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  • Transcript

    • 1. Open Access Publication: the University Perspective Dr Ian M Carter Director of Research and Enterprise University of Sussex Chair Association of Research Managers and Administrators (UK)
    • 2. Institutional Attitudes, Strategies and Policies
      • Reasons for Supporting Open Access
        • Institutional purpose to disseminate
        • Funding obligation
      • Approaches to publication and dissemination
        • Active versus laissez-faire; publication strategies
        • Budget for dissemination?
      • Positions of key individuals, level of integration
        • VP / PVC Research; Librarian; Director of Research
      • Levels of awareness
    • 3. Drivers and Inhibitors
      • Funder mandates
        • A range of funders now mandate
        • But variable across subject areas
      • Research management and profile; researcher needs; research communication
      • External assessment / metrics
        • Citation rates (not journal impact factors)
      • Economics
    • 4. Economics
      • Shifts costs from consumer to producer
      • OA charges are an additional cost
      • Other publication (subscription) charges continue
      • So how can it be funded?
    • 5. Funding OA
      • Direct cost during the life of a project
      • Specific additional funding (e.g. Wellcome Trust)
      • Indirect cost of research after the project
      • But indirect costs are not usually funded at 100%
      • Needs an institutional budget line
      • But that is in competition with other things: staff costs, infrastructure to do research, compliance / governance requirements
      • And the relationship with the Library budget …
    • 6. Approaches
      • Ignore / wait and see
      • Devolve responsibility
      • Create an institutional budget
      • Establish policies and clear procedures
      • Carry out awareness raising and provide proactive support
      • Establish a repository
        • Who takes the lead?
        • What should it contain?
        • How is the information integrated and used?
        • Is deposition mandated?
    • 7. Current Studies
      • Research Councils UK: Study on Open Access to Research Outputs
      • Universities UK: Open Access and the Payment of Publication Fees
        • Surveying UK researchers
        • Gathering information from institutions around the UK
        • Setting out to define best practices for managing funds for OA
    • 8. References
      • SHERPA JULIET (funder policies)
      • SHERPA ROMEO (publisher copyright policies)
      • RIN Briefing Note on Payment of Publication Fees
    • 9. Open Access Publication: the University Perspective Dr Ian M Carter Director of Research and Enterprise University of Sussex Chair Association of Research Managers and Administrators (UK)
    • 10. Open Access – the basics
      • OA is where the full content can be freely and immediately accessed and reused in an unrestricted way
      • Route to OA:
        • Publication in OA or “hybrid” journal (Gold)
        • Deposit in OA repository (Green)
      • OA costs: <$1,000 to >$6,000; typically c$3,000
    • 11. Compliance analysis – May 2007 91% (n=255) of articles were published in a journal that would have allowed them to comply with the Trust’s mandate
    • 12. Range of costs of OA publication n=220 articles Range: £350 - £3,436 Mean: £1290 Mode: £1,500
    • 13. Publishers and prices: examples $3250 iOpenAccess Taylor and Francis $3000 Open Choice Springer $3000 Sage Open Sage £1000-£2500 RSC Open Science Royal Society of Chemistry $278-400 and $16 per page for first 6-10 pages, $93 per page thereafter EXIS Open Choice Royal Society $3250 iOpenAccess Routledge £1700 Engineering Open Choice Professional Engineering Publishing (IME) $1500-$2800 Oxford Open Oxford University Press $3000 Sponsorship Option Elsevier $2700 Cambridge Open Cambridge University Press $2220-$3145 BMJ Unlocked British Medical Journal Publishing $2600 Online Open Blackwell $975-$1300 Free to Read American Physical Society $1500-$2500 Author Select American Institute of Physics $3000 Author Choice American Chemical Society Price OA option Publisher