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  • 1. Is it finally the year for Linux to take the throne? No, it really isnt.Linux VPS
  • 2. It doesnt matter how much money you spend on hardware, you stillneed an OS to run everything, and this leads to the question: which isbest? While the beardy weirdy brigade might keep banging on about howgreat open source is and how we should all cuddle a penguin, Linux issimply crap for gaming Yes, you can play games in Linux, and certaingames are now being released for Linux, usually several years after theyappeared on Windows, but its not for the faint hearted
  • 3. Linux VPS While we might complain about Windows foibles until thecows come home, really theres nothing to complain about compared toLinux If you can remember the bad old days when you had to configuremultiple config
  • 4. sys and autoexec bat files, just to get different games working, and youactually enjoyed it, then you are probably a Linux user
  • 5. For the rest of us though, the only logical choice is Windows Which ofcourse begs the question, which version? Only Windows Vista offers thevisual delights of DirectX 10, but its brutal hardware requirements meansthat you end up spending more money than you would for the equivalentperformance from a Windows XP rig
  • 6. Theres also the issue of hardware drivers Even a year after release,there are still many drivers missing, or not working correctly in Vista
  • 7. Theres also the issue of cost Windows XP is a lot cheaper than Vista,although its not going to be available for much longer
  • 8. Lets not forget that in Crysis, many of the so-called DirectX 10 featureshave been unlocked in Windows XP For now, wed say, unless youabsolutely have to have that Aero interface, Windows XP is still firstchoice, while its available
  • 9. Linux VPS