User meeting presentation mifos community final


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Mifos User Meeting held on Wednesday,Jan 26th

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User meeting presentation mifos community final

  2. 2. Agenda Time Topic Presenter 5 min Introductions & Overview of Mifos Ed Cable Mifos Production Direction 20 min Technology Vision Ed Cable Product Roadmap Emily Tucker Mifos 2.0 Kay Chau y Business Intelligence (Overview & Demo) B i I t lli (O i D ) 5 min Mifos Online Presence Ed Cable Magic Wand: Address you most critical business pain (open discussion) Ed Cable 10 min Customer Connection: How can we Emily Tucker better serve you? 20 min Question & Answers/Feedback & Discussion Team 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved2
  3. 3. Who’s Using MifosCloud: Live Signed/In DeploymentOn‐Site: Live Signed/In DeploymentCommunity: 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved 3 Live Live & Verified In Deployment
  4. 4. Community is Growing… Live Customers Clients Served In Progress Customers Clients Served Cloud 3 19,125 Cloud 3 5,802 Consortium 4 623,803 Consortium 1 186,170 Community 14 164,826 Community 15 39,920 Total 21 807,754 Total 19 231,892 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved4
  5. 5. Mifos fun at a Nuru data entry party in Kenya5
  6. 6. Miguel from Iniciativa Mifos® Moçambique promoting Mifos6
  7. 7. Conflux Technologies – deploying Mifos & building offline module7
  8. 8. Marie with Daniel from KEEF and Polly from Jitegemea8
  9. 9. Grameen Foundation team meeting up with SECDEP in Philippines9
  10. 10. Mifos Product Direction Mif P d Di i10
  11. 11. A Closer Look Technology Vision and Focus 2011 Product Roadmap p Mifos 2.0 Mifos Business Intelligence Suite 1 0 1.0 Elsie F 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved11
  12. 12. Design Principles of Mifos Accurate Reliable Scalable Usable Flexible 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved12
  13. 13. 2011 Focus Areas Business Intelligence Suite Social performance measurement (PPI) Integration w/ 3rd party systems Accounting HRMS Mobile phones Robust & flexible data collection tools Tools to facilitate rapid expansion Additional features/functionality 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved13
  14. 14. Business Intelligence Mifos Business Intelligence Suite Reporting Server - reports in HTML, PDF, CS XML R i S M CSV, M Data Integration - allows us to take in data from other applications (Tally, etc.) Dashboards - see business health using charts and graphs, drill down into reports Ad Hoc Queries - allows building queries on the fly when you dont need a full report OLAP - f ll analytics that allows you to quickly see multiple full l i h ll i kl li l views on your data, for instance PPI score by Loan Product, PAR by Loan Officer, etc. 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved14
  15. 15. Roadmap 201115
  16. 16. Mifos 2.0 Question Groups – Robust Data Collection Tool Full PPI Support pp M-PESA integration Waive Interest on Early Repayment Batch Jobs Execution & Management Tally Integration Portuguese version of Mifos Check out Mifos 2.0 on our Demo Server: http://demo mifos org/mifos16 User ID: mifos | Password: testmifos 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved
  17. 17. Question Groups Replaces Surveys & Track data at any stage of Additional Fields your workflow(automatic Migration) 6 Question Types including Smart Select Smart Select Dynamic Drop Down 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved17
  18. 18. Full Support for PPI Embed at any stage of your workflow PPI Scorecards for 33 countries Support for versioningBenefits of SPM: Verify poverty levels of their customers & monitor progress over time. Monitor the performance of organization by poverty level. Develop new products to respond to clients at different levels of poverty. 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved 18
  19. 19. M-PESA Integration Currently supports import of loan repayments and savings deposits via .xls Precise validation to ensure accuracy and validity of imports Clear error messages and exportable error logs bl l 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved19
  20. 20. Mifos BI 1.0 Pentaho 10 New Standard Reports Export to PDF, Excel, Management: and HTML MFI Progress Report Loan Officer Details Data Warehouse v1 Loan Officer Performance Summary Funds Movement Ease of building reports Operational: Due D vs. Collected b Branch C ll d by B h Ease of scheduling & Due vs. Collected by Loan Officer Mifos Transactions – Detailed generating reports Mifos Transactions - Summary y Balance Outstanding by Source of Funds Loan Classification by Product 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved20
  21. 21. BI Demo 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved21
  22. 22. Elsie F Target Release Date: mid-March Variable Installment Loans Agricultural Loans | Tracking of Cash Flow Declining Balance – Interest Recalculation Early Repayment of Fees M-PESA loan disbursals and fees Permission to adjust last day’s backdated transactions 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved22
  23. 23. Online Presence 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved23
  24. 24. Online Presence 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved24
  25. 25. Online Presence 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved25
  26. 26. Self – Support Mechanisms Deployment Toolkit & File Repository User Documentation Functional Specifications Deployment Project Pages: Live Case Studies Try them out. Share your lessons learned! Community engagement Community Directory y y Regional User Groups N Newslog g Create an account. Join the community! 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved26
  27. 27. MifosForge Issue Tracker (JIRA) Tracking and Fixing Bugs and Issues Logging Feature or Enhancement Requests Wiki (Confluence) ( ) Developer Documentation Release Documentation Sys Admin Documentation Agile Project Management (Greenhopper) Planning out each of our releases 2011 Grameen Foundation All Rights Reserved27
  28. 28. Magic Wand M i W d What i Wh is your most critical b i i i l business pain? i ? How can we address it? 128
  29. 29. Customer C C Connection i How H can we better serve you? b ? 129
  30. 30. Questions & Answers30