Using iHelp to Help Users Help Themselves in Siebel CTMS


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Using iHelp to Help Users Help Themselves in Siebel CTMS

  1. 1. Using iHelp to Help Users HelpThemselves in Siebel CTMSFebruary 21, 2013Parambir SinghVice President ofClinical Trial Management SolutionsBioPharm SystemsRichard GavanConsultantBioPharm Systems
  2. 2. Welcome & IntroductionsParam SinghVice President of Clinical Trial Management SolutionsBioPharm Systems, Inc.• CTMS practice head since 2007– Expertise in managing all phases and styles of clinical trials– Leads the team that implements, supports, and enhances Oracle’sSiebel Clinical and LabPas solutions• Extensive Siebel Clinical implementation experience– 11+ years of experience implementing Siebel Clinical– 30+ implementations and integrations– Spearheaded the creation of ASCEND, an official Oracle AccelerateSolution for Siebel | (210) 454-5192
  3. 3. Welcome & Introductions (cont.)Richard GavanConsultantBioPharm Systems, Inc.• Specializes in system documentation and training– Created the iHelp content package for ASCEND– Maintains, edits, and customizes training materials forBioPharm clients– Delivers Siebel Administration and iHelp Administrationtraining courses– Provides administrative, help desk, and testing support forclinical | (650) 292-5332
  4. 4. Welcome & Introductions (cont.)CTMS Practice ServicesImplementationsManage implementations of SiebelClinical, Siebel Clinical ASCEND, andOracle Health Sciences LabPas.IntegrationsBuild interfaces between Siebel Clinicalor LabPas and other clinical and non-clinical systems.TrainingDevelop and/or deliver standard andcustom training classes and materials.Process GuidanceProvide insight, advice, and solutionsto specific clinical trial managementissues.
  5. 5. Agenda• Approaches to Siebel Training• What is iHelp?• Key Benefits• Use Cases• Demo• Administering iHelp & Developing Content• Summary• Q&A• Additional Resources
  6. 6. Approaches to Siebel Training• Instructor-Led– Classroom style training with hands-on practice– One-on-one training with hands-on practice– Remote training (web conference)• eLearning and computer based training modules• Lectures/Seminars• Self-Guided– Documentation, such as user manuals and work instructions• Combination of methods
  7. 7. What is iHelp?• An in-application on-screen tool that is…– Context-Sensitive (knows where you are)– Interactive (shows you what to do)– Highly configurable (customized to your organization)• Opens up in the Action Pane– Left-hand pop-out panel of any screen for which an iHelparticle exists• Step-by-Step Instructions– Includes direct links to screens/views required for task– Highlights fields and buttons– Branches based on custom business logic– Can include links to external resources
  8. 8. Key Benefits – End Users• Available on-demand, directly in the Siebel application• Content is 100% relevant to each organization• Internal screen/view links move users to where they needto be to perform the task• Field and button highlights show users which fields theyneed to be working with at a particular step• Branching feature allows content to adapt to user actions• Hyperlinks connect to external resources• Reduces help desk support calls by empowering users tohelp themselves
  9. 9. Key Benefits – Administration• No back-end configuration needed – all articles can becreated and maintained through front-end user interface• Can be edited and tested in a live environment withoutaffecting end-user experience• Completely scalable• Little-to-no performance impact• Individual articles can be easily imported and exportedfrom one environment to another through the UI• Batch import/export available via Siebel’s ADM tool
  10. 10. When is iHelp Useful?• Guide users through tasks of varying length– Short – Data entry (e.g., enter a new subject for a site)– Medium – Administration/management tasks (e.g., creatingprotocols)– Long – More complex tasks that span multiple screens (e.g.,creating state models)• Provide tips and reminders– Can set up short iHelp items listing a few tips and reminders(e.g., “Search Tips”)• Support beginner and advanced users– New users: Guide them through tasks until memorized– Experienced users: Remind them how to do tasks rarely performed
  11. 11. Demo
  12. 12. Administering iHelp & Developing Content• Organize steps using a java-based workflow editor in theDesigner view• Enter content using an iHelp form applet in the explorer tree
  13. 13. iHelp Lifecycle & Version Control• iHelp items appear as a set of records with differentversions and statusesActiveDeactivatedIn progressCreate NewiHelpDeactivateor ReviseDeactivateReviseOutdated(old version)
  14. 14. Summary of iHelp Features• A context-sensitive, interactive and completely customizablehelp system featuring internal links to screens/views, field andbutton highlighting, and adaptive “branching” functionality• Assists users with short tasks and longer processes: instructs,guides, and reinforces prior learning• Allows for well-placed tips, reminders, and links to externalresources• Empowers users to help themselves and reduces amount ofsupport needed for Siebel users• Minimal impact on system performance• Easy to scale to match your user base
  15. 15. How BioPharm Can Help• Services– Demonstrations– Workshops– Training analyses– Custom training development– Custom training delivery– Conversions of existing training materials into iHelp articles• Products– Siebel Clinical iHelp Package (30+ articles)– iHelp Administration Training Course– Access to BioPharm’s sandbox environment
  16. 16. Q&A
  17. 17. Additional Resources• Siebel Applications Administration Guide, Chapter 7:Creating and Administering iHelp• Siebel Fundamentals, Chapter 6: Using iHelp• Oracle’s Siebel 8.1.x Application Administration Course• BioPharm’s Siebel iHelp Development and Administration
  18. 18. Contact Us• North America Sales Contact:– Rod Roderick–– +1 877 654 0033• Europe/Middle East/Africa Sales Contact:– Rudolf Coetzee–– +44 (0) 1865 910200• General Inquiries:–