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  1. 1. You can’t flick through an ‘IT’ or tech magazine these days without hearing about cloud computing and how it’s going to revolutionise IT for fast-growing Small Businesses.shared web hosting
  2. 2. As business conditions have toughened, sales cycles haveelongated and margins have come under pressure, intelligentbusinesses are seeking out opportunities to innovate in order toimprove competitive advantage One of the fastest growing areas isthe cloud computing sector, which is forecast to grow to £4 6 billionthis year
  3. 3. (Source: Gartner IT research) One of the reasons for this explosionof cloud computing is the ability for smaller firms to access thesophisticated and complex analytical tools previously only affordedby much larger businesses Another reason being the additionalbenefits offered by cloud computing solutions such as, deliveringcritical software applications to businesses for a predictable monthlyfee whilst removing the need for initial investment in servers,software and licenses and eliminating the on-going need formanagement and maintenance
  4. 4. Within this cloud space, one of the most accountable areas forsmaller and medium sized businesses to tap into is hosted CRMThe reasons for this are clear, as investment into hosted CRM has aproven link to the bottom line, and is fast becoming a standard forgrowth businesses across all sectors Why is this? One of the mainreasons is that in a challenging economy, Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011 performs the function of an enabling technology
  5. 5. In order for businesses to maximize the value of their customerrelationships in today’s economy they need enabling technologiesand tools  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is a technology thatallows intelligent businesses to track and leverage every customerinteraction to maximize revenue opportunities and improve customerloyalty But CRM 2011 does much more than just track customerinteractions
  6. 6.  It also helps businesses optimise their operations by automatingroutine tasks and standardising best practices Ultimately, DynamicsCRM 2011 allows businesses to better acquire, manage, serve, andextract value from their customers while improving operationalefficiency—something that is critical in today’s economy In recentresearch, customer relationship management was noted as a leadingpriority of business executives, with Forrester Research showing thatmore than a third of enterprises plan for Dynamics CRM in the nexttwelve months
  7. 7. By hosting CRM 2011 in the shared web hosting Cloud can presentadditional benefit that it is run and managed on a hosted platform bya third party provider; consequently enabling businesses to utilise thecustomer management, marketing monitoring and sales aspects ofDynamics CRM without having to incur the expense and labour ofinstalling and running the system themselves Therefore, comparedwith other more capital intensive options for sales growth, hostedCRM 2011 is the smart choice, as it is a technology that can beimplemented rapidly for relatively limited costs and kept running by athird party provider for a low fixed monthly fee, thereby helping toensure success, even in challenging times Article Tags:
  8. 8. shared web hosting