Product Presentations Data Sheets/Demos
  11. 11. 3 Aspects of Inbound Digital Marketing
  12. 12. Inbound Marketing Process GET TRAFFIC Suspects Create Digital Presence BUILD PIPELINE Prospects Convert Visitors to Leads CLOSE LEADS Leads Customers Nurture & Close Leads
  13. 13. ‘What  Content’  at  ‘What  Stage’ Create Awareness |Attention Showcase| Demonstrate Use   Articles/  Whitepapers/Videos Use   Web  content/  NewsleEers/  Datasheets/ Case  Studies Talk  About   Industry  trends,  Business   problems,  Challenges Talk  About   Comparison,  Product  Fitment,   Demo Generate Interest Lead towards Purchase Use   Whitepapers/  Ebooks/  Brochures/   Microsites Use   Case  studies/  Testimonials/   Datasheets/  E-­‐‑learning Talk  About   Advantages,  ROI,  Business  case,  USP Talk  About   Subscription,  Order,   Conversion
  14. 14. Current Assessment and Campaign Objective •  Assess current state of digital readiness •  Site Analytics : Number, type and source of visitors and visitor to prospect conversion •  What is your target segment? Solutions you want to sell ? Geographies targeted ? •  Define marketing budgets and timelines Call  us  for  FREE  Assessment
  15. 15. GET TRAFFIC CONTENT MARKETING SOCIAL MEDIA SEO Create thought leadership and web presence using active content marketing and blogging. Create and manage an active presence to reach out to your potential customers on social media. Improve your chances of being found on search engines like Google using SEO as well as paid PPC Adwords.
  16. 16. Activities & Outcomes o  Keyword Strategy and Research GET TRAFFIC Suspects Prospects o  On-Page and Off-page SEO SEO o  Google Adwords Create Digital Presence o  Content Strategy o  Blog Setup and Management CONTENT MARKETING o  Content Creation, Posting and Sharing on social media, Blog Analytics o  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+ and other Social media setup including content and creatives SOCIAL MEDIA o  Building campaign, posting regular content and sharing o  Google Analytics for Social Media and other details
  17. 17. Content Marketing with SalesPanda •  SalesPanda is a content curation platform for everything on technology •  You can upload or tag content by technology or industry •  Search content and share on social media to create visibility •  IT buyers read your connect and connect to you.
  18. 18. BUILD PIPELINE USABILITY TRACKING Track visitor usage pattern using tracking tools and heat maps to identify what part of website is engaging and what is not LEAD CONVERSION Based on usability analysis design and place the right landing pages, lead forms and call to action(CTA) buttons to improve the visitor to lead conversion ratio. Also live chat service can be provided to increase conversion LEAD MANAGEMENT Automate the lead capture process to a funnel view to ensure no leads are lost from the pipeline.
  19. 19. Activities & Outcomes o  Usability tracking and analysis BUILD PIPELINE Prospects o  Heat Map Analysis USABILITY TRACKING o  A/B testing for site traffic Convert Visitors to Leads o  Landing page(LP), Lead form and Call to action(CTA) button plan as per campaigns LEAD CONVERSION o  Live Chat to engage the visitors and enhance conversion o  Landing Page, Form and CTA design and placements to ensure maximum lead conversion o  Automated Lead capture to pipeline funnel o  Pipeline view from visitor to lead LEAD MANAGEMENT o  Pipeline management and analysis Leads
  20. 20. CLOSE LEADS LEAD VALIDATION NURTURING & PROGRESSION PIPELINE ANALYTICS We validate leads telephonically to fix meetings or nurture to next level We use drip marketing and nurturing techniques to progress leads to the next level of engagement and keep relationships warm Pipeline Analytics gives you a clear view of lead funnel from suspects to customers
  21. 21. Activities & Outcomes o  Telephonic pipeline validation CLOSE LEADS Leads Customers o  Lead segmentation to hot, warm and cold LEAD VALIDATION o  Follow-up on leads as per client needs Nurture & Close Leads o  Progression of leads using drip marketing and nurturing techniques NURTURING & PROGRESSION o  Content marketing to nurture the warm leads o  Pipeline progression to ensure active and healthy pipeline o  Pipeline Analytics by lead stage ANALYTICS o  Analytics by product, geography and customer segment if required
  22. 22. Summary : Inbound Marketing GET TRAFFIC Suspects BUILD PIPELINE Prospects CLOSE LEADS Leads Customers Content Marketing Usability Tracking Lead Validation Social Media Lead Conversion Nurturing & Progression SEO Lead Management Pipeline Analytics
  23. 23. About Bizight
  24. 24. About Bizight •  Bizight is a Marketing Agency with end to end capabilities in Digital Marketing •  We offer close loop inbound marketing from generating website traffic to lead validation •  Services are offered in modular as well as integrated manner on pay per use monthly retainer model •  Bizight Services are backed by strong backend automation and analytics capabilities for maximum ROI on marketing investment.
  25. 25. Next Steps •  Reach us for a FREE Assessment of your current state of digital readiness •  Build an inbound marketing strategy and convert your website into a digital hub •  Attend our next webinar on “Social media and content marketing”.
  26. 26. Thank You For more information please write to :