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We believe Internet is too cool to be limited by reality. Let real world objects communicate with the Web. BitQR lets you have a personal code to which you can easily share your contacts information.

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bitQR Features

  1. 1. your reality router
  2. 2. route your world bitQR is you reality router It helps you create a, personal, reality2web routing table that you can manage by yourself flawlessly
  3. 3. I wantI want
  4. 4. I want I want to link physical things with web resources by means of QRcodes I want to decide dynamically what content to show for a given code I want to manage my weblinks within time (add, update, delete).update, delete). I want a central point of access to all my links and stats to understand how my campaign is performing
  5. 5. why?why?
  6. 6. to promote myself and my web resources to promote and sell products to create social events and sell tickets to exploit user context when promoting myto exploit user context when promoting my products
  7. 7. Tag happily With bitQR you can happily tag your world with no worries You'll be always in control of your data – you manage the complete lifecycle of your reality-web links You’ll have access to stats about tag readings & readers data
  8. 8. People Lets you link a QRcode to all your social profiles and resources: ●Websites ●Blogs Goods Lets you link a QRcode to a physical good and: ●sell it through bitQR, or other websites ●react to user context (time, Events Lets you link a QRcode to promotional stuff and: ●gather participants ●sell tickets instantaneously verify tickets●Blogs ●Social profiles ●IMs ●Mailto ●VoIP and more ●react to user context (time, position, etc..) ●redirect a request to any URL (incl. Parameters) ●verify tickets
  9. 9. ● A day - you start to create your product, you tag it and link to your personal website to advertise your works. A story ● People like it! - you got many acknowledgments so you decide to sell via an e-commerce portal. ● Quality matters - the business go great, but the online store doesn't answer all your needs: you want to change it.change it. ● Let’s go! - you change your store and, instantly, you make all your existing codes point to the brand new store
  10. 10. DMAP • Personal Profiles: available! try now @ • Event code creation and ticket payment within bitQR or external resources (e.g. PayPal): MAP//ROADM external resources (e.g. PayPal): coming very soon! upcoming >> • Codes for selling goods and e- commerce platforms • An enhanced contextual code ROADM • An enhanced contextual code reader BitQR is working to support the most used commercialization software mashing up your real world
  11. 11. TACTSTACTS//CONTA : info : support : business inquiries CONTA
  12. 12. No link lasts forever