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Implementation onlineprogram041613h

  1. 1. You Are CordiallyInvited to Join Us Inthe 21st CenturyBringing EmployeeTraining Online
  2. 2. PresentersChris OsbornVice President of BatzMarketing
  3. 3. POLL QUESTIONWhat bestdescribes yourcurrentemployeedevelopmentprogram:A. Our program is aligned tothe strategic goals of theorganization.B. We have a program, butit is not aligned to thestrategic goals of theorganization.C. We cover the basics, butemployee developmentisn’t on-going.D. Program? I wouldn’texactly call it a program.
  4. 4. POLL QUESTIONWhat is yourbiggestroadblock withemployeedevelopment?A. No manager supportB. No budget or perceivedvalueC. Lack of leadershipsupportD. Unengaged andunmotivated employeesE. Something else
  5. 5. CommonRoadblocks1. No managersupport2. No budget orperceived value3. Lack of leadershipsupport4. Unengagedemployees
  6. 6. What you’lllearn:Key Strategies forImplementationSetting Goals andProgram EvaluationManaging YourProgramHow to Create aMarketing andCommunicationPlan
  7. 7. Keys to ProgramSuccessBusiness FitAdoptionBusiness Value
  8. 8. CulturalAwarenessSTRATEGY AND IMPLEMENTATIONChangeManagementGoalsand SuccessCriteriaProgramManagement
  9. 9. CulturalAwarenessExecutive andmanagementsupportBusiness and workenvironmentCommunicationstyles and flowRelationships ofinfluenceExisting learningculture
  10. 10. ELEMENTS OF ALEARNING CULTURE1. Holistic thinking2. Integrated learning3. Capacity forchange andimprovement4. Focus oncollaboration5. Personalcommitment
  11. 11. ChangeManagementCommunicate thebusiness andindividual benefits ofthe programCommunicate toreduce fearCareful planningClear links betweentraining and jobroles/performance
  12. 12. PREPAREDELIVERMESSAGEFOLLOW-UP Gather Empathize Anticipate Purpose Impact Information InvolvementPRESENTING CHANGE TO EMPLOYEES Check-in Support Recognize Reward
  13. 13. Goals andSuccess CriteriaDetermine theaudienceDetermine contentand link to programobjectivesDefine criteria formeasurementWhat will successlook like?And how will I know?
  14. 14. S.M.A.R.T. GOALSSpecificMeasurableAttainableRelevantTimely
  15. 15. Program FocusSOME EXAMPLES:• Percentage ofemployees take atleast one course withinthe first year ofprogram• Replace percentage ofInstructor Led Training(ILT) with e-learning
  16. 16. Program Focus• Employees use e-learning to meet anaverage percentage oftheir annual trainingrequirement• Employees use e-learning courses tomeet specific skill gapsin their PersonalDevelopment Plansand demonstrate a testscore of percentage
  17. 17. Learner FocusSOME EXAMPLES:• Extent the learner hasmanager support touse the knowledgeand/or skills presentedby modeling the skills orproviding youcoaching and/orfeedback?
  18. 18. Learner Focus• Positive feedback onhow participants willapply what theylearned to their job• Positive feedback oncontent with a specificapproval rating
  19. 19. PROGRAM GOALGOAL: Replace 50% ofinstructor led training with e-learning within 12 months.SUCCESS CRITERIA: Usagemeasured by completion.MEASUREMENT: 25% ofpotential audience of 500completes one course (125learners) on an annualizedbasis.
  20. 20. PROGRAM GOALGOAL: Provide video contentas a viable means foremployees professionaldevelopment within 12monthsSUCCESS CRITERIA: Learnersatisfaction with contentMEASUREMENT: Positivefeedback on content with a>70% approval rating.
  21. 21. LEARNER GOALGOAL: Improve performancein handling of customercomplaints within 90 days.SUCCESS CRITERIA: Transfer ofknowledge and/or skill backto job.MEASUREMENT: Positivefeedback on applicability oflearning to job responsibilitieswith a >70% approval rating
  22. 22. PROGRAM EVALUATION• Start with usagereports• Results fromevaluation forms• Pre and post tests• Job performancemetrics or KPI’s
  23. 23. MetricsMethod: Track initial emailto users.Measured Results:• 53.5% open rate• 35% hit the link to theLMS• 62 signed up forcourses• 28 started courses• 8 completed courses
  24. 24. MetricsMethod: Leadershipdevelopment programparticipationMeasured Results:• 80% completed theprogram• 30% were promotedwithin 3 months• 100% retention of allparticipants• 100% rated theprogram valuable
  25. 25. MANAGING YOUR PROGRAM• Deployment andlaunch• Marketing andcommunications• Measurementand review
  26. 26. TIMELINEPLANNINGADDITIONALRESOURCES Training Human Resources Organizational Development Information TechnologyMarketing/CommunicationsDEPLOYMENT AND PROGRAM LAUNCH
  27. 27. Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4| Set Strategy (1 week) || Establish Program Goals (1 week) || Site Design & Customization (1-2 weeks) || Identify Success Criteria (1 week) || Marketing & Communications Strategy (1 week) || Define Audience (2-3 days) || Determine Program Measurement (1 week)| Course Selection (1 week) || Pre-Launch Communications Begin (2-3 weeks) |4 Week Timeline
  28. 28. Provide tipsand bestpractices!
  29. 29. BUILDACTREVIEW Strategy Culture Successstories Top downMARKETING AND COMMUNICATION Evaluate Share info. Encourage
  30. 30. Marketing Plan• The Message• Your Purpose• Method• Metrics• TargetAudience
  31. 31. Message Purpose Method Timing Metric Owner Target AudienceLaunch ofStrategicSalesSchoolInform Article incompanydaily e-newsPre-launch Awarenesssurveyresults greatthan 10% ofsales teamKim Sr. Leaders, Mid-level Leaders,Sales Leaders,Sales PeoplePersuade Testimonialsfrom SalesLeaders andPilotParticipantsLaunch Enrollmentat 85%KimRemind ParticipanttestimonialsMonthly Kim Sales People,Sales LeadersSample Plan
  32. 32. Communicate to keep it top of mind!
  33. 33. ELEMENTS OF ALEARNING CULTURE1. Holistic thinking2. Integrated learning3. Capacity forchange andimprovement4. Focus oncollaboration5. Personalcommitment
  34. 34. Recommended Resources• Streaming Videos:• Change Management• Cutting Edge Communication: AcceptingChange• Dont Panic! A Recipe for Success in Timesof Stress• E-learning Courses:• Organizational Behavior: Dynamics of aPositive Organizational Culture• HR as a Business Partner: Using Metrics andDesigning Strategic Initiatives• HR as a Business Partner: Linking HRFunctions with Organizational Goals
  35. 35. Try them out! Free for 30-days!1,600 + Streaming Videos5,000 + Elearning CoursesOnline BooksSimulationsScenario-Based CoursesOnline TrainingResources
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