Grassroots Marketing with an Edge


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In this 1 hour webinar hosted by BizCentral USA, we take a look at small business marketing methods, more specifically grassroots marketing. Learn how to turn the traditional methods up a notch! For more information, please visit:

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Grassroots Marketing with an Edge

  1. 1. Key Speaker Nicole Roach Marketing Coordinator BizCentral USA Administrator Grace Dunlap Marketing Assistant HBIF Meeting 12-09 BizCentral USA
  2. 2. • BizCentral USA: A “One-stop” resource center for startup, small & midsized businesses nationwide! • Key Speaker: Nicole Roach • Questions • Survey & Notes Page
  3. 3. I. What is Grassroots Marketing II. The 3 F’s of Grassroots Marketing III.5 Grassroots Marketing Methods IV.Putting it all Together
  4. 4. • The most affordable type of marketing. • Consists of using resources you already have to spread the word about your product or service. • Market your company, organization, products or services on a local and on a personal level. • Works best when a combination of activities are implemented.
  5. 5. • Grassroots Marketing Will: • Build momentum until you have your own “fan section”. • Form a ripple effect among your community.
  6. 6. Advertising
  7. 7. • 3 Things to Remember: • Feel Good • Frequent • Free
  8. 8. • Leave people with a memorable experience. • Don’t forget to research the market to better ignite the fire. • Nothing is worse than attempting to appeal to a crowd that can not relate.
  9. 9. • It’s important to have Speaking multiple layers to Engagement each campaign. Press Release • Tap into the resources of your Community partners. Event • The idea is to keep Public Service everything fresh. Announcement
  10. 10. • The best way to get people excited about your products or services. • Remember, your products must deliver. • Look at everything objectively • Ask for feedback • Great way to get forgiveness
  11. 11. • Direct Calls • Speaking Engagements • Canvassing • Word of Mouth • Networking
  12. 12. • This is the method where you directly call your potential customer. • If you are going to implement a direct phone call campaign, make sure you are not calling anyone on the “Do Not Call” list. • • Rather than directly pitching your product or service invite them to an event or offer them a free item etc.
  13. 13. • Use direct calls to both: • Retain Customers • Attain Customers • Dallas-based Canyon Cafes sent congratulatory letters to recently promoted area workers. "Come pop a cork with us," read the personalized greetings, which offer free champagne or wine at two their six restaurants.
  14. 14. • This method takes some inner talents that maybe you didn't even know that you had, but: • Who knows your passion better than you? • Public speaking may not be your "thing", but if there is someone in your company that can do it, I would recommend it. • This can also be a chance to utilize connections that you have made throughout the community.
  15. 15. • So maybe speaking in front of a large crowd isn’t your thing. • New trends on speaking engagements: • Host seminars or webinars • Simulcast your events • Record an interview and share it via video • Podcasting
  16. 16. • Consists of going around your city or neighborhood and speaking to people directly, placing flyers & posters on doors, cars, community boards etc. • Remember to do your demographic research on your target areas. • Pay attention to community ordinances and restrictions.
  17. 17. • Canvassing can consist of a few additional methods: • Get a stand at: • Local Farmers Market • Grocery/Specialty Store • This is a great time to bring in the 3rd F of Grassroots Marketing…. Free
  18. 18. • Word of Mouth Marketing: Giving people a reason to talk about your products and services, and making it easier for that conversation to take place.
  19. 19. • Educating people about your products & service • Identifying people most likely to share their opinions • Providing tools to make it easier to share information • Studying how, where, & when opinions are being shared • Listening & responding
  20. 20. • Word of Mouth • Focused more specifically on the product or service the consumer received • Typically starts off stronger & dwindles down. • Viral Marketing • Typically reserved for programs where the advertising is talked about as opposed to the product itself.
  21. 21. • The act of getting out into the community and meeting potential consumers, strategic partners and other professionals. • Effective business networking is the linking together of individuals who will become walking, talking advertisements for one another.
  22. 22. • Networking Tips: • Keep in mind it is about being genuine • Know what your goals are for each event • Take volunteer parts in groups or associations • Ask open-ended questions • Have your elevator pitch ready • Follow-up promptly
  23. 23. • Where to Network: • Join Associations • MeetUp • Join Online Groups • LinkedIn Groups • Facebook Groups • Chambers of Commerce
  24. 24. • The Bottom Line: • Grassroots Marketing Builds Stronger Relationships & Better Loyalty Than Other Methods! • Your Customers or Partners can be your Best Sales Team!