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Here's a presentation on Iracambi for the Global Leadership Council of GlobalGiving to give an overview of Iracambi and suggested next moves for the future sustainability of the organization

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  • So who is Iracambi? A unique community of go-getters across the world, dedicated to saving forests and changing lives through a program of research, education, leadership, protecting biodiversity and creating sustainable communities. Don’t take it from us: let us introduce you to some of the people of Iracambi.
  • Meet Rafael.Child of illiterate farm workers, he’s one of the dozens of children in our program: Junior Scientists@ Iracambi.
  • He was so excited to be out of the classroom and in the forest, learning about trees, soils and water that he worked extra hard and …….was awarded a full scholarship to the Federal Technical Institute. Rafael is determined to become a biologist so that he can share his love of the forest.
  • Meet our neighbor, Adão. Ten years ago his family was so poor that he was forced to cut his forest trees to make charcoal. He couldn’t afford to send his children to school and because he had cut the trees, his spring of water dried up.
  • Adão came to Iracambi and asked if he could take some tree seedlings from the forest nursery in an attempt to restore his water supply. He planted the trees, stabilized the soil on his mountain slopes, and increased the forest cover.
  • Now there’s more water in his spring than anyone can remember seeing
  • Good soil, good water and good care produces great coffee sold at a premium price. His grandchildren are in school, and the family has even bought a car
  • Meet Verity: who first came to Iracambi as a twenty year old media studies student – we challenged her to make a film
  • She then went on to become a highly successful film maker with BBC Wildlife. Here you see her filming bees
  • On her second visit to us she was camped out overnight in the Iracambi forest on a film shoot when she was awakened by something snuffling round her tent.
  • Thanks to our night camera traps we now know who that was. Meet the mountain lion. June 6th, 2013
  • Five weeks later: July 12th 2013 Twenty years of caring for our forests, and wildlife is flourishing.Proof positive that there is hope for the forest and the extraordinarily rich life which it shelters.  
  • We’ve created a model: best practice ways to manage biodiversity conservation and drive sustainable growth We’re connecting people who can handle these paradoxes, we’re creating leaders, saving forests and changing lives
  • Because, if we are going to save the planet we’re going to need all the help we can get. Farmers like Adãoto love and restore the land
  • Students like Rafael to study and care for our natural resources
  • Film makers like Verity who can take these stories into living rooms across the world. Here you see her filming the midnight sun.
  • We’ve come a long way – in the past fourteen years we’ve hosted students, researchers and volunteers from 45 countries, changed hundreds of lives and helped establish 11,000 acres of Environmental Protection Areas and permanently protected forest land. Our Big Hairy Goal is to scale up our impact, develop our program, save more forests, change more lives and mobilize the resources to make it happen.To do that we need to hire staff, (onsite manager and US-based resource mobilizer,) develop our business infrastructure and generate a more consistent income.
  • Our two year partnership with GlobalGiving has been transformational. We’ve transformed our fundraising, raised over $40,000 and leveraged a lot more We’ve received inspirational coaching – most recently as one of the first 40 Cohort members of the Academy and most importantly, GG has reaffirmed us – no longer an isolated NGO up a dirty road from nowhere, but part of a global community changing the world
  • Here’s how you could help your partners even more. You could help us scale up resources and impact. Because some little good ideas deserve to grow up! You could work with us to develop business skills, implement systems and develop partnerships You could assign mentors to coach us for a limited period: regular check ins and support. Maybe from NetImpact?
  • We’re getting it done. Lots of people talk about sustainability – GG’s founders left the World Bank to do development differently. So did the founders of Iracambi, and we’re doing it. Like everyone we have our good days and our less good days. People often ask us why we’re living up a dirt road in the rainforest. The answer is because we can see things changing. It’s tough, rewarding, frustrating, fun and life changing. For all of us. And we’re looking for people to share the journey.
  • We’ve come a long way, and you are part of our history, part of our daily life and part of our future. So thank you, Global Giving. Thank you, Global Leadership Council. Thank you for inviting us to bring our story to New York. BEAT And remember, if you’re ever in our neck of the woods, your hammocks await!
  • Glc iracambi no video august 2013

    1. 1. Global Leadership Council Iracambi, Brazil – NYC, New York August 7th 2013
    2. 2. Iracambi Saving Forests, Changing Lives Research, education, leadership, biodiversity conservation and sustainability in the rainforest
    3. 3. Creating leaders: Rafael
    4. 4. Budding biologist
    5. 5. Out of poverty: Adão
    6. 6. Planting trees to stabilize his soils
    7. 7. Planting trees to protect his spring
    8. 8. Great soil, water & TLC: great coffee!
    9. 9. Budding film maker: Verity
    10. 10. BBC Wildlife film maker
    11. 11. • . Filming at Iracambi, scared off by…
    12. 12. • ….the mountain lion
    13. 13. Conservation program working!
    14. 14. So why does it matter? • The Iracambi model: a living lab for best practice ways to manage biodiversity conservation and sustainable growth • Connecting talented people who can make these changes, creating leaders, saving forests and changing lives
    15. 15. Restoring the land
    16. 16. Learning about the water
    17. 17. Sharing stories with the world
    18. 18. Iracambi’s Big Hairy Goal • Scale up, hire staff, improve program delivery • Develop our business infrastructure • Mobilize resources to make it happen
    19. 19. Here’s how GG has helped • Transformed our fundraising • Given us inspirational coaching (first cohort of the Academy) • Reaffirmed us – no longer isolated but part of a global community changing the world
    20. 20. Here’s how GG can help even more • Work with us to improve business skills, implement systems and develop partnerships • Assign mentors to coach us for a limited period: regular check-ins and support
    21. 21. Getting it done! • Lots of people talk about sustainability – at Iracambi we’re doing it • It’s tough, rewarding, frustrating, fun and life changing • We’re looking for people to share the journey
    22. 22. GlobalGiving and Iracambi OBRIGADA, THANK YOU for inviting us to bring our story in front of a group of global game-changers like you!