Digital Efficiency for Business Journalists


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Jeremy Caplan, director of education for the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, presents "Digital Efficiency for Business Journalists -- 36 Tips to Tame Info Overload."

This free workshop was held at CUNY during the Society of American Business Editors & Writers 2011 Fall Conference.

For more information about free training for business journalists, please visit

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Digital Efficiency for Business Journalists

  1. 1. Oc tob er We are 110 13, 201 1Digital Efficiency FLOODED JEREMYCAPLAN.COM PHOTO BY .robbie TWITTER.COM/JEREMYCAPLAN QUESTIONS? E-MAIL JEREMY AT Tips, Tools & Techniques With Info E-Mail Messages for Streamlining Per Day Per Your Digital Life Person By Jeremy Caplan 100+ 20 In a Month... > 3,000 E-Mails Bits of Info Jotted > 5,000 Blog Posts Sites/Blogs Down > 500 InfoScraps Subscribed to in (Notes, Phone + Documents Google Reader Numbers, To-Do List + Pictures + Links... Items, etc) % of Time When Info is Flowing Into My Life # of Important Things to Read Online My Average # of Daily Incoming Email Messages % of Time When No New Info Is Coming In Amount of Spare Time for Casual Reading 110 110 8.3% 88 82 75 82.5 # of Email Messages 55 2008 27.5 2009 2010 2011 91.7% 2008 2009 2010 0 Year 2011
  2. 2. “...Such is the flood that event things“...Of Making Books “The Abundance of that might havethere is no end...” - Books is done some good Distraction” lose all theirEcclesiastes 12:12 - Seneca goodness...” - ErasmusWe Haven’t Even Mentioned...
  3. 3. Developing Solutions Rituals Rituals/Systems/ToolsEstablishing Implementing systems tools Einstein’s desk on the day he died
  4. 4. 3 keys for set up and stick to a system Digital efficiency establish and refine rituals pick and learn your toolsPhone leashes Digital Efficiency requires: a system I. Check your reality rituals lay the II. set up your help Tools groundwork III. prepare your systems I. track your timeReality check Gain Awareness with Time Maps and Timers
  5. 5. II.set up your help bill payment automate deposits spend your time, energy and brainpower budget tracking where it’s needed or enjoyed email filtering calendaring
  6. 6. III.prepare your 6 Levels of focus systemfree up your mind for thoughtThe Big Picture: Reality on the Ground: break projects into pieces Life Overall areas of responsibility (Mission, Purpose) (Family, Job, Charity) plan backwards from the deadline Longterm Goals Projects (Five Years) (Requiring multiple steps) Specify the very next actionsShort-Term Goals Tasks (This Year) (Individual To-Do Items) Taming Info Establish Overload Don’t rely on Rituals Strategies for staying sane and calm willpower
  7. 7. “It is a profoundly erroneous truism that we “...We each have one reservoir of will should cultivate the habit of thinking of what we and discipline, and it gets progressively are doing” depleted by any act of conscious self- regulation...” “The precise opposite is the case. Civilization advances by extending the number of Rituals operations we can perform without thinking first things first - Tony Schwartz, about them.” weekly review digital sabbath Harvard Business Review - A.N. Whitehead, Philosopher, 1911 “Launching my work day by focusing first on whatever Ive decided the night before is the most important activity I can do Establish a 1st things 1st that day. Then taking a break weekly review start the day with the most important project after 90 minutes to refuel...” A Weekly Brain Refresh Review: Calendar, Projects & Tasks - Tony Schwartz, Harvard Business ReviewWeekly Review Review Once a Week: Calendar Next step: (Upcoming Week & Previous Week) tech sabbath Pick your tools no-tech Sunday Projects or (Review Progress, Change tasks) No Tech before bed OR tech-free early morning Tasks (Individual To-Do Items)
  8. 8. The 9 Buckets Email Calendar Tasks Pick & Stick to The 9 Buckets capture tools The infoStuff that we manage For random bits of info and thoughts Docs InfoScraps Feeds Links Paper Reading Hunt for system Keep it simple Paper works gapsChoose basic tools that are good enough index cards and the hipster PDA find the leaks Identify your weaknesses specify your adjustments Google Calendar Google Calendar Calendars Reading Paper Docs Links Calendar Feeds Tasks InfoScraps
  9. 9. Toodledo toodledoTasks Reading Paper Docs Links Calendar Feeds TasksInfoScraps Google DocsDocs InfoScraps Reading Paper Docs Links Calendar Feeds TasksInfoScraps Reading Paper Docs Links Calendar Feeds Tasks InfoScraps evernote evernote
  10. 10. Evernote Google reader Feeds Reading Paper Docs Links Calendar Feeds Tasks InfoScrapsInstapaper Links Reading Paper Docs Links Calendar Feeds Tasks InfoScraps Google Contacts Contacts Reading Paper Docs Links Calendar Feeds Tasks InfoScraps
  11. 11. Google Voice Google Voice Voicemail Reading Paper Docs Links Calendar Feeds Tasks InfoScrapsGoogle Voice The 9 Buckets Email Calendar Tasks One final bucket? $$ Docs InfoScraps Feeds Financial Reading Paper Docs Links Calendar Feeds Tasks InfoScraps Info $$ Links Contacts VoiceMail Mint Betterment Backing Up & Sharing
  12. 12. Sharpen Your Toolkit
  13. 13. NETTED.NET LYNDA.COM MAKEUSEOF.COM Keep track of the latest, Learn efficiently. Not free. Useful, free how-to PDF greatest new services online. Valuable, effective training. guides and useful site lists. READWRITEWEB FANCYHANDS.COM ALLTOP.COM Helps keep you up-to-date Got more $$ than time? Pay Custom RSS aggregator for on new Web tools and $1.50/day to hand off topic overviews. Catch up on services. unlimited tasks. a topic, or customize a page. QUORA.COM VARK.COM MASHABLE.COM Build a network of smart Type in a question, get a Mashable has become a people whose insights you quick IM reply. consistent, reliable resource value. Ask & answer quickly connects questions for useful social media tips questions and follow topics. with answerers. and how-to guides.TWITTER.COM/JEREMYCAPLAN - QUESTIONS? E-MAIL: JEREMY@JEREMYCAPLAN.COM
  14. 14. Our Most crucial information Making the Most source of E-Mail Email Key emailDO, DELETE, DEFER JUICE UP YOUR GMAIL MINIMIZE INTERRUPTIONS techniques Mastering email Filtering FILTER AUTOMATE BATCH Settings Labs Automating Filters & labels apps & Add-ons batching STRENGTHEN BOOKMARK one-touch SIGNATURES EMAIL ADD CONTEXT Filtering Automating Filtering Clarify the characteristics of the email that needs to be filtered type it once, fine. Type it twice, fine. Type the same thing 50 times? Fool me once, shame on you... Examples: - Sender’s Name/Address You’re wasting time.. fool me twice, I need a filter - Subject Line - Recipients - Keywords
  15. 15. Textexpander Textexpander Textexpander My Textexpander Stats: My Textexpander Stats: batching batchingCheck and act on email periodically, not some people find that checking every hour isconstantly. a reasonable compromise. find a frequency that works for you. One-Touchyour attention and focus are valuable.don’t squander them. When you act on email, don’t just read. act. Either archive, reply or defer 8 Gmail One-Touch Shortcuts Settings & c"="compose3 basic options for acting on an email: r"="replyArchive = delete or label Shortcuts a"="reply"alldo = reply or take some action f"="forward e"="archivedefer = Schedule for later or delegate l"="label" v"="move"with"label s"="add"a"star
  16. 16. Juicing Up GMail Reply from Gmail Settings other Email Addresses Send & receive Email Customize your Gmail from work accounts email Labs 6 best Gmail LabsUndo"Send Auto"AdvanceCanned"Responses Send"and"ArchiveQuick"Links Create"a"Doc
  17. 17. More Gmail Labs Add GadgetsFilters & Labels
  18. 18. Create a Filter Create a Filter Step 1 Step 2Create a Filter Boomerang Step 3 Apps & Add-ons Boomerang Nudgemail Nudgemail
  19. 19. WiseStamp email WiseStamp email signatures signature Bookmark email Rapportive RapportiveBookmark email Rapportive 170 171
  20. 20. 173 Questions? jeremy@ Twitter: @jeremycaplan
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