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Implementation onlineprogram041613h Implementation onlineprogram041613h Presentation Transcript

  • You Are CordiallyInvited to Join Us Inthe 21st CenturyBringing EmployeeTraining Online
  • PresentersChris OsbornVice President of BatzMarketing
  • POLL QUESTIONWhat bestdescribes yourcurrentemployeedevelopmentprogram:A. Our program is aligned tothe strategic goals of theorganization.B. We have a program, butit is not aligned to thestrategic goals of theorganization.C. We cover the basics, butemployee developmentisn’t on-going.D. Program? I wouldn’texactly call it a program.
  • POLL QUESTIONWhat is yourbiggestroadblock withemployeedevelopment?A. No manager supportB. No budget or perceivedvalueC. Lack of leadershipsupportD. Unengaged andunmotivated employeesE. Something else
  • CommonRoadblocks1. No managersupport2. No budget orperceived value3. Lack of leadershipsupport4. Unengagedemployees
  • What you’lllearn:Key Strategies forImplementationSetting Goals andProgram EvaluationManaging YourProgramHow to Create aMarketing andCommunicationPlan
  • Keys to ProgramSuccessBusiness FitAdoptionBusiness Value
  • CulturalAwarenessSTRATEGY AND IMPLEMENTATIONChangeManagementGoalsand SuccessCriteriaProgramManagement
  • CulturalAwarenessExecutive andmanagementsupportBusiness and workenvironmentCommunicationstyles and flowRelationships ofinfluenceExisting learningculture
  • ELEMENTS OF ALEARNING CULTURE1. Holistic thinking2. Integrated learning3. Capacity forchange andimprovement4. Focus oncollaboration5. Personalcommitment
  • ChangeManagementCommunicate thebusiness andindividual benefits ofthe programCommunicate toreduce fearCareful planningClear links betweentraining and jobroles/performance
  • PREPAREDELIVERMESSAGEFOLLOW-UP Gather Empathize Anticipate Purpose Impact Information InvolvementPRESENTING CHANGE TO EMPLOYEES Check-in Support Recognize Reward
  • Goals andSuccess CriteriaDetermine theaudienceDetermine contentand link to programobjectivesDefine criteria formeasurementWhat will successlook like?And how will I know?
  • S.M.A.R.T. GOALSSpecificMeasurableAttainableRelevantTimely
  • Program FocusSOME EXAMPLES:• Percentage ofemployees take atleast one course withinthe first year ofprogram• Replace percentage ofInstructor Led Training(ILT) with e-learning
  • Program Focus• Employees use e-learning to meet anaverage percentage oftheir annual trainingrequirement• Employees use e-learning courses tomeet specific skill gapsin their PersonalDevelopment Plansand demonstrate a testscore of percentage
  • Learner FocusSOME EXAMPLES:• Extent the learner hasmanager support touse the knowledgeand/or skills presentedby modeling the skills orproviding youcoaching and/orfeedback?
  • Learner Focus• Positive feedback onhow participants willapply what theylearned to their job• Positive feedback oncontent with a specificapproval rating
  • PROGRAM GOALGOAL: Replace 50% ofinstructor led training with e-learning within 12 months.SUCCESS CRITERIA: Usagemeasured by completion.MEASUREMENT: 25% ofpotential audience of 500completes one course (125learners) on an annualizedbasis.
  • PROGRAM GOALGOAL: Provide video contentas a viable means foremployees professionaldevelopment within 12monthsSUCCESS CRITERIA: Learnersatisfaction with contentMEASUREMENT: Positivefeedback on content with a>70% approval rating.
  • LEARNER GOALGOAL: Improve performancein handling of customercomplaints within 90 days.SUCCESS CRITERIA: Transfer ofknowledge and/or skill backto job.MEASUREMENT: Positivefeedback on applicability oflearning to job responsibilitieswith a >70% approval rating
  • PROGRAM EVALUATION• Start with usagereports• Results fromevaluation forms• Pre and post tests• Job performancemetrics or KPI’s
  • MetricsMethod: Track initial emailto users.Measured Results:• 53.5% open rate• 35% hit the link to theLMS• 62 signed up forcourses• 28 started courses• 8 completed courses
  • MetricsMethod: Leadershipdevelopment programparticipationMeasured Results:• 80% completed theprogram• 30% were promotedwithin 3 months• 100% retention of allparticipants• 100% rated theprogram valuable
  • MANAGING YOUR PROGRAM• Deployment andlaunch• Marketing andcommunications• Measurementand review
  • TIMELINEPLANNINGADDITIONALRESOURCES Training Human Resources Organizational Development Information TechnologyMarketing/CommunicationsDEPLOYMENT AND PROGRAM LAUNCH
  • Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4| Set Strategy (1 week) || Establish Program Goals (1 week) || Site Design & Customization (1-2 weeks) || Identify Success Criteria (1 week) || Marketing & Communications Strategy (1 week) || Define Audience (2-3 days) || Determine Program Measurement (1 week)| Course Selection (1 week) || Pre-Launch Communications Begin (2-3 weeks) |4 Week Timeline
  • Provide tipsand bestpractices!
  • BUILDACTREVIEW Strategy Culture Successstories Top downMARKETING AND COMMUNICATION Evaluate Share info. Encourage
  • Marketing Plan• The Message• Your Purpose• Method• Metrics• TargetAudience
  • Message Purpose Method Timing Metric Owner Target AudienceLaunch ofStrategicSalesSchoolInform Article incompanydaily e-newsPre-launch Awarenesssurveyresults greatthan 10% ofsales teamKim Sr. Leaders, Mid-level Leaders,Sales Leaders,Sales PeoplePersuade Testimonialsfrom SalesLeaders andPilotParticipantsLaunch Enrollmentat 85%KimRemind ParticipanttestimonialsMonthly Kim Sales People,Sales LeadersSample Plan
  • Communicate to keep it top of mind!
  • ELEMENTS OF ALEARNING CULTURE1. Holistic thinking2. Integrated learning3. Capacity forchange andimprovement4. Focus oncollaboration5. Personalcommitment
  • Recommended Resources• Streaming Videos:• Change Management• Cutting Edge Communication: AcceptingChange• Dont Panic! A Recipe for Success in Timesof Stress• E-learning Courses:• Organizational Behavior: Dynamics of aPositive Organizational Culture• HR as a Business Partner: Using Metrics andDesigning Strategic Initiatives• HR as a Business Partner: Linking HRFunctions with Organizational Goals
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