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Joyce s ulysses
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Joyce s ulysses


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Title1) Structure of Joyces Ulysses2) Comparison with Homers Odyssey Lesson objectives Teachers notes
  • 2. Subject: English Literature Topic: Joyces Ulysses Grade(s): V Prior knowledge: Cross-curricular link(s): Joyces life and works Modernism Lesson notes:Type text here Lesson objectives Teachers notes
  • 3. STUCTURE OF THE BOOK 18 EPISODES modelled on equivalent episodes in Homers text PARODY Hero anti-hero·exceptional qualities·can count on ·Imperfect, cannot rely on the kindness of tthe favour of the gods gods·a stereotyped character ·deep and vital character
  • 4. ULYSSES In Homers Odyssey In Joyces work ·Leopold Bloom is a middle aged·a greek soldier returning advertising canvasser. from the trojan war ·he goes out one morning leaving·delayed but bizarre his wife in bed and wanders aroundperilous events and encounters Dublin. ·he goes to different places and·survives using wit meets Stephen Dedalus.·returns to his home in Ithaca
  • 5. TELEMACUS STEPHEN DEDALUS·Son of Ulysses ·an indigent pretentious young·forced to share his writerhouse with his mothers ·he is evicted by hissuitors companions from theirwho treat him badly temporary home in a coastal·turn to wise King Nestor towerfor advice ·wanders the streets of Dublin looking for a house ·meets Leopold Bloom who takes him to his home
  • 6. PENELOPE MOLLY BLOOM ·Leoplods unfaithful wife·Ulyssess faithful wife ·a semi-professional singer·avoids the advances of her suitors by ·has had several loversbusying herself with weaving a work which ·while Bloom is out her latestnever finishes lover visits her·a chaste woman ·very sensual woman
  • 7. AN ODYSSEY IN CONSCIOUSNESS PLOT MAP the wanderings of Voyages into their own Leopold consciousness Stephen Dedalus MollyJoyce records the subjects impressions, reflections, questions,memories and fantasies as they occur, triggered by physical Interiorsensations or associations of ideas monologue
  • 8. INTERIOR MONOLOGUE Tries to simulate the workings of the consciuosness in several ways: ·incomplete sentences ·interrupted syntax ·sudden changes of tense ·thoughts are connected through free associations ·new information interferes with thoughts that are being elaboratedsense of realism: symbolic systemJoyce does not selectmaterials , he keepseverything that passesthrough the mind
  • 9. TIME interior time external time·dilated ·24 hours on June 16th 1904·intermingling ofpresent, past, future
  • 10. A MODERN EPIC tries to bridge the divide betweenthe modern world the classical world
  • 11. AN ENCYCLOPEDIC NOVELquotations from:Homer, Virgil, Dante, Shakespeare,Vico, Aquinasthe whole history of Western culture employs every single rethorical technique and style in English: criticised as obscure, ·latin lithurgy cahotic, incoherent, ·Anglo-Saxon poetry immoral ·the language of advertising and slogans ·the language of popular magazines the reader is invited to play parts in the text like a game