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We designed RateMyProduct just for you.

Custom market research can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and maybe market research for YOUR product didn't make the budget this year.

100 qualified researchers will review your product or product concept and tell us what they think about it.

YOU get the results within 5 business days.

An automated product assessment tool, RateMyProduct provides product and marketing managers with feedback from the researchers who buy their products.

Your product will be rated on:

Market Receptivity
Product Utility
Purchase Criteria
Pricing Effectiveness
Marketing Effectiveness

RateMyProduct is easy to use. Once you've placed your order, simply fill out your product profile form and hit "Go Live." We'll take care of the rest. You get your results within 5 business days.

When your final results are ready you will gain online access to your RateMyProduct Scoreboard.

Your scoreboard will include scores on the following attributes:
See sample report.

Market Receptivity
Product Utility
Purchase Criteria
Pricing Effectiveness
Marketing Effectiveness

In addition your product will receive an overall RMP Score.

Products with a higher RMP Score are more likely to enjoy widespread adoption among your customer base.
-Your performance scores will also be benchmarked against industry averages.
-Our survey respondents are drawn from the Science Advisory Board®, an expert network of over 70,000 researchers.

TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT RateMyProduct, and to place your order, visit: http://www.gene2drug.com/index.php?pid=130

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Rate myproduct™ Automated Product Assessment Tool

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  2. 2. Life Science Industry Market Researchgene2drug.comAbout BioInformatics LLC2§ A full-service market researchfirm since 1994:• Consulting and strategydevelopment• Expert interviews• Focus groups• Surveys• RateMyProduct™
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  4. 4. Life Science Industry Market Researchgene2drug.comAbout BioInformatics LLC4Project team includes scientists,statisticians and businessanalysts.Instant access to a 71,000member scientific online panel.An Overview of Your Epigenetic Research© 2009 BioInformatics, LLC www.gene2drug.com 3-17* Totals are based on number of times an item was selected.* Percentages are based on number of respondents.68%57%55%47%23%20%14%10%10%5%0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%Gene regulationDisease mechanismsBiomarkersBasic biology of epigeneticsTherapeutic targetsStem cellsGenomic imprintingTransgenerational epigeneticinheritanceTissue repair/regenerationX chromosome inactivationRespondents 200Gene regulation 135Disease mechanisms 115Biomarkers 110Basic biology of epigenetics 94Therapeutic targets 46Stem cells 41Genomic imprinting 27Transgenerational epigeneticinheritance 21X chromosome inactivation 10Question 9*(check all that apply)Conduct market research for allmajor suppliers in the industry.
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  7. 7. Life Science Industry Market Researchgene2drug.comSolving Problems§ The timeline is too short.§ There’s too much guesswork.§ The budget is too small.7
  8. 8. Life Science Industry Market Researchgene2drug.comWhat IS RateMyProduct?§ Market Receptivity§ Product Utility§ Innovation§ Marketing Effectiveness§ Pricing Effectiveness§ Purchase Criteria§ Differentiation8
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  10. 10. Life Science Industry Market Researchgene2drug.comHow it works10
  11. 11. Life Science Industry Market Researchgene2drug.comTarget audiences§ Your 100 researchers can be drawn fromeither the U.S. or Europe§ We have over 30 different techniques thatyou can choose from§ And if you want, we can also narrow youchoice down by area of research as well.After choosing your target audience, hitsubmit and we’ll do the rest11
  12. 12. Life Science Industry Market Researchgene2drug.comTarget audiences12REGIONUnited StatesEuropeSCIENTIFIC TECHNIQUECell-Based Techniques•  Bacteria Culture•  Cell-Based Assays•  Confocal Microscopy•  Eukaryotic Cell/Tissue Culture•  Flow Cytometry•  Fluorescence Microscopy•  Gene Expression Analysis•  High Content Screening•  High-Throughput Screening (HTS)•  Immunohistochemistry•  Light MicroscopyGenomics/Genetics Techniques•  Classical End-Point PCR•  Cloning/Molecular Biology Techniques•  DNA/RNA Microarrays•  Genotyping•  Next Generation Sequencing•  Real-Time PCR (including qPCR and RT-PCR)•  RNAi (including siRNA, miRNA)•  Sanger DNA Sequencing•  Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (including genotyping,discovery, validation)Protein Techniques•  2-D Gel Electrophoresis•  Calorimetry (including ITC, DSC)•  Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)•  Label-Free Detection/Analysis (Including Biosensors, SPR,etc.)•  Light Scattering (MALS, DLS)•  Mass Spectrometry•  Multiplex Bead Assays•  Protein Purification & Separation•  Protein Structural Analysis (NMR, X-Ray Crystallography, CD,etc.)•  Western BlottingRESEARCH AREASBiochemistryCancer/OncologyCell BiologyDrug DiscoveryGenetics/GenomicsImmunology/VirologyMicrobiologyMolecular BiologyNeuroscienceProtein Sciences/Proteomics
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  14. 14. Life Science Industry Market Researchgene2drug.comRateMyProduct™14
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  22. 22. Life Science Industry Market Researchgene2drug.comCost of Market Research22$10,000-$25,0004-6 weeks
  23. 23. Life Science Industry Market Researchgene2drug.comRateMyProduct23$1,5005 Business Days
  24. 24. Life Science Industry Market Researchgene2drug.com11th Hour Gut Checks24
  25. 25. Life Science Industry Market Researchgene2drug.comTesting multiple regions & audiences25
  26. 26. Life Science Industry Market Researchgene2drug.comMonitor Performance26
  27. 27. Life Science Industry Market Researchgene2drug.comBenchmarking27
  28. 28. Life Science Industry Market Researchgene2drug.comBenchmarking28
  29. 29. Life Science Industry Market Researchgene2drug.comBenchmarking29The average market receptivity scorefor this study is 5.9.
  30. 30. Life Science Industry Market Researchgene2drug.comBenchmarking30The average market effectivenessscore for this study is 6.0.
  31. 31. Life Science Industry Market Researchgene2drug.comContactMary FollinMarketing/Sales Manager703.778.3080 x13m.follin@gene2drug.comwww.gene2drug.com31RateMyProduct