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Titanic incorrect script
Titanic incorrect script
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Titanic incorrect script


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  • 1. Zoe Armitage TITANIC - on the outside of the shipThe Titanic steams towards us, in the dusk light, as if lit by theembers of a giant fire. As the ship looms, FILLING FRAME, we pushin on the bow. Jack is there, right at the apex of the bow railing,his favourite spot. He closes his eyes, letting the chill wind clearhis head. Jack hears her voice, behind him... RoseHello, JACK.He turns and she is standing there. Rose I changed my mind.He smiles at her, his eyes drinking her in. Her hair blows wildlyabout her face. Rose Fabrizio said you might be up-- (Interrupting her) Jack Sssshh. Come here.He puts his hands on her waist. As if he is going to kiss her. Jack Close your eyes.He takes her two hands and raises them until she is standing withher arms out-stretched on each side. Rose is going along with him.When he lowers his hands, her arms stay up... like wings. Jack Okay. Open them.Rose gasps. There is nothing in her field of vision but water. Itslike there is no ship under them at all, just the two of them soaring. Rose Im flying!She leans forward, arching her back. He puts his hands on her waistto steady her.
  • 2. Zoe Armitage JACKs singing Come Josephine in my flying machineRose closes her eyes, feeling herself floating weightless far abovethe sea. They kiss, slowly and tremulously, and then with buildingpassion.In the CROWS NEST, high above and behind them, lookout FREDERICKFLEET nudges his mate, REGINALD LEE, pointing down at the figuresin the bow. Fleet Wish I had those bleedin binoculars.Jack and Rose, embracing at the bow rail, DISSOLVE SLOWLY AWAY,leaving the ruined bow of the WRECK. CUT TO:INT. KELDYSH SHIP MAIN ROOM - DAYOLD ROSE blinks, seeming to come back to the present. Rose That was the last time Titanic ever saw daylight.Brock Lovett changes the tape in the mini-cassette recorder. BROCK So were up to dusk on the night of the sinking. Six hours to go.