Proving to Your Boss that Content Marketing Works using Data


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A how-to guide for Salesforce campaigns on measuring the ROI of content marketing.

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Proving to Your Boss that Content Marketing Works using Data

  1. 1. Proving to Your Boss that Content Marketing Works using Data A How-To Guide for Salesforce Campaigns
  2. 2. Your boss reads headlines like this one… Content Marketing Study Suggests Most Content Marketing Doesn't Work -
  3. 3. But you’re smart and know performance varies by industry, company, content, promotion…. But you still need to test it out.
  4. 4. This presentation has you covered • • • • Overview of UTM LinkedIn Ads example Generating reports Calculating return-on-ad-spend (ROAS)
  5. 5. UTM • Track everything with UTM • Build your URLs with Google’s free tool • Parameters explained: – Campaign Source (utm_source) Required. Use utm_source to identify where the ad will be placed. Example: utm_source=linkedin – Campaign Medium (utm_medium) Required. Use utm_medium to identify a medium such organic or paid. Example: utm_medium=paid – Campaign Content (utm_content) Use utm_content to differentiate ads and ad type. Examples: utm_content=update or utm_content=banner – Campaign Name (utm_campaign) Use utm_campaign to identify a specific promotion or campaign. Example: utm_campaign=product_launch
  6. 6. LinkedIn Ads Example Potential customer clicks on a UTM tracked ad or promoted update Directed to landing page with content download form Bizible remembers UTM parameters from ad (plus much more) and pipes into Salesforce
  7. 7. Reporting • Run custom report using Bizible fields • For example, customers with the source of “linkedin” and campaign “product launch”
  8. 8. Proving Value • Ultimately the best way to show content marketing is worth the cost is to prove it by calculating return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) • Revenue / Media Expenses = ROAS • For those with sales cycle, also look at projected ROAS based on the pipeline for true picture
  9. 9. Key Takeways • • • • Track everything with UTM Use Bizible to pipe in data to Salesforce Create custom reports in Salesforce Report return-on-ad-spend
  10. 10. Visit to learn more about marketing analytics in Salesforce or request a demo today.
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